Auctioning for Big Dick Action

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Boruto stood outside the shop with Sarada and Mitsuki, a stack of the latest Extreme Ninja Scrolls expansion packs in hand. This Edition was called “The Forbidden Jutsu’s”, covering many of the most powerful and extreme forms of Jutsu, most of which were declared forbidden. And for good reason, a lot of the Jutsu cards, while powerful, also had high prices to pay for the player using them. Most required loss of a turn, or a high price in life points. But more than that, many of the character cards had special abilities in the game, the one he was looking for instance, could negate any and all jutsu that used Chakra. Due to this being the First Edition of the new release, the shop limited sales to five packs per customer a day, making attaining the card he wanted a tough challenge at best, nearly impossible at the worst.


“Seriously, I really don’t see the point of those things Boruto, waste of money if you ask me.” Sarada said as she took a slow suggestive lick of the peppermint lollipop she’d bought inside. The dark haired teen had fallen into a recent habit of always having something phallic shaped to lick or suck on whenever they were together. Boruto knew what Sarada was trying to do, but he didn’t know whether to be flattered or worried by it.


He chose to ignore her comment as he tore into the first pack. All common cards, though there was one of his father holding up the Rasen Shuriken that he didn’t have already. The second pack yielded much the same though it had one very rare card, one showing Sarada’s father wreathed in the Susanoo, lightning all around him, but that wasn’t the one he was looking for. The rest were other Jutsu cards that could be used with any matching element character. He gritted his teeth through the third and fourth packs, nothing.


“Okay, last pack, this has to be it!” he said as he tore open the mylar packaging. “Arrrrrrgh!!!!” he yelled in frustration as there was nothing but common cards, many showing Shino-sensei, waiting for him. Boruto fell to his knees and sighed. He’d spent the last of his recent pay on this store, not that they would sell him any more today anyway.


“Just which one are you looking for anyway?” asked Sarada as she grabbed one of the cards from his hand and looked at the image. “Hmmm, my dad never looked this cool.” she said when she saw the picture of Sasuke on it.


“Says you.” Boruto countered, snatching the card back, “If you must know, it’s Kaguya-ma… Ahh Uhhh,” he paused, coughing as he almost let the name she insisted he call her slip, “Lady Kaguya was just added to the game, she’s the rarest of rare right now.”


“By her own insistence I might add.” said a new voice. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki turned to see Hanabi coming out of a shop next to the one they’d just exited. “Hihi, Boruto-kun, Sarada-san!” she said with a wave as she came closer, slowing when she saw Mitsuki, “Oh, I don’t think we’ve met…”


“Hanabi Onee-chan.” Boruto said with a smile as he made the introductions. “Mitsuki, this is Hanabi Hyuga, my aunt, but she’s more like a big sister to me. Onee-chan, this is Mitsuki, my team mate.”


Mitsuki bowed, “It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Hyuga.”


“Likewise.” Hanabi said with a smile before turning back to Boruto, “Hooo, you’ve gotten taller again!” she said, standing flush with him, “You’re almost as tall as me now!” she said with a giggle as she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug, rubbing her heavy tits against him.


“O… Onee-chan…!” Boruto said with a blush.


“Hey, are you free tonight, we haven’t spent much time together since you graduated to genin and all, then all that mess with the Chunin Exams, Onee-chan misses you.” she said with a pouty expression.


“Boruto…” Sarada said evenly, “Mom told me, but still, with your aunt?”


“Uh, heh heh…” Boruto chuckled nervously, “Well I…”


“Ho, are you jealous I got him first Sarada-san?” Hanabi asked, hugging Boruto’s arm between her cleavage. “I bet you couldn’t even walk after one round. But a woman like me was able to help Boruto use up all that youthful energy.”


Sarada’s posture stiffened, “I… I could still walk! I was just out of breath is all!


“Mmmhmmmmm…” Hanabi said with a doubtful expression.


“Excuse me, but what are all of you talking about?” asked Mitsuki.


“Nothing!” Boruto, Sarada, and Hanabi all said at the same time.


“Anyway,” said Hanabi, “You said you’re looking for Kaguya’s card?” she asked, changing the subject.


“Yeah, I’ve been trying to get it since the new expansion came out last week, but no luck.” Boruto said dejectedly.


“I know where you can get one.” Hanabi said with an impish smile.


“Seriously?!” Boruto asked, excited.


“Yep! I saw it the other day at the comic shop down the street.” said Hanabi, “Come on, Onee-chan’ll show you.” she told him, still holding Boruto’s arm and pulling him along with her as she took the lead.


“H… Hey, wait up!” Sarada said, running after them while Mitsuki remained behind to resume his day.


The store wasn’t far, less than two blocks away. Boruto had been here today already, and he hadn’t bothered to check the display case at the time.


“See?” Hanabi said with a proud smile.


“One… One hundred-thousand ryo!?!?!” Boruto yelled, his eyes wide with shock when he found where Hanabi was pointing. Sure enough, there was the super, ultra, mega rare card of Kaguya, with a price tag to match its rarity!


“Ohh, it was that much?” Hanabi said, looking down at the card. The image on it showed Kaguya in her robes, arms spread out wide, palms out with Rinnegan on each hand.


Boruto sighed and hung his head, it’d take at least sixty D-Rank missions for him to save that much. And chances were by the time he finished the card would have sold by then.


“Sorry Boruto.” said Sarada, “Why don’t we go back to my house? I’ll make you forget all about it.” she said, sliding the entire lollipop into her mouth suggestively.


Boruto chuckled nervously, “I don’t think your mom would like that.”


“Hmmmmm, maybe, or maybe she’d join us again.” Sarada countered.


“Hold on,” said Hanabi, hugging Boruto from behind, “Come home with me Boruto, I think I know a way you can make that much in one night.” she told him as she traced her fingers down his right cheek.


“Ha… Hanabi-san, you don’t mean, you’d PAY for that?” Sarada asked, her eyes wide.


Hanabi looked insulted, “No,” she said flatly, “But, I do know a method where Boruto might be able to earn that in one night is all.”


“Really?!” Boruto asked, feeling excited at the chance to get what he’d been trying so hard for.


Hanabi smiled and winked, “Would Onee-chan lie?”



“Ahhh, uhh… Ha… Hanabi Onee-chan…?” Boruto asked with a soft groan as he lay back in Hanabi’s bedroom, watching at the brown haired young woman bobbed her head up and down his cock slowly.


Hanabi looked up at Boruto, her eyes twinkling as she lifted her head up completely, gasping softly as she pulled free. “Mmmh, yessss, Boruto-kun?” she asked slowly, moving to press his cock between her heavy and oh so soft breasts. He groaned softly as she began stroking his length with them, her tongue licking the underside of his cock.


“Mmmmmh, ahhhh… This… This is great, and all… But…” he stuttered as she kissed the tip of his cock and took it back into her mouth.


Hanabi giggled, sucking the tip of his cock from a long moment before releasing it and rubbing it against her face like a cat in heat. “But you wanna know how you can make all that ryo in one night?” she completed his thought for him. He nodded and she giggled again, “Well,” she continued, “This is how, only it won’t be me doing it.” she told him as she began moving her breasts up and down his length faster.


“Tomorrow is Ladies Night at Busteez, and there’s gonna be an auction of a sort.” she told him as she tugged at her nipples, moaning softly, “Mmmmmh, I missed feeling you between my breasts like this…” she purred before explaining more, “Once a month, a bunch of the VIP men gather and get inside this special booths we have behind one wall of the club. There’s a hole in one side where they let their cock hang out of. The ladies in attendance bid on who gets it for a live session. The Raikage, who you’re bigger than by the way, pulled in a solid million ryo!” she told him as she moved to climb on top of him on the bed, the length of his dick sliding against the folds of her pussy. She grinded her slit against him for several long moments, making Boruto groan as he felt the heat and wetness emanating from her pussy.


“The contestants get twenty percent of the bid. The rest is split between the club, and a few charities we support.” she told him.


“Why so low?” Boruto asked.


“Because, you’re already getting laid in the process.” Hanabi said with a laugh and wink as she lifted her hips up high and guided his length inside her with a moan. The pink petals of her pussy spreading wide around his girth as she took him in slowly, “Ahhhnnn, yes, so thiiick, Borutooooo, onee-chan feels so good…” she moaned as he watched his thick length make a barely visible lump in her stomach as he completely filled her womb.


Boruto groaned in pleasure at the feel of being inside Hanabi, her pussy was soft and tight and oh-so-very warm. Every time she took his length inside he felt like his cock was gonna melt from the heat. He reached his hands up to grab those heaving tits of her, loving the feel of them in his hands as he squeezed them roughly. He then leaned up to wrap his mouth around one nipple, swirling his tongue around the stiff nub before gently biting and tugging on it with his teeth.


MMMMMH, YESSSSS, TAKE ME BORUTOOOO…!” Hanabi moaned as she hugged his head against her tit, rolling her hips faster now, his cock making all kinds of lewd sounds as it moved around inside her. He barely heard them over Hanabi’s erotic moaning. The sound of her panting and moaning like that always turned him on even more as he sucked her tit harder, trying to pull as much of it into his mouth as he could before releasing it and moving over to her other breast.


“Ohhhh, Hanabi Onee-chan, this feels so great…” he told her.


“Hehehe, you like fucking nee-chan’s tight little cunny?” Hanabi teased while clenching her inner muscles. Boruto groaned and nodded at the feeling and Hanabi rolled them over so that she was beneath him, “Then pound my pussy, POUND IT HARD!” she moaned.


Boruto repositioned himself on his knees slightly before he hooked his elbows against her knees. Pushing the brunettes legs up high, he used them as a brace for himself as he began slamming his cock into her. His balls smacked wetly against her plump ass as Hanabi screamed in pleasure.




“O… Onee-channnn…” Boruto groaned in pleasure.


HAH, HAH, HAH, AHHHHHHH, DON’T YOU, DARE, STOOOOOP!!!!” Hanabi panted, rocking her body against his thrusts to drive his dick in as deep as it would go, “FUCK YES, RIGHT FUCKING THEREEEE!!!!” she moaned as her entire body seemed to go stiff, her pussy clenching his cock like a vice and not letting him pull out just as he began cumming hard!


NNNMMMMMH!!! YESSSS, BORUTO, I FEEL YOUR HOT CUM FILLING MY PUSSYYYYYYY!!!” Hanabi panted with her tongue hanging off her lips.


Groaning with her, Boruto kept his cock inside her until he finally felt her pussy loose its grip around his dick. Even then, he stayed connected to the older woman as he released her legs and felt her wrap them around his slim waist, still holding him inside. She then reached her hands out to cup his cheeks before pulling his face up to hers.


“Mmmmph!?” Boruto gasped in shock as she kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth and slowly drawing out his own.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Hanabi purred like a contented cat. “I get to kiss so few guys afterward.” she told him as she smiled at him.


“Onee-chan…” Boruto said with a blush.


“Fuck you’re adorable, makes me wanna fuck you all over again!” Hanabi snickered.


“I can go again.” Boruto told her honestly.


“Yay! You have such youthful vigor, Boruto!” Hanabi giggled.



“Thanks for bringing me out tonight Sakura,” Hinata said as she, Sakura, Temari, and Ino all walked down into the basement level of Busteez. They had spent most of the evening up in the club’s main floor area, drinking and eating while music played loudly over the speakers. It was ladies night, the one night every couple of weeks where the club was closed to the regular male patrons and allowed only women inside. “I needed to get out of the house for a while.”


“No problem, you need to cut loose more often Hinata. Being cooped up in that house, only coming out nights you’re working, it’s not good for you.” Sakura told her.


“I know,” Hinata agreed, “Himawari will be starting school soon, I plan to get out more then while she’s in classes.”


“Speaking of?” Ino spoke up, “Who’s babysitting her tonight?”


“Oh, Sarada volunteered to look after her.” Sakura told the blonde.


“Ahh, and Boruto?” Ino asked.


“Said he had plans tonight before running off without another word, I swear he can be so much like his father sometimes.” said Hinata as they came out into the basement. The place looked like a bunch of dirty alleyways and bathroom stalls. But it was all for show, in reality it was cleaner down here than the main floor of the club. The highlight of Ladies Night at Busteez was the “After Meal Activities.”


In a few minutes, the bidding war would begin, Hinata honestly wasn’t planning on bidding tonight, but she did enjoy the show some of the winners put on for the crowd.


She walked with Sakura and Ino to one part of the basement where one section of wall was lined with a series of holes. On the other side of those holes would be tonight’s men for bidding. Hinata had only attended one such night since the Ladies Night events began, but it was a fun bit of role reversal for all the girls. She remembered recognizing Naruto’s cock in an instant and bidding on it until she lost to Tenten. More fun was watching how wild the brunette had gotten, sucking and fucking Naruto through the wall and getting herself off several times before he blew his load inside her.


As they entered the main section of the basement, Hinata spotted a few more familiar faces; Kurotsuchi, Tenten, Kaguya, and Kushina. Smiling, she walked over to the other women and said, “Tenten, Kushina, good to see you tonight.”


Tenten smiled back at Hinata, “Good to see you too, here for some fun?” she asked with an impish grin.


“Maybe,” Hinata said with a smile as she looked over to the series of holes lining one wall. She saw her sister Hanabi come into view with a mic in hand.


“Welcome ladies, are you ready for some fun!?” she asked. The room erupted with the whooping cheers of the gathered women, Hinata’s own cheers joining the cacophony of voices. “Well then I won’t waste any time!” said Hanabi as she turned to look at the wall behind her. The middle most hole was the first to have something emerge. Hinata recognized the dick if only from her brief addiction to it. It was Choji, and she was surprised to see he hadn’t made himself unbelievably huge. But then, he might not be able to fit his dick through the hole if he had. Hanabi began the bidding process and Hinata was content to just watch, having no desire to go down THAT road again.


The bids went fairly high, the winner being Kurotsuchi with an eighty thousand ryo bid. Hinata smiled as she and the other gathered women watched the dark haired Tsuchikage have her fun. She began by sucking on the thick cock as she squatted down in front of it, making a show of running her tongue along the length while openly masturbating. Hinata had seen this kind of display many times, but it never got old. She especially enjoyed the way Kurotsuchi’s throat bulged with the thickness of Choji’s dick as she bobbed her head back and forth. She remembered that feeling well and could feel her pussy getting damp just at the memory!


Kurotsuchi’s show only lasted a few minutes before Choji blew his load in her throat. Hinata snickered at the way some of his cum shot out her nostrils with the sheer suddenness and force. Instead of being annoyed however, Kurotsuchi stood up and helped up her hand in a “V” gesture as cum dripped off her chin. All of the women cheered for her as Hanabi stepped back up and moved over to the next hole in the wall.


Hinata had to stifle a laugh at the dick that emerged. If she were to guess it was maaaaybe six inches long and two inches thick. “Oh, god…” she heard Temari’s voice from somewhere in the crowd. Hinata spotted her a short distance away, her face in her hand as she shook her head slowly.


Hinata had listened to the blonde woman complain about it enough times to know who that was, and her heart instantly went out to Temari. No wonder she worked so many shifts at the club, if that was all she had waiting for her at home. The bidding for Shikamaru’s dick was short, and every bid was clearly placed out of pity.


Hinata didn’t even pay attention as she thought about going back upstairs to get another drink. She was just about to leave when the next cock emerged from the farthest most hole and Hinata had to blink to make sure her eyes were working right.


A murmur of awe rippled through the women gathered.


“What in the what…?” said Kurotsuchi


“Holy…!” said Kushina.


“Oh my…” whispered Tenten. “I’ve never seen one that big!”


Hinata understood why, the biggest dick she’d ever seen was hanging half erect from the hole in the wall. The man behind it had to be half hard, otherwise he’d never be able to get his dick through the hole! Hinata triggered her Byakugan, though she knew it was useless. Sure enough, the wall was just a gray slate to her, the element in the paint did its job well.


“Say, isn’t that…?” said Sakura to Temari.


“Yep…” Temari said, a hint of worry in her voice.


“Fifty thousand ryo!” bid Kaguya before Hanabi could begin.


“One hundred thousand!” said Tenten before Hanabi could reply.


“One twenty-five!” said Sakura.


Hanabi turned to view the pink haired woman with raised eyebrows as Temari said, “One fifty!” The bidding war began, with women raising the bid by ten of twenty thousand at a time. Hanabi was finally able to catch up, looking like a professional auctioneer as she kept looking to get a higher bid.


“I got two hundred fifty, do I hear two sixty, two hundred sixty thousand for this monster dick!” Hanabi spoke rapidly. Kaguya upped the bid and Hanabi began looking for two hundred seventy thousand.


“Four million ryo!” Hinata called out loudly. She felt all eyes turn on her as she stood there with a smug grin. Having been with Busteez since it’s founding, Hinata had quite a sizable bit of savings stashed away for a rainy day. Naruto’s position as Hokage made sure that their family was kept very comfortable, so Hinata never really needed to spend her earnings.


“F… Four… Million…?” she heard Sakura stammer.


“Four and a half.” Hinata said, upbidding herself.


“Hi… Hinata!” Sakura gasp. When Hinata turned to her, the dark haired woman only grinned, silently daring her to try and outbid her. “A… Are you sure…?” she asked.


“You’re the one who said I need to cut loose more.” Hinata said with a smile.


“Well, yeah but…” Sakura said nervously.


“Hmm?” Hinata asked with a grin.


“Never mind…” Sakura sighed.


“Four million, five hundred thousand ryo.” Hanabi said nervously, “Sold!”


Still smiling smugly, Hinata dug a hand into her purse and brought out a small cylinder. She pulled at the sides of the cylinder, uncapping the lipstick and twisting the cyan blue gloss out. She slowly applied a layer to her pouty lips as she sauntered over to stand next to her little sister.


“Now ladies, let me show you how it’s done!” she said as she stepped past Hanabi, slipping herself out of the white sundress she had on. She hadn’t bothered to wear any underwear tonight, and now she was glad she hadn’t. The last thing she needed was the other ladies seeing her in granny panties or worse. She was also glad she had decided to shave her legs and crotch tonight as well. She knew her skin looked perfect as she got down on her knees in front of the huge cock sticking out of the wall.


Not wasting any time, Hinata hefted the huge cock in both hands, marveling at how warm it was as she leaned her head down to gently kiss the low hanging balls. She immediately felt the cock jounce in her hands lightly and smiled.


“Hoh, so you like that do you?” she asked aloud before kissing the balls again, then slowly dragging her tongue over them. She could feel whoever was on the other side shudder through his cock as she began stroking him with both hands. Smiling to herself, Hinata took one heavy nut in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue, loving the feel and taste of it. She then spat it back out and kissed it softly, leaving another blue swatch mark on them.


Hinata then leaned her head up and began kissing her way along the underside of the massive cock, now more than two thirds erect. ‘Wow,’ she thought as she moved to kiss the side of his cock, loving the blue markings her lips left behind. She then lifted her head up and gasped at the sight of the fully erect dock now throbbing in her hand. Amazing, he was even bigger than Naruto!


“Wow… So big!” Hinata gasped and slowly licked her lips. He was easily as big as Choji had gone with his trick, maybe even bigger! She looked back out at the crowd and grinned, “Pay attention ladies.” she told them before moving to wrap her big soft tits around the hot throbbing erection. She then opened her mouth wide and took the tip of the massive length between her lips.


MMMMMMMMH…” she moaned around the cock as she rubbed it up and down with her massive tits while slowly swirling her tongue around the tip. Hinata loved the feel of the rock hard hot flesh rubbing against the ultra soft skin of her heavy tits as she began slowly taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She had barely fit the head between her lips before she felt it rubbing against the back of her throat!


MMMMPH, GUGH, MMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMMMPH, GUUUGH, SLURP SLURP SLURP!!!” Hinata gagged and moaned as she took the thick cock deeper, letting her tits fall away from it as she took it more than halfway into her mouth! She felt her neck stretching around his girth as her eyes rolled back into her head.


Oh fuck, this cock is the best!!! My throat, my throat is so full! OH FUCK, I’M ACTUALLY CUMMING JUST FROM SUCKING THIS DIIIICK!!!!’ thought Hinata as she felt her juices drooling down her thighs.


GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG…” she gagged even louder as she took the massive length nearly to the base and held it in her mouth! She locked her lips tight around it as she began fingering herself hard! She easily slipped four fingers into her own pussy as she forced the last few inches into her mouth! “AYE’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!” she slurred around the huge dick as her pussy sprayed like a faucet.


Hinata then pulled her head back slowly, seeing a perfect ring of blue lipstick around the thickness just above the base. “AGUUUUGH…” she gagged as she pulled her head back slowly. She moaned in pleasure at the feel of the huge cock pulling back out of her throat. Long glistening trails of saliva stretched away from her lips as she took in a deep breath.


“Wow, not even I could do that.” she heard Sakura say.


“Really, it was not a problem for me.” said Kaguya.


“Same here, some blowjob queen you are.” said Temari.


“Watch it…” Sakura said warningly.


“Nee-san’s had plenty of practice with Naruto I guess.” said Hanabi.


“Not enough, she didn’t even make him cum.” said Ino.


Hinata smirked and stood up again. She DID make whoever it was behind the wall cum, it was just all of it was in her stomach! But what really impressed her was this guy was STILL hard. She slapped both her hands against her naked ass as she turned around so her back was to the cock jutting out of the wall.


She then backed up slowly and smiled as she felt that huge dick slipping between her thighs. Her still overflowing juices combined with her saliva made for the perfect lube, allowing the dick to slide deliciously against her pussy. She then grinned as the cock twitched between her legs as she began rocking herself back and forth, moaning softly at the feel of that massive cock rubbing against her cunt.


“Quit half-assing it girl!!! Show us how it’s done!!!” shouted Samui.


Sakura, Hanabi, Temari, all Kushina sucked in a sharp breath for some reason. Hinata just grinned and pulled away from the cock again before she bent herself over and impaled her pussy on the still rock hard shaft! Her abdomen instantly tented forwards as the cock penetrated all the way to the top of her womb!


OH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Hinata moaned as she felt fuller than she’d ever felt before! No one had ever filled her like this, not the Raikage, not even Naruto! “SO GOOD!!! THIS COCK IS SO FUCKING GOOOOOD!!!” Hinata howled in ecstasy as she began cumming instantly the moment she started rocking herself back and forth on the massive erection.


HMMMMMM, SO FULL!!! IT’S SO GREAT, I LOVE IT!!!! OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUCK!!!” she howled as she began rocking herself back and forth faster, her pussy positively dripping with juices as she moaned in pleasure. “I FEEL IT IN THE VERY DEPTHS OF MY PUSSY!!!!!” she screamed as she began bucking her hips faster.


IT’S STRETCHING MY PUSSY, THIS DICK IS SO GREAT!!!” she cried as she began rolling her hips with her motions. “IT’S SO BIG, THIS DICK IS JUST SO BIIIIG!!!


Hinata howled even louder as she rocked her body, her heavy tits swaying and jiggling with her wild movements. She reached her hands up to grab them and squeezed both heavy mounds tightly. Chewing her lower lip, Hinata let out a low animalistic moan as she pushed herself all the way down on the cock again, loving the way it made her pussy feel as her stomach tented upwards.




Hinata let out a long piercing howl of sheer pleasure as she felt the cock cumming inside her. She could feel hot, thick liquid filling her very womb as she came over and over again! There was a wet squishing sound as her womb instantly became full of cum that began pouring back out her pussy and running down her drenched thighs!


I’M CUMMMMING!!!!!” Hinata screamed one final time as her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell forward. The cock slipped out of her pussy with a loud wet sucking sound. The next thing Hinata knew she was lying face down on the floor, her ass high in the air as she quivered in a post orgasmic high.


All around her, the gathered women cheered and applauded her as Hanabi came over and knelt down next to her. “Nee-san, are you okay?” she asked her.


“That was fun…” Hinata murmured weakly. Hanabi helped her to a sitting position and she watched as the cock slowly shrank down a bit before pulling back into the wall. “Who was that?” she asked her little sister.


“You know I can’t say, club rules.” Hanabi told her.


“Oh, right, I forgot…” Hinata said before promptly passing out.



Boruto pulled away from the wall, still panting softly as he pulled his pants up. He didn’t know who won the auction, but damn did she know what she was doing! The wall was fairly sound proof, but he could still hear some of her moaning. The voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t place it…


The next day, Boruto collected his cut of the bid, when he asked who won his section of the auction, she got nervous for some reason. Boruto decided not to push it as he took his winnings to the shop.


“What the, why is it so expensive now!?” Boruto asked the clerk when he saw the new price on the card he wanted. For his part in the auction, Boruto had earned nine hundred thousand Ryo! But now the card he wanted was a solid million!


“This card is amongst the rarest in the game, and I just found out it won’t be printed again kid.” explained the shopkeeper.


Boruto sighed as he turned around to leave. ‘Why did I even bother?’ he thought to himself as he left. ‘Though, whoever won was amazing, I wonder who she was?

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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4 months ago

Damn! Such an awesome story

4 months ago
Reply to  WillingSoul

Hehe, I had fun writing it!

5 months ago

Fuck, this story is so hot. Even without knowing who he was, she couldnt resist that huge cock and huge balls!

5 months ago

Aw yeah! Some awesome glory hole action finally gave me the Boruto/Hinata I was waiting for! This was an awesome read, and the art makes it even more so.

5 months ago

Are you guys going to do other anime at some point? For example avatar or something. I mean you do the main big 4 anime. Naruto one piece bleach and fairy tail along with some others. But got any plans for different series?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

Before I start I should mention that I am a huge fan of the “Glory Hole- / Alley-artworks” because they just let you draw so many funny and kinky hints and eastereggs and are just overall really nice to look at. The girl in front of said background is VERY sexy and seeing her worship Boruto’s HUGE cock on the panel to the left and sucking it in the second is artisticly very nice. All versions are really well done and I honestly can’t say which one is better.

A very action focused chapter with really good character interaction. Seeing Hanabi and Sarada fight over Boruto is incredibly funny and makes for a great transition to the first sex scene. The Hanabi X Boruto section is unbelievably sexy and kinky and is in my eyes at least even better than the Hinata X Boruto stuff later on. And while the sex scene between mother and son is great and all I’m just not a big fan of incest in generall but seeing how you use it is something else. The fact that both of them don’t know who the person is which with they have such a sexy time is really funny and I imagine it will lead to an even funnier scene down the line where Hinata MAYBE notice the huge ammount of money her son has and concluding where it came from (but thats just pure speculation).

One sexy and kinky artwork combined with an equally kinky and sexy story just screams near perfection.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, Sarada is getting just a little possessive and or clingy with Boruto. Just a little. Hanabi and Boruto are loads of fun to write.

5 months ago

I hadn’t seen the story of Hinata’s glory hole with Boruto until now. I am glad to have seen it accompanied by an image of excellent quality as always. Good job guys!

5 months ago
Reply to  MichaelX

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

5 months ago

This was enjoyable to read and the artwork is quite amazing. I don’t know how to feel about the pairing but still this update was pretty great. The interaction between characters like sarada and hanabi was cute and a little sexy, the idea of kaguya being a super super rare card is a nice touch and the early fuck between boruto and hinabi was hot. But then we get to the main part where hinata shows all the girls how it is done! Very very good chapter.

5 months ago
Reply to  Combodestroyer

Hehe, thanks, I’ve been working on this one for over a year now. I wanted to have more added, but the chapter would have really dragged out then.

5 months ago

This story was a long time coming, but I think it turned out well