Bakugo’s VIP Surprise

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“Wow, it’s really coming down outside.” Iida said as he stood by the window looking out at the storm. Sitting on a couch in the common area, Katsuki Bakugo could honestly care less about the weather. It did whatever it wanted, so why worry about it?


“Agreed, but what bothers me is how drastic it is. The reports said there was only a two percent change of any kind of rain, but this looks almost like a full nor’easter.” said Todoroki.


“Is everyone inside?” Iida asked, “I don’t think it’d be safe to be out in this kind of weather.”


Asui and Midoriya are still out I think. They both went to Midnight’s Agency. Asui I think had a shift tonight and Midoriya goes there to eat often.”


“Hmm,” Iida mused and pulled his cell from his pocket, but he put it away before even trying to dial, “It’s a dead zone out there; I wouldn’t be able to get through.”


“Try calling the agency landline.” Todoroki suggested.


“Excellent idea, I’m ashamed that didn’t occur to me!” Iida said.


Gritting his teeth, Katsuki shouted, “WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!? I’M TRYING TO RELAX OVER HERE!!!”


They both ignored him, the fools. He tried to focus on the cheap drama on the TV; the girls had the pick of what to watch in the common area tonight. He was thankful at least for it to not be some sappy romance; he’d have spent the night in his room if they did that again. Most of his other classmates were spending the night in their rooms, so the common area was rather empty. He welcomed the relative quiet.


“No good, the call won’t connect. I think the storm might have knocked down some of the phone lines.” Iida reported.


“Maybe someone should head over there and check on them?” suggested Yaoyorozu from where she sat on one of the two seater couches with Jiro. Both girls were dressed in their pajamas. Jiro leaned against Yaoyorozu, her eyes closed, one of her weird ear jack things plugged into her phone as she listened to music. The two looked so lovey dovey it was disgusting, did either of them really think the whole school didn’t already know about them? Not like he cared, yuri, yaoi, whatever, so long as they stayed out of his way in life they had nothing to fear from him.


“I agree, but we shouldn’t send out a large number, maybe three of us?” Iida said, “Todoroki, you have that car your father gave you for your sixteenth birthday right, can it handle this kind of weather safely?”


“No problem.” he answered, “My old man is a bastard, but he loves to show off his money, so he gave me an all-weather all terrain model.”


“We should be able to drive to Midnight’s Agency safely then.” Iida said.


They’re going to Busteez Hero Agency to look for the nerd and the frog? Why bother? If they were there, then they were safe from the weather, seemed like an excuse to just go get laid. “HANG ON!!! what day is it?!” he asked suddenly as a thought occurred to him.


“Friday, you really didn’t know?” Yaoyorozu answered.


“DAMMIT, MY MOM’S WORKING TONIGHT!! IF THAT NERD FUCKS HER ONE MORE TIME…!!!” he trailed off then shot an angry look at Todoroki, “Hey Icyhot, I’m going too!”



“Wow, this is pretty bad,” said Iida as they drove down the street. The freezing rain was pouring non-stop now, and the wind buffeted the side of the huge Humvee that Todoroki was driving. Katsuki was honestly surprised by how plain the paintjob was. A simple straight matte black instead of something flashier.


“Yeah,” Todoroki agreed, “Hang on, I’m putting it into four wheel.” he told them as he moved the gearshift. The car lurched one and the ride became a little smoother. Katsuki looked out at the street as they moved, ‘That damned nerd better stay away from mom, or I’m gonna kill him!!!‘ he thought as he gritted his teeth at his own reflection in the mirror.


“I’m not all that worried about Midoriya, but if Tsuyu is out in this it could be dangerous.” Todoroki said.


“You’re right, I remember Yaoyorozu mentioning she nearly fell into hibernation during the Provisional License exam.” Iida said.


“Will you two SHUT UP?!? we’re already going to look for them, so what’s the point of talking about why!?”



They arrived at Busteez Hero Agency a few minutes later. Katsuki did his best to hide how deeply the cold was affecting him as they moved through the parking lot into the club itself. The wind and rain had gotten worse, and all three of them had a solid coating of ice all over them by the time they got inside.


“Holy crap, what are you three doing out in this mess?” asked Mandalay once they were inside. She brought them all hot towels and handed one to Katsuki. He snatched it out of her hand and dabbed at his face and hair. Todoroki meanwhile just began steaming as his fire side quickly dried him out.


“My thanks,” Iida said as he accepted a towel for himself. “We came to offer some classmates of ours a ride home in this weather.” he told her.


“Oh, well that’s nice of you. Most of the clients have already decided to wait out the storm in here unless called for relief aide. We have two back-up generators and a heating system that can handle Antarctic conditions.” the brunette told them. Honestly it was hard to take anything the woman said seriously when she was standing around topless and wearing only a red thong and cat tail butt plug. Dumber still was how Iida was trying NOT to look.


“Hey Iida, they’re just tits, FUCKING GROW UP WILL YA!?” he shouted at him as he walked away from the pair he arrived with, reaching out to grab Mandalay’s left tit as he passed her, “See?! JUST GET OVER!!!!” he said as the older woman let out a soft moan. He then let go and walked out onto the main floor of the agency.


“Bakugo!!! How dare you!? That was most inappropriate!” Iida called after him, but he ignored the uptight idiot and looked around. This place was getting really popular. He saw a few pros from the other end of Japan sitting around now, even a couple American Pro-Heros.


That nerd must be going out of his mind tonight.‘ he thought to himself as he walked past one girl with light blue, almost white hair wearing a monocle, clear high heels, and pretty much nothing else. ‘Bah, what’s the point of prancing around naked, leave something to the imagination until later,‘ he thought towards her bitterly. He saw the blonde Pussycat girl in her regular get-up, that was more like it. If he had the money he might have booked some time with her or that blonde woman that grew. What was her name again, Lady Mountain or something stupid like that. Whatever.


He passed a table where Present Mic was sitting with the joke woman and the bunny rabbit. Both women wore only their Busteez thongs and were rubbing up against him as he talked about something stupid. ‘This place is more like a host club whore house than a Hero Agency,‘ he thought to himself. He looked around more until he finally spotted someone familiar.


“Hey, Pink cheeks, that idiot boyfriend of yours around?!”


Ochaco turned around and blinked in confusion. She was dressed in a sexy one piece number colored pink and black, and she was showing off her actual body again. Her tits were so big she could barely stand upright, and her swimsuit barely held them in. Katsuki couldn’t help it as his eyes were drawn to them repeatedly. He could still remember how soft they felt against his dick that evening at the beach. He’d never admit it aloud, but he rather liked it when she was angry, that goody two shoes routine just annoyed him. Part of him regretted not taking her that night, but his mother warned him again and again about virgins. Also, it wouldn’t have been very hero-like to take advantage of a girl who was going through some emotional mess.


“Huh, boyfriend?” she echoed.


“Deku, you idiot!” he shouted at her, “Have you seen Deku around?! We came to give him a ride back to the dorms, so he’d better thank us! And while were at it, were taking you back too!”


“Oh, Izuku?” Ochaco said, “Yeah, I saw him a while ago, he was getting this really sexy blowjob from Ms. Mitsuki while Tsu fed him dinner! You’d think that was weird saying it aloud, but they totally made it work!” Ochaco said with a cheery grin as she pressed her hand together.


“DAMNIT!!!! I’M GONNA KILL THAT NERD!!! I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!” Katsuki screamed.


“Actually, he and Tsu left a while ago, I think it was just before the storm started.” Ochaco told him.


Katsuki smashed his right fist into his left palm, creating a small explosion, “Oh no, he’s not getting away that easy…” he growled, already envisioning the terrified look on that nerds face as he hit him with an AP Shot.


“Jeez, you really are angry a lot.” said Ochaco next to him.


He turned to look at the short brunette and a better idea came to him, a way to really make that nerd suffer! “You’re coming with me,” he said, his voice a low growl, “I’m gonna finish what I started back on that beach!”


“Um, okay…? WAHH!!” Ochaco agreed then yelped as he grabbed her wrist and dragged her along behind him. He made his way over to the VIP area, fishing a small gold card out of his pocket. It had only one star on it, a gift from his slut mother; he never thought he’d actually use it though.


Once they passed through the door into the hall where all the VIP rooms and floors could be accessed, Ochaco dragged him off to the right, “Oh, you should have said something! We can use my room!” she said with a happy grin.


“Heh, Deku know you’re this easy?” he asked.


“Well, it IS my job now silly willy!” she said to him as she took him over to one door a few meters away from where they’d entered.


Katsuki stopped and gave her a hard expression, “Never, call me that again.” he said in his most dangerous tone.


“Eeeek! You look so scary!!!! It’s making me so wet, I love it! Come on!” she told him as she opened the door and took him inside. Katsuki was surprised by what greeted him on the other side. Rather than a flashy VIP room or some Love Hotel type setting, this looked more like a regular girl’s bedroom. The walls were a fuchsia color, and the floor was blue carpet.


There was a plain desk with a computer on it with what looked like a porn video playing on a loop. When he squinted and looked closer he knew it was a video of Deku with Midnight and that horny chick from their class. The one who just showed up and started blowing him out of nowhere!


“RAAWR!!!” he hissed, grabbing Ochaco and pushing her against the wall, “I’m gonna make you forget all about that nerd! Show you a real man!” he told her as he grabbed the front of her swimsuit and set off a tiny explosion, making it easy to rip off, exposing her huge tits!


“Oooooo!!!” Ochaco squealed and giggled, “Yeah, do that again, you can be rough, I don’t mind!!” she told him.


“Heh, you really are a slut! If I cared, I’d almost feel sorry for Deku!” Katsuki laughed as he grabbed one heavy tit, squeezing it roughly as he pinned her arms above her head with the other. He kissed her mouth hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth as she moaned. He kneaded her tit harder, pinching her nipple before twisting it between his thumb and index finger.


“Mmmmmmmmh!” Ochaco moaned back into his mouth, her body shuddering against his.


“HA! You came just from that!? Oh I’m gonna enjoy this!” he told her as he threw Ochaco down onto the bed and unbuckled his belt, dropping his pants and kicking off his shoes before stepping out of them.


“Soooo biiiiiiig!!!!” Ochaco said, he could almost see hearts in her eyes as she gazed up at his full erection.


“Yeah, and I’m gonna shove every inch into you!” he told her. Annoying as it was to admit, he should have taken her at the beach that night. He could almost see Deku’s tear streaked face as he made this slut his woman. Who cared if she got clingy, it might have been worth it to see the nerd break down as the girl he liked became Katsuki’s plaything. Oh well, maybe after he was done with her, he’d make Deku’s mom his bitch as well! ‘Yeah, that’d teach him to mess with me!‘ he thought as he reached down to Ochaco on the bed, grabbing the bottom half of what was left of her swimsuit and ripping it off with ease.


Her cunt was drenched, the lips pink and puffy, even twitching as she laid back on the mattress panting like the bitch she was! “I’m gonna destroy you!!!” he yelled as he grabbed both her ankles and drove his cock all the way inside her in a single thrust!


“OOOOOOAHHHH… SO BIIIIG, YOU’RE GONNA SPLIT ME IN HALF!!!! YESSSS, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING!!!!” Ochaco screamed, her tongue already lolling from her lips as her belly tented to contain his dick.


“HAH, PATHETIC!!! You cum too easily, I’ve only just put it in, hell, even his mom lasted a little longer than that!” he told her as her legs wrapped around his waist.


“IT’S SO GOOD, FUCK ME, FUCK MY SLUT PUSSY!!!!!” Ochaco screamed, looking up at him with a crazed look of pleasure on her face. “MMMMMH, I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE WHEN BIG THINGS ARE STABBED INSIDE MEEEEE!!!!!”


“You,” Katsuki grunted, slamming his cock into her until he felt his balls against her ass, he then pulled back until just the tip was still inside her wide spread pussy, “Fucking,” he said, slamming inside again then pulling out, “WHORE!!!!!”


“YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” Ochaco screamed, her pussy gushing around his cock like an over ripe melon. He grinned, loving the sight of her like this as he pumped his hips, her pussy was tight and warm, and clinging to his cock like it never wanted to let go. He grabbed her hips, gripping her tight as he lifted her up off the bed. Her legs hugged his waist tighter now as he bounced her up and down while burying his head in those huge dumb bimbo tits of hers.


“OH FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!” Ochaco squealed, her fingers dragging almost painfully across his back. For an instant he thought she might draw blood, but her fingernails had been filed smooth at the tips. The worst she might leave would be light red marks. He tilted his head up and kissed her again, sucking on her tongue roughly as his cock made lewd sucking noises as it plowed in and out of her cunt. Her juices were running down his legs as she came over and over again.


“Yeah, you like that you stupid whore!? Like my big dick in that slut cunt?!” he asked as he climbed onto the bed now, pushing Ochaco up against the wall with a thud. She then moved his arms, unwrapping her legs from his waist and hooking his elbows under her knees to support her weight.


“AHHAAA, SO BIIIIG, SO BIIIIIIIIIG, I LOVE THIS, I WANT MORE, FUCK ME MORE, MORE, MOOOOORE!!!!” Ochaco screamed, her eyes crossing as she panted. She looked like something out of one of Mineta’s ero-games, it turned him on as he began pounding her harder, the wet ‘SLAP SLAP SLAP’ of his balls against her ass echoed in the surprisingly quiet room. He hadn’t noticed until now, but he couldn’t even feel the pulse of the base speakers in here.


Heh, old lady Midnight didn’t spare any expense with this place.‘ he thought, Too bad, he wanted everyone to hear how a REAL hero made a girl scream in pleasure.


“Hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr…” he grunted, pumping his hips with every breath as Ochaco drooled in pleasure.


“TAAAAKE THIIIIS!!!!” he screamed as he slammed his cock balls deep inside her just as he came.


“AHHHHHHAAAA, YES, CUM IN MEEEEE, FILL MY NEEDY PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT STUUUFFFFF!!!!” Ochaco moaned as her toes curled in ecstasy.


“Yeah, you like that you slut, I bet that nerd never made your toes curl like that did he?” Bakugo asked with a grin.


“Hah… Ahhh… Hah…” Ochaco panted, weakly shaking her head.


“Yeah, that’s right, I’m a better man than he’ll ever be.” he said with a grin as he pulled his cock from her with a loud wet sucking ‘pop’. He then let her fall on top of the bed. She landed with a thud and the creak of the bed springs. Her face was priceless, the very picture of mindless ecstasy.


“So… Good… My poor pussy is all stretched out now…” she said, though her tone wasn’t the least bit lamenting. He moved to sit down on the edge of the bed and looked up at the shelves over the computer. This room really was like a dorm room, he saw a few manga and books lining the shelves, even a teddy bear sitting by one of the bookends. If he didn’t know better, he’d say someone actually lived in here.


“Don’t think we’re even close to done you slut!” Katsuki told her with a wide grin. “I missed out on popping that little cherry, but I bet that nerd is too vanilla to take the rest of your virginity!”


Ochaco blinked “Hmmm?” she murmured, her eyes then went wide as Katsuki reached out and grabbed her hips, “Waahh!!!” she yelped as he pulled her up on all fours and unceremoniously shoved his cock up her ass!


“NHOOOOO, NOT MY ASS!!!!!” she moaned, but he could tell she was loving it, her pussy gushed against his balls all over again as he pushed his length all the way into her. “SO BIG, SO BIG, SO BIIIIIIIG…. HAAAHHH… YOU’RE FUCKING MY ASS SO DEEEEP, AHHH IT HURTS BUT ALSO FEELS SO GOOOD!!!!” Ochaco screamed, rocking herself back against him after only a couple of thrusts.


“Yeah, you like that you whore!?” Katsuki asked, “Taaaake THIIIIIS!!!!” he growled, gripping her hips and slamming his cock into her over and over as if she were a life sized onnahole!


“HAAAAHHHHHAAAA… MY BUUUTTTT!!!! YOU’RE GONNA DESTORY MY BUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!” Ochaco howled, panting hard now as he watched her fat ass ripple with every thrust of his hips. “MMMMMHHHH… YEAH DON’T STOP, POUND MY ASS HARDER, MOLD MY HOLES TO YOUR COCK SO THEY NEVER GOES BACK TO NORMALLLL!!!!!”


“That’s right you slut, you belong to me now!!!” he told her, “Say it!!!”




Katsuki laughed as he slammed his cock all the way up her ass as he came again. Yeah, this is how it should be!


“Oooooooo…” Ochaco squealed softly, “I feel your cum filling inside me, it’s feels so weeiiird, but so goooood…” she whimpered, her face lying on the bed, her eyes crossed and her tongue hanging off her lips as she drooled onto the sheets. She lay on all for, her ass in the air as she convulsed every so often with another after shock orgasm. When his own climax finally subsided, Katsuki pushed her off his dick and let her fall onto her side.


“Now, clean me up.” he told her after giving her a minute to recover her wits.


“Okaaaay!!!” Ochaco said happily, sitting up and pumping one fist into the air.


He watched as she crawled off the bed and moved to kneel in front of him, her eyes locked on his dick in awe. “You left quite the mess on me pink cheeks, how you gonna make it up to me?”


“Ahhhmmmmph!!!” Ochaco moaned, wrapping her mouth around his cock and taking over half his length down her throat! He let out a low groan as he watched her lips dragging back and forth over his thick dick.


“GUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH…” Ochaco gagged and moaned, looking up at him with open lust in her eyes.


“Oh yeah, that’s a good look for you, take it all down your throat…” he told her, loving the hot wet feel of her mouth.




“Didn’t your mom teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” he asked with a grin as he reached over to the edge of the bed where his pants had landed when he kicked them off earlier. He felt around inside the pockets, retrieving his smartphone and pulling it closer.


Ochaco moaned and looked up at him again as she dragged her lips slowly, stretching them over his cock, “IT’SH OHKAY WHEN IT’SH A CAWK!” she slurred.


“Oh yeeaaah, tug it between those big cow tits of yours, I wanna cum all over your slutty face!” he told her.


Pulling her mouth free, Ochaco giggled happily, wrapping her huge tits around his equally huge dick. He again flashed back to that day at the beach, ‘Yeah, I should have popped this one’s cherry. Aw well, spilt milk, at least I’ll have a fun pic to rub in that nerds face after this!‘ he thought to himself.


Ochaco lifted her mouth free and gasped, “Mmmm, your cock is so yummy!!!” she said in a cheery voice as she rubbed her ultra-soft tits up and down his cock. They felt like a pair of warm marshmallows rubbing against him as he leaned back on his elbows and savored the feeling.


“Mmmmmm, that’s iiiit… Faster, yeah…” Katsuki groaned, loving the feel of her tits as he felt the pressure building in his dick. He gripped his phone tight, but it slipped out of his hands just as he came, landing on the edge of the bed.


“Shit, hang on, don’t move,” he said as he looked over to where the phone landed, “I gotta get a pic of this.” he told her.


“Ah’kay!!!” she said in a singsong tone. Katsuki felt something warm dripping over his cock as he fumbled for his phone. He needed to hurry and snap the pic while his cum was still thick on her face. When he finally grabbed it and opened the picture app he looked back to see Ochaco’s face melting into gray goo that quickly fell away from her body.


Katsuki felt his blood turn to ice as he saw the girl underneath the sludge. Blonde hair dressed up in a messy pair of buns on either side of her head. Yellow eyes glimmering with madness, and fanged teeth is a creepy grin.


“YOU!?” Katsuki shouted as the last of the gray slime fell away from the girl. He recognized her instantly. It was hard to forget the faces of those nutcase villains that tried to recruit him last year.


Himiko Toga.


He only remembered her name because he memorized the names of all those nutcases. Because of them, because he was too weak to fight them all, All Might was forced to retired after using the last of his power to rescue him!


Gritting his teeth, Katsuki pushed himself away from the blonde with his arms, yanking his dick away from her grip. Coming up in a squatting position, he pushed both hands out in front of himself and let out a low yield blast, knocking her back against the far wall.




“She works for me now.” said a calm voice by the door. Katsuki turned to see Midnight standing in the entrance, dressed in her original costume, whip in hand. “We caught her a while back, trying to sneak into the club. I was able to convince the courts I could rehabilitate her. So she’s on mix of work release and house arrest.


“Mistress Midnight!” Himiko squealed happily and crawled over to kneel at the dark haired womans feet, “I’ve been super good tonight, I even saw to this Hero’s every need, can I get a reward? Can I, can I?”




“Hey!” Himiko protested, but then touched a finger to her lips, “Well… I suppose you’re not wrong, but that’s all behind me now!” she said, forming a sideways ‘V’ with her fingers and holding it over her left eye. “Mistress Midnight showed me the error of my ways though.” she said with a wink.


“Her quirk makes her quite useful for serving clients with girls who either aren’t working that night or are opposed to servicing that client for any particular reason.”


“YEP!” Himiko said cheerfully, “I’m such a naughty slut; I like all kinds of big yummy cocks and pussies!!!”


“Of course you do.” Midnight said, patting the blonde on her head. Himiko closed her eyes and leaned into her touch like a loyal dog. ‘Damn, just what did Midnight do to her? And Mistress? Really, isn’t that a little much?‘ he thought as he got off the bed.


“Tch, well, just keep her on a short leash!” he told Midnight as he grabbed his clothes and hurriedly dressed.


“Awwww, don’t be mad Bakugo-Kosujisama! I’m your cum dumpster now!” Himiko said as she crawled over to him and hugged her huge tits around his leg as he pulled his pants on.


“STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!” he shouted, hitting her with another low yield blast, just enough to push her away.


“EEEEEEE!!!! DO THAT AGAIN!!!!” Himiko said happily when the smoke cleared, “SLAP ME, PUNCH ME, SPANK ME AND LAUGH AT ME WHEN I CRY!!!!!”


Katsuki jerked his head back in a mix of shock and disgust. “What the…?”


“Yeaaah, I might have gone just a tad overboard. If I knew she was this much of a masochist I might have held back a little when I was training her, sorry.” Midnight said as she rubbed the back of her head.


“I’m outta here…” Katsuki said, handing his VIP card to Midnight as he passed her. She smiled seductively at him as she slipped it between the suspender and the heavy tit it covered. He gulped, his eyes drawn to the massive cleavage she was showing off with that outfit, especially with how she slowly traced her fingers along the curve of her breast once the card was securely tucked away. He then shook his head vigorously and stormed out.


“You did good Himi-chan, let’s see about that reward…” he heard Midnight say as he walked away from the room.


“YAY!!!” Himiko cheered before he was finally out of earshot.


Once back in the Agency main room, Katsuki shuddered, he suddenly felt dirty as he looked around. He quickly spotted his mother in her stupid “Hero” costume. Anger pushed away the revulsion he was feeling as he stomped over to her.


“MOM! WHAT THE HELL!?!?” he shouted at her, “WHY DO YOU KEEP FUCKING THAT DAMNED NERD!?” he asked none too quietly as he came over to her while she sat on the hero Edgeshot’s lap. Bakugo only really recognized him from the night he tried to help All Might rescue him.


His mother gave the ninja hero a soft friendly smile, “Excuse me.”


“Of course.” Edgeshot said as she got up off his lap and slammed her fist against the top of his head.




The pain from her fist was barely a dull throb; he ignored it as he raised his head back up, “LIKE I CARE WHAT THESE LOSERS THINK! STOP FUCKING THAT STUPID NERD!!!”




“BECAUSE HE…” Katsuki stopped midsentence when he realized he didn’t have a counter.


“Hmmph,” His mother said, her voice now a more normal tone, “Now get back to the dorms, the storm stopped a while ago, you’re other friends went looking for Izuku and Tsu a few minutes ago.”


“IZU… YOU’RE CALLING HIM BY HIS FIRST NAME!!!???” he shouted, and was rewarded with another smack to his head.


“GO!” she told him.


Growling, Katsuki stormed off again, “By the way,” he called back to her, “That VIP card was a shitty gift!!!”



Outside the agency the night air was still slightly chilled, but it was warming up fast. All of the ice had already melted, leaving huge puddles everywhere. Katsuki stomped in one of them as he headed to the bus stop near the agency. The nerd and frog likely would have taken shelter from the rain there. Even if the buses had stopped from the storm.


Looking around, he saw a couple of downed trees, and a small shrine where the door seemed to have been blown in. He thought he could smell a fire nearby but when he looked he saw no signs of one. Fishing out his phone he checked the signal bars, he had one, but it kept going in and out. This place was a cellular dead zone.


“What a pain.” he muttered as he looked at the screen and saw the photo app was still open. He shuddered again and clicked the phone off. “Fucking crazy chick villain. Someone should teach Midnight a lesson about taking in rabid animals.”


“Bakugooo!” a voice called out to him. He looked to his left in time to see Iida rushing towards him.


“What is it four eyes, you find Deku and the frog?!” he asked.


“No, well, yes, they’ve been located at least. Seems they made their way back to the dorms so we barely missed them.”


“So we drove all the way out here for nothing!?” he shouted, his voice echoing into the empty night air, “That fucking nerd, I’m gonna kill him!”


“Save it for another time,” Iida told him, “It seems the cold snap nearly killed Asui from what I’ve been able to understand. Midoriya was able to keep her warm until the storm passed.”


“How did you find out where he was anyway?” Bakugo asked while they walked back towards the agency.


“Yaoyorozu was able to get through to the agency’s landline. Seems that’s already been repaired.” Iida told him.


“Whatever, let’s go home, I wanna get as far away from this place as I can tonight.” he muttered as they spotted Todoroki already started up his oversized car.


At that moment, he felt someone’s hand grabbing to hold the hand at his side. He recognized the touch, it was Himiko!!! Katsuki immediately pulled it away and looked over at her, ready to fight. But nobody was there.


With another look back at the Busteez Hero Agency, Katsuki suppressed the urge to shiver again as he got in the car.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

I have a question that I was hoping you could answer and that question is so what’s happening is that ochaco wasn’t actually there it was himiko the whole time and bakugo was hallucinating?

2 years ago
Reply to  Animefan1

Himiko was using her quirk.