Banging for Bucks


The music boomed out of the speakers, washing over the raucous crowd as they cheered the action on the stage and threw money onto it.


Kaguya gasped and squealed as she was fucked from both ends, her tits squashed against one of her lovers’ body, her nipples rock hard. The big black cock slammed into her pussy, while the equally large white cock stretched her ass almost to its limit.


The men worked together, timing things so they were moving in unison, so she was constantly getting pushed first down and then up, with no pauses for her to catch her breath or calm herself. And they didn’t stop there; a constant stream of dirty talk, audible even above the roar of the crowd and the music, filled her ears.


“I can’t get enough of this fat ass!”


“Gonna fuck that sweet mouth of yours next, slut, so get ready!”


“I can’t wait to wrap your huge tits around my dick!”


“You love being fucked in front of everyone, don’t you?!”


Biting her lower lip, Kaguya glanced over her shoulder, feeling smug when she saw Samui. The busty blonde was next, and judging from her uncertain expression, she wasn’t nearly as confident she could handle it. A far cry from earlier, when she had smugly bet Kaguya that she would last longer than the horned, and horny, woman.


Kaguya had wasted no time in taking that bet and was now feeling very good about her chances of winning. Samui’s tips were as good as hers. And even if she didn’t win the bet-


She squealed, long and loud, as her nipples were pinched and pulled.


And even if she didn’t win the bet, she wouldn’t trade this for anything!



(Short Story by User: S22132)

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