Beach Sex Party

“God! I love fucking this whores tits! Huge and soft, that’s my taste!” One of the guys said while getting an amazing boob job. Everyone and his friends were chanting him to go faster and telling Tia to suck his load when he came. “I’m definitely gonna remember this.” She said thinking.


So how did things go from relaxing in the sand to a party of crazy sex?


Harribel decided to head to the beach by herself, hoping to get some relaxation. She was nervous because she was wearing a bikini that almost showed off her pussy. Her nipples were barely covered but Tia didn’t care, she just wanted to have some fun. Soon as she was laying down on the sand to get a nice and sexy tan, 2 guys came up looking at her. One of them saying, “My My, what do we have here? I didn’t knew this beach had such a sexy woman.”, while his friend replied, “Yeah, especially with tits like those. We can definitely have some fun.” Tia looked at them hoping they leave until they offer her a drink.


After 4 beers, the three of them were completely drunk. She was getting ready to leave until one of the guys said, “Hope you can stay later tonight beautiful, there’s a party going on.” She didn’t believe them and thought it was the drunk talking but when she saw a flyer for a beach party, she knew they’re telling the truth. As the guys friend got up he said to her, “plus there’s a contest, winner gets 100,000¥”. Tia replies back to the guy, “Where exactly is this party?”


Later that afternoon, 2 miles near the resort that she was staying at……


“Alright let turn this shit up people!!!!” The DJ said as he began to play loud music for everyone to dance to. “Welcome to our 10th annual Beach bash!” As one of the servers greet Tia and the 2 guys she was with when they entered. “Wow, this place is awesome” the busty babe said while looking around. As the 2 guys began to drink again, Harribel decide to dance with the crowd and let loose. “Hold on people, we got ourselves a hottie with a huge rack joining the fun.” The DJ said pointing at her while everyone was looking.


Tia felt embarrassed that everyone was looking at her but didn’t want to ruin the fun. “Alright, ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the best part…” the DJ said while everyone was still dancing and drinking. Harribel didn’t know what was going on until she realized they were getting ready for the contest. She didn’t know what it was though, the flyer didn’t say until the banner unfolded over the DJ and he said, “It now time for our annual, Last Person Cumming Contest!!!!”


She knew, the 2 men tricked her. They wanted her to come so she can be fucked by every guy. Everyone was cheering and still getting more drunk by the excitement. The DJ was about to explain the rules, “Alright here’s how it goes to those who are new. 5 brave ladies will be fucked by 20 guys for 2 hour. If one of the girls cum before she gets fucked by the last guy, she’s out! Whoever last to fuck all 20 guys within 2 hour, the winner will get 100,000¥!” 20 random guys were getting ready, 4 women stepped up and were getting ready as well.


Tia didn’t want to be part of this but the thought of winning that prize really tempted her. She also thought it would be easy since her tits were huge and almost 15 guys got hard when she was dancing earlier. A few minutes have gone by and Harribel along with the other 4 girls, Rangiku, Rukia, Sui-Feng, and Yoruichi, positioned themselves, naked as they waited for the first set of guys. “Alright, men get ready to have some crazy sex! And begin!” As the DJ said while setting off a firework to get started.


3 guys when up to Harribel, one immediately put his dick in her face and the 2 other began to press theirs up her massive tits. “Oh god, just look at these things! I can definitely make this bitch cum.” One man said while the other replied, “No kidding, this whore must be eating something to have tits this big.” “Enough teasing, let just fuck this slut now!” As the guy said shoving his cock down her mouth. Tia knew she wasn’t gonna make it easy and let them fuck her mouth and tits for now.


By the 15 minute mark, all 5 of the girls were getting fucked good until Yoruichi said, “oh god! I’m cumming! IM CUMMING!!!!!”. “We have our first elimination! Ladies and gentlemen after just fucking 6 guys, Yoruichi is out!” As the DJ replied. Tia didn’t pay attention to any of the girls because she was already on the 7th, 8th and 9th guy that was fucking her. “Oh god… I’m out!” One guy replied cumming immediately on her tits. “Fuck! This slut is too much.” As another said while cumming on her nipple. “Can you believe this! Harribel is already on her 10th and 11th guy! Can she last until the end?” the DJ said while everyone was cheering and yelling at the girls to fuck harder.


It’s been over an hour, Harribel and Rangiku were the only ones left after Rukia and Sui-Feng we’re out from having their ass filled up good. ”Alright, we are down to our last 2 contestant and they have just fucked over 17 guys. Let see if they can last fucking their last 3 set of guys!” As the DJ was playing more music. The crowd as this point was getting excited, however Tia was starting to feel her limit. After the 14th guy came in her pussy good, she was gonna cum but didn’t want to so she held it off. “Think you can last better than me? Slut I’m gonna fuck better than you” Rangiku replied to Harribel exhaust. “Ha! Please, the guys cocks that I’ve fucked couldn’t last with my tits around them.” She replied back to her. Both girls were sticky and covered so much, they felt as if they couldn’t stand.


Tia Knew she might not last, if one more guy came on her rack or pussy she was going to be done for. 6 guys came up to the girls and began to fuck them good. As the time reached 15 minutes before the 2 hour mark, Rangiku felt like she was gonna win but when one of the guys shoved his cock in her ass, “AH! I’M Cumming!!!!!!”


“Looks like Rangiku is out! Let see if the busty one can still survive!” As the DJ said to the crowd. They all chanted, “Fuck her good!” and “Make her cum!” as Tia was getting a good pounding. She knew this was it, she was gonna cum and couldn’t hold it in anymore. As the 3 men started to fuck faster, Harribel was losing it and couldn’t think straight, “Ah fuck! Yes, fuck me good! Make me your bitch whore! Fill my pussy and drown my tits!” she said. As the crowd chanted “faster” the 3 guys couldn’t take it no more, all of them and Tia wanted to cum so badly.


With one last trust, Harribel’s mouth, pussy and tits were covered in cum and she screamed cumming but just in time as the timer stopped. “That’s it! We have our winner!” As the DJ and the crowd cheered. All the 3 men let Tia go and she laid in a pool of cum, she was such a wreck her pussy was exploding out all of the cum and her tits made it look like she was covered in whipped cream. Harribel got back up and thought it was finally over until, “Alright, I think it time for a bonus round people!!! Let she if she can last 30 more minutes with the big john!” as the DJ said while the crowd was chanting loudly.


Tia didn’t want to continue but then she saw one guy with a cock so huge it would make her pussy split in 2. She wanted out but when she heard that the reward would be doubled, She wanted to take that risk. She positioned herself lying down and said to the guy, “Let see how long you can make me last?” She knew this was something that would last forever. She was gonna remember this day for a long time.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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3 years ago

HOLY CRAP !!! good story, beautiful character, harribel <3 I love il !

3 years ago
Reply to  skylineforever

It’s something that I thought of and I had to ‘excite’ the audience.