Bathing in the Calmness

“I never thought I would be doing something like this,” Harribel murmured as she relaxed against the rock, the water cool against her skin. Her breasts were large enough to float, exposing her nipples to the mild air and making them harden.


“Something like what?”


The blonde haired and dark skinned Arrancar cracked an eye open to study her companion for the day. As usual, Nemu’s face was set in a neutral expression, even as she studied Harribel in turn. In fact, she seemed to be staring at…


A small smirk on her face, Harribel sat up straighter in the water, exposing more of her tits. Sure enough, Nemu’s eyes followed them, though impressively, she showed no other reaction, not even the faintest of blushes.


“All of this, really.” Harribel waved a slow hand at the mountains and trees around, the small pool in the stream they were sitting in. “I never thought I would have the chance to simply relax, and especially not with a Shinigami.”


Nemu considered that, her analytical mind thinking it over, before nodding her agreement. “It is an unlikely outcome of the war, though…” she hesitated as a very small smile appeared on her face. “I do not think it is a bad thing.”


Harribel smiled back. “Neither do I.” Standing, she stretched as the water cascaded down her body, running down her huge breasts, toned stomach, round ass, and long legs. “We should probably get back to the others.”


Nodding, Nemu stood as well, with Harribel taking the opportunity to look over her unusual friend. Though the artificial Shinigami wasn’t as curvy as she was, Nemu was still very sexy, with a more classic beauty than Harribel’s own more exotic looks.


A sudden rustling and the sound of someone falling to the ground was all the warning they got that they were no longer alone. Nemu turned sharply, looking as startled as she ever did, while Harribel was more relaxed.


“Ah, it’s you. And what brings you two over this way?”


As if she had to ask. The wide eyes, blushes, goofy grins, and blood leaking noses told anyone exactly why Kon and Chizuru had sneaked up on them.


“It’s rude to spy on people when they are bathing,” Nemu informed them, a trace of annoyance in her voice and a small frown on her pretty face.


“True, but they did manage to get quite close before giving themselves away,” Harribel pointed out, smiling faintly. “Perhaps that deserves…a reward.”


That was too much for Chizuru, and she passed out with a happy gurgle, glasses steamed up. Kon elected to launch himself at Harribel’s chest with a happy cry…only to get backhanded out of sight by the blonde, who never changed expression. “NOOOOoooo…!” his trailing yell faded.


“So much for relaxation,” Nemu quipped, voice deadpan.


Harribel chuckled as they walked out together, leaving Chizuru to her filthy dreams and Kon to his frustrations.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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