Being Anal in the Agency

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Tartarus Prison, the Triple Super Max Security level was more than ten stories below ground. A place where the light of day would never reach. It was here that the Japanese government had chosen to keep some of their worst and most deadly criminals.


Yet for a place that was likened to a Hell out of Greek Myth, the place was surprisingly clean and sterile. The walls were all bleach white, and the floors had not a speck of dust on them. For more than a year now, the man known only as All for One had called this place home. His ruined face was the stuff of nightmares, that much he could tell just from the guards reactions every time they came to change the feeding bag for his meals, or replace the collection bags for his catheter or colostomy tube. Not the most dignified existence, but he had already spent many years in such a state after his first battle with that fool All Might. Truthfully, the worst part was simply the boredom. If the government truly wished to be humane, they could at least provide some audio books being played over the intercom speakers. The heavily scarred villain, a self proclaimed Symbol of Evil, would have enjoyed listening to some Shakespeare or even Tolkien’s little story about hobbits.


Alas, there was no such luck. It was one of the little hypocrisies that annoyed him so. But no matter, things were still progressing as he had planned, for the most part. Thanks to the quirk he had stolen from Ragdoll, he was always up to date on current events with Tomura, the best part, the brainwave monitors that watched for any use of his quirk were none the wiser. So many of the quirks within his body were unconsciously used. Like his thermal and echolocational senses that allowed him to “see” for lack of a better term.


In fact, one of those quirks told him something was happening above him even now. Someone he wasn’t familiar with was taking some rather bold action! He could already hear the alarms and gunfire on the upper levels as someone broke through the floors one by one.


All this security designed to keep prisoners in, and yet almost none was dedicated to keeping anyone OUT! A truly great design flaw in this system if he should say so.


The noise was coming closer now, and All for One smiled as he found this break in the tedium rather entertaining! Though he could not actually see it, he watched as the ceiling outside of his cell crashed downwards and several of his Nomu landed on the floor.


“Hmm, how very interesting.” he spoke aloud, though not to the mindless Nomu, but the hooded and cloaked man standing in the center of them.


“Oh, I guess I went too deep, I didn’t expect to reach YOU.” said the man, his features were hidden by the hood of his cloak, but his voice was that of a young man, maybe in his mid to late twenties. “I suppose having you owe me a favor wouldn’t hurt, would you like me to release you?” he asked.


“How amusing, I commend your brazenness, but I think I will decline. I have my own plans, and escaping from here might hinder more than help them. I’m assuming Tomura did not send you?” All for One asked, though he knew the answer already. Just from looking at the man he already knew everything about him thanks to Ragdoll’s quirk, but, it was so rare to talk to anyone, he wanted to relish this.


“The Hand guy? No, Never met him. I got my own plans, though I doubt they’ll affect whatever he’s up to.” said the hooded man.


“No, I suppose they would not.” All for One said back.


“Anyway’s you know where Muscular and Moonfish are being held by chance?” the man asked.


“Two floors up, south hall, fifth cell on the right, and eighth of the left.” All for One answered, “But before you go, come a little closer. I have a gift for you.”


The man took a few steps forward, and the fingers on All for One’s left hand turned into black and red knife-like blades. Thanks to all the commotion he had caused, the security measures for his cell were offline if only for a moment. The blades shot out and stabbed into his chest. It took only a few scant seconds, but he transferred one of his many quirks into him.


“There, that might be helpful for your little plan. Now, you’ll owe ME should the time come for me to leave this boring place.”


“Fuck, that hurt…” the man groaned as he held a hand over the spot where All for One had stabbed him.


“Power often comes with pain. Now run along, back-up security is already on the way, as are at least ten pro ‘heroes’. I estimate you have perhaps two minutes at best before leaving becomes impossible even with my Nomu helping you.”


“Yeah, whatever.” said the cloaked man as he went back to the Nomu and had them carry him up to the floor he wanted.


“Well, the next few months should prove VERY entertaining at the least.” All for One said to himself.



Katsuki Bakugo stood in the dorm’s kitchen, knife in hand as he chopped carrots one after the other. He hated curry night, everyone always wanted him to do the chopping when it came to the vegetables. “You’re just so good at it is all.” said Momo, “Honestly I’m surprised you’re rather skilled at cutting vegetables like that, even our house chef can’t go that fast and have such consistent cuts.”


“THEN YOU GOT A BAD CHEF RICH GIRL!” Bakugo shouted as he moved from carrots to onions.


“Oh hey Katsuki, I can do those, the sulfur doesn’t bother my eyes.” Mina said as she came over from where she had set a pot to boil some water.


“Huh, sulfur?” Katsuki asked as his ‘girlfriend’ for lack of a better word came over and took the knife from him.


“Yeah, that’s what makes your eyes water when you cut onions.” Mina told him.


“Huh, alright.” he said as he moved aside for her. Mina then began slowly chopping the onions rather messily. Chopping them into quarters then doing each section one by one. But like that, the layers fell apart easily making her have to focus on them one at a time more often than not. It was almost painful to watch. By the time she started her third one Bakugo clicked his teeth and moved closer.


“Hang on, don’t do that, here, lemme show you.” he said to Mina as he moved to stand behind her and moved his arms around her, laying his hands over hers and showing her the correct way to chop onions so as not to make such a mess.


“Hey Katsuki?” Mina asked as she began picking up on his technique.


“What?” he asked tersely.


“Where’d you learn to do this?” she asked.


“My old man, he does all the cooking in the house believe it or not. Told me he wanted to be a chef, but his quirk made that difficult. Working in a hot kitchen would cause him to blow up ingredients when he works with the food.” he explained. He then nodded as Mina got the proper technique down, “Okay, you got it now.” he said as he began to pull away. Mina made a plaintive sound and tried to pull him back, but he moved away more forcefully.


“How’s your ass?” he asked bitterly.


“Hmm, oh, all better now, Recovery Girl sped up my healing for me so I’m all nice and tight again, wanna see later?” she asked with a wink.


“Can’t, got plans tonight.” Katsuki told her. “I’m gonna show that nerd just how it feels to have someone else fuck the girls he likes!”


“Awww…” Mina whined, “Okay, but just save some for me okay?” she asked with another wink. She then went back to chopping the onions, shaking her butt gently as she hummed to herself, “Booty booty butt, booty butt cheeks, I like big dicks in my Booty Butt cheeks…”


Katsuki shook his head, Mina was a freak to be sure, but she was a good way to blow off steam at least. He waited for Mina to finish chopping the onions before adding them to the carrots and other ingredients he’d already chopped before adding the entire lot to the pot so it could all simmer. He then added rice to the large cooker and set the timer.


“Hey everyone, Uraraka is on the TV!” came Kaminari’s voice from the common room.


“What’s going on?” Katsuki asked aloud to no one in particular as he walked out of the kitchen, drying his hands on a soft rag as he moved, careful not to detonate the sweat. Thankfully, his sweat had a particular reaction to open air, causing it to oxidize and completely lose its volitivity after just a couple minutes. His gauntlets and grenades kept it stored in airtight containers, preventing the compound from degrading.


Stuffing the rag in his pocket as he entered the common area around the TV, he saw Ochaco Uraraka in her costume sitting across from some anchorwoman.


“…We’re back with the young rookie heroine Uravity to talk about her harrowing battle with one of two villains that attacked Tokyo International Airport earlier this week.” the woman recapped before turning to look at Ochaco. She looked nervous as she looked directly at the camera with an expression like a deer in headlights. “So Uravity, you fought a powerful villain one on one in the middle of the airport terminal, tell us about it!”


“Well uh, it was really scary for one. I’ve seen that villain before, he fought All Might during my first year at UA. And he was able to go against him for a while.” Ochaco said.


“You’re referring to the infamous USJ Incident, correct? As I recall, that was the first known appearance of the League of Villains?” the reporter asked her.


“That’s right, I didn’t get a really good look at the fight with All Might itself, but my friend Dek… Um, my classmate Deku told me more about it later.” she said in a slightly subdued voice.


“I see, so how did you know this was the same villain then?” the reporter woman asked.


“Hard to forget a face like his. Bird jaws, exposed brains, and those wild eyes, it leaves an impression.” she answered.


“Well, that’s true enough.” Katsuki agreed. “When did pink cheeks fight that guy?” he asked Iida who sat on the couch in front of the TV.


“You didn’t hear, it was just a few days ago.” Iida replied.


“I just got back from my run at the Endeavor Agency, I spent the whole time patrolling with Burnin.” he told the class rep.


“Ah, I see, well, Uraraka fought with that Nomu monster from the USJ, rumor is several of the captured Nomu were stolen from a facility where they were being held. Though that’s not in the news officially.” Iida told him.


“Really?” Katsuki said, ‘That must’ve been the new case Endeavor mentioned before I left.’ he thought, then shook his head, “Wait a sec, and Pink Cheeks over there fought that guy, and WON!?”


“Well, I didn’t exactly beat him,” Ochaco said as if answering his question through the TV. “I mean, this was a guy who could fight All Might, no way I could beat him on my own! But there were so many people around, so I knew the best I could do was keep his attention on me and stay just out of his reach until back-up could arrive.”


“Smart.” Katsuki and the news woman said together.


The anchorwoman then asked, “And how was this monster finally beaten and recaptured?”


“An acquaintance of mine, who had just arrived on a flight, happened to be a Support Item engineer, she had some of the capture items she designed with her, and I lured the Nomu close so she could use it on him.”


“Isn’t that dangerous, involving a civilian like that?” the woman asked.


“Damned press, and here I thought she was just doing a friendly interview.” Katsuki cursed.


“Normally yes, and were it anyone else, I wouldn’t have even thought of it, but I trusted her enough to let her try. Sometimes just a little faith in others can go a long way. Every hero, no matter how good they are, needs a helping hand every once in a while, and more harm can come from not taking help when it’s offered than in taking a risk and believing in others.”


“Good answer.” Iida said.


“Yeah, but that lady’s a bitch for asking a loaded question like that. I see why Aizawa hates the media.” Katsuki said. He then shrugged and took the dishrag out of his pocket and handed it off to Iida, “Everything’s chopped and mixed, just finish heating it and you’ll have dinner. I’m headed out.”


“Don’t you want to eat first Bakugo?” Kaminari asked.


“I’ll pick something up while I’m out. That nerd isn’t good for anything, but his mom can cook at least.” Katsuki said as he headed for the dorm exit.



On the bus ride from the dorms to the Agency, Katsuki pulled his phone from his pocket when he felt it vibrating lightly. It was a text from Mina. He opened the app and looked down at the message.


Mina: Hey baby, be sure not to blow everything at the agency tonight, I’m keeping it warm for ya!


Attached was a selfie Mina had taken of her bare ass as she bent over for the camera, giving him a full view of he butt and naked pussy. He quickly closed the app and put his phone away. He hadn’t said anything earlier, but he was mad at Mina too. True she was doing her own kind of Hero work, but did she have to choose that damned nerd!? Out of all the sidekicks there, she picks HIM! He hated that she kept going to Deku whenever he wasn’t available. Like when she called him and that pipsqueak to see her in the VR room. And Deku, he KNEW they were dating, a gentlemen would have just settled for a backrub or something. But NOOO, he chose to use HIS girl like some kind of treadmill to train One for All! And he ended up sending her to Recovery Girl when he got so rough. THAT was what really pissed him off! If he wanted to train, put his own girls in the Nurse’s office, what good was it having a Harem otherwise!?


Katsuki knew yelling at Mina would be pointless, and more than a little hypocritical since he was going out to get a little payback now. Bringing his phone out again, he went to the Busteez Website. It had a full list of who was working that night and what services they’d be open to. The frog chick was on duty in the VIP sections, that was good. Deku had been dating her as well recently, though he did a poor job of hiding it, he could hear her and Ochaco moaning through the floors even when he was two floors above him!


“Huh, Melissa?” Bakugo muttered when he saw the name of the American chick they met last year on the list of girls. He clicked the name and it brought up a recently taken photo. Her tits were ridiculously big now, her ass too, and she was dressed in a Busteez bikini. “Huh, when did she start working there?” he muttered aloud.


He closed his web browser just as he got a second text, this one from Burnin at the Endeavor Agency.


Burnin: Hey punk, stay on alert, we may need to back here on short notice in the next few days, so keep a bag packed if you know what’s good for you!


He grinned, and replied; ‘I’m ready anytime bitch!’ Another text came a few seconds later with a grinning devil emoji. Katsuki grinned again as he put his phone back into his pocket, he liked Burnin, none of that niceties crap he got at Best Jeanist’s agency. Katsuki shuddered at the memory of his first internship, what a miserable week that was! Though he did remember what one of the sidekicks told him.


“I understand how you felt. If you really didn’t want that medal, you should have just acted calm, then blasted it to pieces in front of everyone after All Might gave it to you. After that, walk off the first place platform. That would have sent a much better message to everyone watching.”


It annoyed Katsuki to admit, that would have been a far cooler way to have handled that mess. But whatever, there was some saying about hindsight being perfect and all. What was that sidekicks name again? Katsuki couldn’t remember now.


The bus pulled to a stop and Katsuki got up to walk towards the exit. He waited for the doors to open before jumping off the bus and taking the short walk over to the Busteez building. The place looked rather plain from the outside. A box-like building with only a few windows on the upper floors. It looked like Midnight was getting ready to make some renovations, the empty lot next to the building was now blocked off by some temporary walls and some heavy equipment was already sitting in the lot along with some construction materials. Katsuki looked over to the sign on the fence, ‘Uraraka Construction’


“Huh, guess Midnight tossed her family a bone.” said Katsuki.


“Tossed who a bone?” asked a voice.


Katsuki turned to see former Pro-heroine Ragdoll standing outside the main entrance. She was dressed in a plain business pantsuit instead of her kinky number he usually saw her in. But then, he’d only seen her working inside on the dance poll, not doing bouncer work.


“Midnight hired Uravity’s family to do something over there?” he asked, pointing to the construction site.


“Hmm, oh yeah, since she made a headline last year, her family has gotten a TON of contracts.” Ragdoll reported, “Midnight actually had to outbid another client to hire them for the new building. They’ll be starting tomorrow morning.”


“What’s the building gonna be?” he asked the green haired woman.


“A proper Love Hotel, with three VR rooms. The new girl worked out one of the kinks in the power problem, and Midnight is excited to put it to use right away.” Ragdoll told him.


“Huh, oh right, she was a scientist or something wasn’t she?” said Katsuki.


“Yep, she’s only been here a little while, but she’s made a big splash already.” said Ragdoll.


“Whatever, good for her.” Katsuki said, already disinterested. He moved past Ragdoll and into the Agency interior. As always, the first thing to hit him was the smell of alcohol, cigarette smoke, and cooking food. Depending on if Deku’s mom was working, good food. If he were to move closer to the stage area he’d also pick up the musky smell of sex, but the air filters on the heating and AC did a good job of keeping that toned down. Odd how one could only like that smell during the act itself.


He made his way deeper into the Agency interior and fished out his wallet. He had a gold card for some VIP services, a bonus from Endeavor for work well done. He planned to make good use of it! As he moved towards the stage area, he spotted Rock Lock sitting in one of the lapdance chairs with his dick out. An odd sight until he saw it moving up and down by itself. The glistening wetness became evident as he got closer, then he could hear a high pitched panting moan that could only come from Hagakure.


“Yeah, that’s it girl, move those sexy hips!” Rock Lock said with a grin.


“HMMMMMM, SO BIIIIG! I LOVE BIG BLACK DICKS!!!!” Hagakure moaned as she moved up and down in his lap.


“Weird.” Katsuki said to himself before feeling a sudden weight fall on him from behind!


“MASTER!!! YOU CAME BACK!!!!” cheered Himiko Toga as she draped herself over him like a cheap suit.


“WHAT? OH CRAP NOT YOU AGAIN!!!!! GET OFF YOU CRAZY BITCH!” Katsuki snapped at her.


“Awww, don’t be like that Master, I know you love pounding my naughty little cunny until it’s raw!” Himiko replied as she rubbed her big soft tits against his back.


“I’d rather dip my dick in acid!” he growled at her. Himiko only giggled cutely as she wrapped her arms around his waist and began fondling his chest.


“GET OFF!!!” he shouted at her, his hands popping with sparks as he made ready to blast the little psycho off of him. Ever since he had inadvertently fucked her while she was disguised as Ochaco, she made like he was her owner every time she saw him. It annoyed him endlessly. “What are you even doing out here?! I didn’t see you on the work schedule.”


“Oh I’m free tonight, so you can have me as much as you want, no charge!” Himiko said. Katsuki rolled his eyes as he again tried to free himself from the twisted blonde.


“Not anymore you’re not!” said Midnight’s voice as she came up to them from the left. She was in her Busteez version costume, which was pretty much the same as the one she wore regularly, only without the skin tight silver bodysuit. There was also a hole in the crotch to show of her neatly trimmed bush. An odd choice, most women these days went with the bald cunt look.


“Mistress?” Himiko replied.


“Come along now, if you’re a good girl and tell me everything I wanna know, I’ll give you an extra special reward…” Midnight said in a husky tone before licking her lips slowly.


“Okay!!!!” Himiko said, jumping off of Katsuki and running over to the dark haired dominatrix. He got the first look at her clothes. She was dressed like some schoolgirl whore. Wearing a sailor uniform that left her midriff and most of the undersides of her tits exposed, a skirt that was way too short, no panties, and four inch high heels.


“There’s a good girl!” Midnight said, patting Himiko on the head like a dog as she escorted the girl away.


The young blonde man shuddered, trying to shake the last of the feeling of her body against him off as he made his way through the Agency. By the bar he spotted Deku’s mom, but she was busy mixing drinks for Manual and several of his sidekicks. They must’ve been celebrating something. What that was, Katsuki didn’t know or care as he moved towards the back of the room.


According to tonight’s work schedule, he knew where to find his target, though he’d never actually been in the particular room she was working tonight. This might actually be fun!


Exiting the main agency floor through the V.I.P. door, Katsuki entered a long hallway that continued forward to a stairway leading up to the second floor. A short ways in there was another hall off to his right where one could find employee apartments and the ladies dressing room that was connected to the main stage. He headed for the stairs, the room he wanted was on the third floor. He’d only been up there a few times, the place still smelled like a new building even though this place had been open a few months already. As he walked up the first flight of stairs he saw Tetsutetsu of class B coming down them.


“Yo, Bakugo!” he said with a wave.


“‘Sup metalhead?”


“Metalhead? Oh, right, okay you get that one.” the silver haired youth replied, “I thought you meant the music genre. I’m more of a modern rock kind of guy.”


“I’ll tell Kirishima, he’ll be thrilled.” Katsuki said back with a grin.


“HEY! That’s not what I meant and you know it!” Tetsutetsu replied, then let out a low growl. “Anyway, have you seen Kendo tonight, I’ve been looking for her.”


“Idiot, just check the website work schedule.” Katsuki snapped back at him, “Anyway, I don’t think she’s on tonight, later.”


“Seeya.” the other youth replied as Katsuki continued on. When he reached the third floor, he moved through the hallway until he found a door that looked like the kind you’d find on a subway car. Only this one had the windows blacked out. Pressing his VIP card next to a scanner by the door, he waited for it to beep before they slid open with a quiet hiss.


“…So after analyzing it further, I found that it has properties similar to the Poison Dart Frogs of South America. The reason it only has a mild stinging sensation on the skin is its effects can only be fully realized when either ingested in large quantities, or, if directly introduced to the bloodstream.” said a girls voice as he walked inside.


“Kero kero, that’s amazing Melissa, I never thought of it that way!” came Tsuyu Asui’s voice as Bakugo grinned to himself. He saw both her and the Melissa girl standing in the simulated subway car. This room was one of those fantasy type rooms, where the men could fondle girls on their commute like out of a shitty ero-manga or H-Game. Tsuyu Asui was dressed in a sexy little miniskirt and tubetop number. The skirt was way too short and showed off that she didn’t have and panties on, and the pastel blue tube top looked pretty good on her.


Melissa was dressed in a white sundress with a matching belt so that the way the dress hung off her tits didn’t make her look fat. The blonde American girl really had the old lady go overboard on her ‘enhancements’. Whatever, Bakugo wasn’t here for her.


“Anyway, I already have some specs drawn up for a wrist mounted dart launcher that will easily integrate with your costume. Mei and I are working together to have a prototype ready in a day or two.” Melissa continued, not having noticed his presence yet.


“Yo, frog girl!” Katsuki said as he walked a few steps closer.


“Kero! Bakugo?” Asui croaked in surprise, “What brings you here?”


“I got an itch I need scratched,” he said, “What do you say Froppy, wanna see how a real man fucks and not some dumb nerd?!”


Asui blinked her big round eyes and tilted her head to one side, “I’m surprised you’re into this kind of thing, but whatever, kero.” she replied straightforwardly while placing her index finger by her mouth. As he thought about her, Katsuki never had fucked Asui, not in all the months since the Agency opened. Whatever, he just never really had a reason to before.


Melissa seemed to take that as her cue to leave, ‘Good,’ thought Katsuki as she turned to Asui one more time. “Stop by HS (Hero Support) when you have time in a day or so, we’ll have something by then.”


“Got it.” the green haired girl said.


Melissa then turned to Bakugo, “Oh, and you should drop by too, Mei and I had some ideas for some better options on your gear, but we need your input on them before we try to build anything.”


“Do they kick ass?” Katsuki asked. Melissa tilted her head and blinked, but then nodded in the affirmative. “Then do what you want, if I don’t like it I won’t use it, simple as that.”


“Oh, um, alright, have fun.” she said as she made a quiet exit, her big tits and ass bouncing as she moved. Bakugo then looked around the room. It was built exactly like the subway cars one found on the main Tokyo lines. The “Windows” were actually 4K tv screens showing a loop of moving through the city at night.


With Melissa gone, Katsuki moved to stand behind Asui, reaching out and pulling her close, pressing his crotch against her round ass. He then wrapped his arms around her waist and reached his hands up to grab her tits. They were surprisingly big now that he had his hands on them.


“I’ll say this for that nerd, he has good taste.” said Katsuki as he began kneading her breasts in his hands softly.


“I knew you had one of the biggest asses in UA, but I gotta say, it’s pretty toned, guess it would be with all the jumping around you do!” he said as he gave her ass a quick squeeze.


“Kero!” Asui croaked, a soft blush spreading over her cheeks as Katsuki reached up and pulled down her tubetop, exposing both her soft tits to the air.


“Yeah, nice shape too.” he said.


“Have you been hanging around Mineta?” Asui asked with a blank expression, though her cheeks were still pink.


“IT’S A COMPLIMENT FROG!” he snapped at her, “Even Mina’s tits aren’t this nice.”


“I’ll tell her you said that.”


“WHAT! GRRRR!!!!” Katsuki growled as he grabbed both her tits roughly and squeezed. Asui let out another little croak as he pressed his crotch against her ass harder. He felt something odd as he did.


“Hmmmm? What’s this?” he asked as he pulled back just a little and reached a hand down to grab her ass, tracing his fingers along the sexy curve of her buttocks until he felt something hard. It was a circular rubber disk with thin cords attached to it in three spots. He was wrong earlier, Asui was wearing underwear, sort of.


Asui was wearing a butt-plug up her fat ass! Unzipping the side of her mini-skirt, Katsuki let the fabric strip fall away from Asui’s rump as he looked at her reflection in the screen on the “window”.


“Kinky, frog-girl. You like it up your ass then?!” he asked her reflection.


“Keroooo…” Asui croaked with a blush as Katsuki grabbed the base of the dildo and began moving it around in slow circles, stirring it inside her.


“Slutty girls always like it in their ass.” he said.


“Kero kero…” Asui moaned as he took off her top as well next, leaving her naked in the railway car aside from the thigh-high stockings she had on and the dildo panties. He then leaned his head over her shoulder and gently bit her ear.


“I’m gonna make you moan like that nerd never could!” he told her. “I’m gonna pound your ass so hard you’ll never be able to get enough!”


“Kero, doubtful.”




“Doubtful.” she repeated, completely unafraid of him as she stared back at his reflection.


“Stupid frog, I’ll make you eat that word!” he told her, “BY THE TIME I’M DONE YOU’LL BE ADDICTED TO MY DICK LIKE SOME SIZE QUEEN JUNKIE!!!!!”


“Bring it, kero!” Asui taunted him as he began stripping out of his clothes. He nearly ripped off his shirt and dropped his pants around his ankles. He then pulled the dildo out of her ass with a soft ‘pop’. It was made of a translucent silicone material and colored a pinkish purple. But what made him laugh was how it had ‘SMALL’ written along the shaft.


“I hope this isn’t the best you can handle Froppy, because my dick is WAY BIGGER than this puny thing!” he told her as he pressed his fully erect dick between her ass cheeks. His length was so much that even her fat ass couldn’t swallow it completely!


“Kero kero!” Asui croaked softly as if gulping.


“Yeah, you like that?” he asked as she began rubbing her ass back and forth slightly. Her butt was slick with something moist and a little sticky, but it felt great as she worked her butt up and down.


“Yeah, that’s it, just like that!” Katsuki groaned as he began humping her ass back, pulling her against him again and grabbing both her tits. They felt nice and soft, like putty in his hands as he squeezed both of them tightly, being sure to pinch her pink nipples between his middle and index fingers. He then twisted them playfully, loving the way it made her shake and shiver. He leaned in and nibbled on her ear again, tugging the edge with his teeth as he pulled on her nipples before slipping his cock between her juicy thighs.


“Keeerooo…” Tsuyu whimpered as his cock rubbed its length along the folds of her hot little snatch.


Yeah, that’s it, get turned on you little frog slut!’ he thought at her as he began moving his dick back and forth faster, getting it nice and coated with her juices. “Get ready to moan little froggy!” he told her before moving to grab her thighs and lift her up.


“Kero!?” Asui croaked in surprise, “KERO KEEEROOOOOOO!!!!” she then moaned as Katsuki slammed his cock up her ass! His length slipped in easily, thanks to the combination of whatever lube she had on her body and the fact that she was using that dildo a few minutes ago.


“HAAAHHH, DEEEP KEROOOOOOO!” Asui moaned as she placed her feet on the glass of the window screen, her quirk allowing her to stick there and ease some of her weight off of Katsuki, not that she was all that heavy. He’d honestly be surprised if she weighed even a hundred pounds.


“YEAH! YOU LIKE THAT FROG SLUT!!!??” Katsuki shouted as he began pounding his cock up and down, bouncing her on his shaft as Asui let out a long moan.


KERO KEEEERRROOOOOOOO!!!!” she moaned, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she reached up to grab the hand bars that hung from the ceiling. Looking around, Katsuki realized this place was perfect for all kinds of kinky positions! Benches, poles, overhead handle bars, this place was built for couples to fuck in! No wonder railcar sex was such a popular genre!


He groaned at the hot feel of her ass clenching around his dick! Her little backdoor was tight and slick and so very soft. He loved the slippery wet squishing noises his cock made every time it plunged into her depths followed by her croaking little moans!


“Yeah, that THIS! And THIS!!! AND THIIIIS!!!!!!” Katsuki groaned, slamming his cock into her harder with every thrust as he began spanking her fat sexy ass with one hand. He let off a small explosion at the same instant, making more noise than anything, but he loved the expression on her face as he pounded into her mercilessly.


KERO KERO KERO KEEEEERRRRROOOOOOOO!!!!!” Asui screamed, her tongue hanging down between her tits now as she panted and moaned every time he bounced her off his cock. The window in front of them was suddenly sprayed with hot juices from her cunt as he made her cum for the first, second, and third time in a row.


DEEP, SO DEEP KERROOOOOOO!!!” Asui moaned as she laid her head back and let out a long low moaning sound almost like a bullfrog.


“AWWW FUCK YEAAAAAH!!!!!” Katsuki groaned, pounding his entire length deep into the green haired girls tight ass as he came hard! “TAKE IT, TAKE MY CUM YOU FROPPY WHORE!!!!!”


KEEEEROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Asui screamed as she came again, spraying her cunt juices all over the screen so hard he though she might short it out!


“Hah, hah, hah…” Katsuki panted, pulling his cock out slowly, ignoring the rude noise his cum made as it leaked back out and continuing to hold Asui up until she took her feet off the window and stood on her own. “There, bet that nerd never gave it to you like that huh!?” he asked between breaths.


Asui touched a finger to her chin, “Well it’s true we’ve never done a position like that, but Izuku is still better than you.” she said plainly.




When Izuku fucks me, I lose all control of my mucus secretion because I’m cumming so hard and so much. I think I blacked out once or twice even. Nah, if you want a measurement on this, I’d say you’re on the same level as Mineta.” Asui told him bluntly.


“Ah… Ahhhaa…” Katsuki gasped, feeling an almost physical pain to his ego, “WHAT!!! NO WAY YOU’RE COMPARING ME TO THAT PERVY LITTLE DORK!!!!


“Yeah, same level, maybe even a bit below as Mineta at least has some staying power.” she told him as the intercom in the room chimed.


“Asui, can you come do a dance set please? Pixie-bob is running late because she had to pick someone up at the train station.” came Nejire’s voice.


“Hmm, gotta go, I had fun Bakugo, take care!” Asui said as she collected her clothes and left without another word, leaving Katsuki behind in stunned silence.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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3 months ago

More Tsuyu cellulite, it’s a beautiful sight 😍 another 10/10 Tsuyu picture

1 year ago

Saw this coming a mile away, considering how many times Bakugou warned Izuku not to fuck his girlfriend but considering this was Asui? And being lower than Mineta? Bakugou needs to go the burn ward. He needs several burn wards. Kudos to Asui. One the other hand, I hope things work out between Ochako and Izuku.

[ The quirk he gave him will also play a big part in a scene about 9 chapters down the line. As for who he released, I have plans there as well.]

This I dread. I’ve seen multiple stories where there is always that comment about that one dick being bigger. Izuku is the only one in any of them where he’s not getting that comment. Will the new guy be the one to dethrone him?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kino

Fret not, the quirk given wasn’t sexual, it was combative.

1 year ago

Looks like Katsuki got brought down to Earth and got humbled in the worst possible way. And what a way to do it too. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to this part in a bit. XD

Anyway, I really liked how this was laid out, including the very start of the chapter with All for One and the new hooded villain, who appears to be a new threat. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

Next, interactions between the other characters have really improved, including in the UA dorms and the Agency. Not to mention Ochaco’s TV interview. That was a unique way to recap that fight from before, all while avoiding saying Melissa’s name. Not only that I found it interesting that Katsuki’s relationships with Mina and Burnin were highlighted a bit, even through text. And I also like the reference to the conversation with that sidekick too. Nice touch there.

Speaking of Melissa, I like how you used her here, as well as Ragdoll and Himiko, with a little help from Midnight. Haha. In fact, I got a feeling she’ll take the agency to new heights, both behind the scenes and in the public eye. Looking forward to seeing more from her.

Which now brings me back to the main point of the reaction and review, the sex sequence involving Katsuki and his target for today, Tsuyu. The details were very well done, including utilizing her frog based abilities and the subway train room setting. Not only that the picture itself is very nice too. But as much as this was supposed to be a revenge fuck towards Izuku for Katsuki, this actually backfired on him and blew up in his face, primarily due to Tsuyu’s brutal honesty. Even comparing him to Deku and even Mineta of all people. DAMN, GIRL! I can only hope this is his character growth moment here.

Overall, I’m impressed! Can’t wait for the next one. Nice work again, gentlemen! Especially you Sailor. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Tsu is known for her brutal honesty, and she’s in love with Deku. So for her, this was just sex and nothing else. Crappy sex at that, when I wrote Tsu here, I was keeping in mind some of the more idealistic opinions on sex. How it is about connection with another. Bakugo is still very selfish and such. Many of the lessons he’s learned he hasn’t taken to heart fully, not yet. Tsu feels a connection to Deku and Ochaco. The thing with Melissa will strain that, but, in the end, for several characters that might be a good thing.

The new guy I have plans for, he’s here to add some antagonistic conflict. All for One is interested in watching that unfold for no other reason than to relieve his boredom. That’s why he helped him a bit. The quirk he gave him will also play a big part in a scene about 9 chapters down the line. As for who he released, I have plans there as well.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Looking forward to seeing this next phase play out, then. 😀

1 year ago

Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter. While I do love the action of the chapter I can’t help but notice some inconsistencies or rather differences in this one compared to previous stories. If my memory is correct Deku and bakugo while both having long and fat cocks dekus is longer while bakugo is a bit thicker (or the other way around) and that mineta was the one with no stamina and had a smaller (yet still large) cock compared to them. Perhaps it’s because it’s a quick chapter or maybe Asui is just being mean to the known meanie that is bakugo. Or perhaps it’s the start of something like bakugo getting an enhancement (even though naturally he’s huge) to keep up with Deku and now shoto. Even the picture had bakugo’s cock looking like a third of the size it was compared to previous pics. Still a interesting chapter just curious on how this kind of happened to him I suppose

1 year ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

It’s a combination of Tsuyu being cheeky since Bakugo was so sure of himself, and Mineta having improved since that last comparison since he’s had a few more sexy encounters since then on picture.

As for how big body parts like dicks, ass, and tits are drawn, It’s never gonna be consistent. These stories are supplement to the artwork not the other way around. Most of these pics are Patreon requests or commissions from people that have different preferences for dick, tit and ass sizes. After the pics are done, a story is then created to connect these random pictures together to form a narrative, which is the case for every series on this website.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

What Enzo said.

But I still hope you enjoyed the rest.

1 year ago

So this is an interesting chapter. A lot of new information about this bad guy coming in so a bit more world building which is good.

The Mina and Bakugo scene is very interesting, because there are these hints that he could be a better person and a better lover like helping her cook, But then there are moments like him saying she’s at least good for a fuck which makes him seem like an asshole who doesn’t see her as a real girlfriend. It’s this nice balance of uncertainty that it gives to the reader and makes you unsure on if you like him or not.

And probably the biggest thing about this chapter, Melissa- No I’m kidding. The most intriguing part about this chapter is the sex scene at the end. It really shows how deflating a sex scene can be when it’s not passionate. When the sex is just a revenge fuck and neither person is actually into it. There’s a lot of fun with the poses and use of Tsu’s quirk, but you never get this allure of sexiness or even arousal as a reader because you can just feel how empty the sex is which I think is actually great for the story telling happening here.

Like as much as people like NTR (I don’t but to each their own, given my fetishes haha) there is something to say when there is no real love in an action. Like this isn’t the action of a hero, this isn’t a suitable form of revenge, and I enjoy that this chapter doesn’t try to glorify that. It’s moments like these that make you question if we should be enjoying these types of sex scenes or not.

So I tip my hat to Sailor, because it’s really brave for a porn series to try making the sex seem unappealing in it’s own way. Not that it’s badly written, but more of the properly set up mood and undertone that the scene itself has. So well done!

I feel there are two ways Bakugo can go from here really. He can either go full NTR, fuck everyone he can out of petty anger which will make him seem more like villain and honestly kind of pathetic character; or he can start getting it through his thick skull that maybe if he changes his attitude a bit and reevaluated what he has than he can put that passion he has for Deku into his actual relationships.

Can’t wait to see how this goes moving on. And for the real main character, Melissa, to come back for the next sec romp 😛

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Took the words right out of my mouth.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

Hope you liked the rest of the chapter.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Yeah, I do hate NTR personally, and this chapter is actually an example of how that only works when both parties are into it. Tsu here, was certainly not. This again was just sex, a physical act, and nothing more. If I had a pic for it, I’d write her going to Endeavors after and sneaking into Deku’s bed this night for something REAL.

If no one noticed, Tsu isn’t the least bit threatened by Melissa. Not one little bit. I plan to expand on that later hopefully.