Beachside Recovery Fuck

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Kazui raised his eyebrows at the sight of his Aunt Rukia shuffling slowly down the beach, occasionally wincing. The place was empty for the most part. He took a moment to admire her tiny red bikini and the way it showed off her body before asking solicitously, “Are you all right, Aunt Rukia? It looks and sounds like you had a hard night.” He gave her a teasing grin. “Was Uncle Renji too rough on you?”


“Not Renji, no,” Rukia muttered darkly, looking around the beach. “Is your mother here yet? I wanted to…discuss some things with her.”


Being very keen for his age, Kazui wasn’t about to get in the middle of whatever was going on between his honorary aunt and his mother. “She said she would be down later; she wanted to do something with dad before that.” He frowned thoughtfully. “Are you sure you’re alright? We can go to the beach another day.”


Rukia visibly thought about it before smiling at Kazui. “Thank you, but I should be fine. Maybe the sun and the water will help me relax.”


“All right, if you’re sure,” Kazui conceded, before brightening. “And I know something else that will help you relax!”


“What are you-MPH?!” Rukia reflected that she really shouldn’t have been surprised when Kazui suddenly stepped forward and kissed her. Unlike last night though, this was a slow, tender kiss; after the initial surprise, Kazui was letting her set the pace.


Likewise, as his hands dropped down to grope her tits, his touch was gentle, more caressing than squeezing. They were still sensitive from last night though, so even that light touch still had Rukia quickly moaning as her nipples perked up. It also didn’t take long for Rukia to kiss him back, her tongue pushing into his mouth.


Kazui grinned around the kiss, happy that his somewhat impulsive plan seemed to be working. He could already feel the tension draining out of Rukia as she kissed him harder. Her arms pulled him closer for a moment, before her hands went lower, pulling off his swimming trunks and freeing his erection. She moaned again, louder this time, when she felt it rubbing against her stomach and breasts. The sound made Kazui’s erection harden, and he made no complaints when Rukia pushed him back onto the ground, still kissing him.


Stopping the kiss with reluctance, Rukia quickly stripped out of her tiny bikini. Wrapping her tits around Kazui’s cock, she used her arms to push them hard against his pole, while she also began licking and kissing the head of it.


“Mmm…you seem to be feeling better already!” Kazui teased her, putting his palms on her thick, hard nipples and rubbing them in circles. Rukia moaned loudly around the head of his dick, sending a surge of pleasure through it. “I’m all yours, Aunt Rukia; we’ll do whatever you want,” he promised, face flushing with desire, but holding himself back.


That actually made Rukia suck harder, her lips distending with the force of her blowjob. Her pussy, already wet, now began to drip onto the sand. Opening her mouth wider, she pushed more of his cock into her mouth, letting it slide even deeper down her throat. She rubbed her tits harder against Kazui’s long, hard pole, feeling it pulse and quiver against the sensitive flesh of her breasts.


“Oh my, that feels so good!” Kazui gasped, watching happily as Rukia gave him her best paizuri blowjob. Her nipples were hard as diamonds under his palms, and he began to use his feet, trapped under her body, to rub her thighs, getting as close to her pussy as he could.


Rukia’s whole body stiffened when Kazui began teasing her body. Then she was frantically bobbing her head up and down, swallowing as much of his erection as she could comfortabye manage. Her arms sank into her boobs as she pressed them as hard as she could against Kazui’s massive member.


Kazui gritted his teeth, but he knew it wouldn’t be long now…”CUMMING!” he shouted, arching his body and pushing his dick deeper into Rukia’s mouth as he unloaded into it. Through eyes hazy with pleasure, he saw her cheeks balloon outwards, his cum filling them to capacity. She swallowed fast, with just a little leaking out around her lips to drip onto her tits.


Rukia pulled her head back with a gasp, licking around her lips to finish cleaning them. Happily, she saw that Kazui’s cock, though smaller, was still hard and ready to go. Still, better to be sure. “Can you handle anymore, Kazui?” she asked anxiously, rubbing her thighs together as her lust and desire continued to rise.


He beamed back at her. “Of course! Like I said, right now, it’s all about you, Auntie!” he told her with total sincerity.


“…sometimes, it’s really hard to believe that Ichigo is your father,” Rukia told him with a bright smile and light giggle, even as she began straddling his cock, rubbing it against her pussy with a groan of relief.


Kazui mock-frowned at her as his dick once again hardened and swelled. “Hey, Dad is plenty nice,” he protested, before ruining the effect by laughing. “Even if he normally doesn’t look like it or sound like it.” Like his mother, he found his Dad’s frowns more funny than scary, but he knew that not everyone saw them like that.


Rukia smirked and nodded, then lifted herself up before gently lowering herself, moaning louder than she intended as Kazui’s cock pushed into her still slightly sore and sensitive pussy.


“I think they heard you back up at the hotel,” Kazui teased her, putting his hands on her hips and giving them a light squeeze.


Rukia opened her violet eyes to give him a light glare; her blush told him she was more embarrassed than irritated. “Cheeky brat,” she muttered, even as she began bouncing up and down on his dick, biting her lower lip to hold back more moans.


“You know you love me,” Kazui chuckled, reaching around to squeeze and massage Rukia’s ass.


MMMMM! Right now?! Definitely!” Rukia moaned happily, now not caring who heard her as Kazui began to assist her in being fucked, giving her a little extra bounce even as he massaged her ass. Both the cock and his hands felt amazing; hopefully Kazui didn’t have any plans today, because Rukia was planning on monopolizing him!


Kazui grinned to himself as Rukia’s eyes slid shut in pleasure, clearly having a great time. Mission accomplished, he thought happily. With some very nice side benefits for me!

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4 months ago

This was a good contrast to the last contrast to the previous chapter.

Not to mention it’s another Rukia and Kazui chapter, which is honestly very nice. Not only that, I really enjoyed how the sex itself was completely than the last chapter and even the last time these two were together.

And the beach setting made it better. Or worse if you’re a passerby. Hahaha.

Finally the picture itself was a good piece as well. Especially the colors.

Well, I think that’s everything. Well done! Can’t wait for the next part. 😀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago

The chapter was really nice and sweet from start to finish, a great contrast to the rough fucking from last time. I’m not the biggest fan of Kazui (or shota/loli/children in particular) but his interactions with Rukia are good enough to turn a blind eye. Rather nice fucking, wouldn’t have expected the usage of his feet to turn her on, which is a first so far, if I remember correctly.

Could have been better if I actually care about shota/loli stuff but otherwise pretty good stuff.