Beach Groper

The wave was stronger then Lucy anticipated; she squealed, sputtering under the water, as she was swept off her feet and pulled beneath the surface. Coming back up and wiping the water from her eyes, she immediately saw that her balance wasn’t the only thing she had lost.


“Damn it, not again!” she groaned softly, swiftly looking around to see if anyone had noticed her topless state yet. Maybe if she hurried, she could get dressed without being embarrassed-


A pair of strong hands grabbed her boobs from behind, freezing Lucy briefly in place as a blush spread across her cheeks. She knew exactly who it was, and she couldn’t believe that even he would do something so blatant in public. “Natsu!” she hissed, twitching as her nipples were rubbed. “What are you-!”


“Wow Lucy, have your boobs gotten bigger again? I thought that they were supposed to stop growing after a while, but yours just keep going! It’s so weird, but I like it!”


Lucy’s blush spread and darkened. Natsu was thankfully keeping his voice down, but that didn’t change the fact that he was talking about her tits in public, not to mention roughly fondling them for the whole world to see. Firmly ignoring the small part of her that found the whole situation wonderfully exciting, she said through gritted teeth, “Natsu, what have I told you about groping me?”


She could just imagine his face screwing up in concentration as he thought hard, even as he never stopped fondling her chest. “Ah!” she heard him exclaim. Finally, the light had come on. “You told me to never grope you unless it was foreplay. Well hell Lucy, if you wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask!”


…wait, what?!


“H-hold on, Natsu, that’s-” Lucy hurriedly bit down on her lip to stifle her squeal as Natsu, in one smooth move, pushed aside her bikini bottom and shoved his cock into her ass, she was wet from more than just swimming.


“I don’t think we’ve ever done it in the water before. You have the best ideas, Lucy!” Natsu proclaiming happily, using his hands on her tits to help pump her up and down on his dick. The water made it smoother than ever, and even with the added resistance, he was able to thrust faster and harder then he could ever remember.


Both of Lucy’s hands were clapped over her mouth, in a desperate attempt to keep herself as quiet as possible. Moans and squeal leaked out around them, but miraculously, no one had noticed that she was getting fucked and groped at the same time, and that her body was loving it. Her nipples were poking into Natsu’s hands, and she could feel her pussy starting to spasm, a sure sign she was close to cumming.


Twisting her nipples and thrusting his dick up into Lucy as far as it would go, Natsu buried his face in her neck, his moan swallowed up by her soft skin as he came, shooting his load into her and staining the water around them. He was also pretty sure he had left a nice hickie on her neck; hopefully Lucy wouldn’t be too upset over that.


I’m going to kill him…as soon as I can move again‘ Because right now, Lucy felt like an overcooked noodle, limp all over. She was barely able to moan softly as Natsu pulled out of her and fixed her swimsuit.


“Thanks Lucy, you’re the best,” Natsu told her happily. “Oh, and I found your top. Here, let me put it on for you.”


By the time Lucy had gotten herself together, her top was back in place and Natsu was swimming away, shouting some kind of challenge to Grey. For a moment, she simply stood there, before her her brown eyes narrowed.


Oh no; he wasn’t getting away that easily! Lucy wasn’t sure if she was going to murder Natsu or fuck him again, but one way or another, she wasn’t done with him yet!


And naturally, that was when another wave stole her bikini top once again.


“…I hate the beach,” Lucy grumbled.

(Story by User: S22132)

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