Barely Covered Undercover

“This is absolutely the last time I let you choose an undercover mission for us,” Lucy informed Erza in a flat voice, looking dead straight ahead in an effort to pretend that none of this was happening. Her flaming red face showed how well that was working. “Never, ever again, I don’t care how desperate for money I am.”


A much smaller blush on her own face, Erza shrugged, feeling her breasts bounce with the motion. “Oh come now, Lucy, it’s not that bad.”


“Erza, I’m naked and I have an obscene tattoo on my ass,” Lucy hissed back at her, still not looking at the redhead. Things were bad enough; she didn’t need to make herself any hornier by looking at Erza’s big tits and amazing ass. “Yes, it really is that bad!”


Not having the same hang-ups as her blonde friend, Erza took her time in looking Lucy over, feeling her nipples harden and her pussy get wet. Spirits, Lucy was so sexy, and how did she even manage to stay upright with those enormous tits? Maybe her big bubble butt balanced things out. “It will be a simple job-“


“You always say that and it never is.”


“-and we’re getting paid a lot. And seriously Lucy, how hard could it be? All we have to is infiltrate the club and find out if that girl is there. What could go wrong?”




“You want me to cum in your ass?! Happy to oblige, slut!” the man yelled, pulling on Erza’s hips to slam his fat cock into her tight ass. “And keep on kissing your blonde friend! We want to see some tongue!”


“Damn, this whore wasn’t kidding,” another man laughed as he roughly groped Lucy’s tits while fucking her pussy. “She’s so wet; it’s dripping on the floor! But with a body like that, it’s no surprise. Tits and ass that just won’t quit!”


Okay, Erza admitted to herself as she continued to make out with Lucy while they both got pounded by huge dicks, maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate anymore.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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