At the Car Wash

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Sighing softly, Temari tossed her sponge into the large bucket of luke warm water sitting on the ground, sending up a splash of sudsy water. “This sucks!” she complained as she leaned back against the car she and Sakura were washing. It was still early morning at the Kaminarimon Auto Dealership.


Standing up from the other side of the car, Sakura nodded, “Naruto can be sadistic when he wants to be, but this is a new level.”


After the incident at last night’s Hotdog competition, Naruto called both Temari and herself to his office. It wasn’t like she meant to make A cum so hard he fired off like a cannon! That combined with how Hanabi disperse the blast everywhere made for quite the mess.


Apparently though, that wasn’t what Naruto was upset about. Even now his words echoed in her head, “I understand you were trying to help Hinata, but cheating isn’t the way.”


“But we didn’t…!” she began, but he held up his artificial hand to cut her off.


“You technically didn’t violate the rules, I get that, but you violated the spirit of the competition. And the only reason I’m not suspending you both from club work is because in spite of the mess, you did put on a good show tonight. Even A was impressed.”


“So, we’re not in trouble then?” Temari spoke up finally as she stood next to Sakura.


“Oh no, you’re both in it deep. One of my guests tonight was Mr. Kaminarimon, and this,” he pointed to the side of his hair that had been plastered against his scalp, “Is just what splashed on me after he got hit.” Sakura gulped and Naruto continued, “So to apologize, you two just volunteered to spend tomorrow washing cars at his dealership Busteez style. And at the end of the day, he gets to take one of you on a VIP date.”


Sakura nodded, but Temari spoke up, “What about Hinata!? Doesn’t it bother you what the Raikage might do to her if he wins their bet!?”


“Of course it bothers me! Think I didn’t try and use my position as Hokage to help?” Naruto said, “But we talked it over, Hinata wants to honor the bet win or lose, that’s HER ninja way.”


Both of them hung their heads in shame and nodded, “We understand Nanadaime-sama.” they said respectfully.


Naruto nodded, and then grinned, “Okay, now that that’s out of the way, that was an awesome fight! I could have done without the earsplitting Dethmetal though. How does that stuff qualify as music anyway!?”


Now, Temari and Sakura were washing expensive cars wearing dental floss bikini’s in the scorching summer sun. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they weren’t rewashing the same seven cars over and over! Mr. Kaminarimon’s Dealership was small, and only seven models were on site. Each one named after one of the Hokage. The Uzumaki GZ was naturally the most stylish and the on-site model was a bright yellow and orange mix. Apparently when one of these sold, Mr. Kaminarimon would have the buyer’s model sent to the village from a factory in another part of the Land of Fire. Sakura never really cared much for cars, they were a relatively new method of transportation alongside the trains, but she had begun seeing more of them in the newer parts of Konoha. They were also a cash cow it seemed, just one of these cost a full VIP weekend at Busteez.


Denki’s father, Mr. Kaminarimon, was a decent shinobi, but a brilliant industrialist and inventor. Cars were considered a transport revolution. The technical term for them was ‘Automobile’, though ‘car’ was easier to say. Sakura still wasn’t interested since they couldn’t be driven on the forest paths and dirt roads outside the village, so they were only good for short travels inside the Konoha limits. So completely useless for shinobi work. Though the larger ones called ‘trucks’ were good for moving large amounts of building materials to the seemingly constant construction sites. So, more and more were being sold. And from what Sakura understood, Kaminarimon was into other markets as well, like computer technology and weapons manufacturing (such as ninja tech).


Sakura looked inside the dealership where the one dealer inside was filling out paperwork with the one customer she and Temari had seen since they began earlier this morning. The short balding man looked back out at her and pointed to the car she and Temari were leaning on.


“Well, we’d best make the most of this.” Sakura said.


“Hmm, how?” Temari asked.


“Mr. Kaminarimon did say that we’d be washing customer cars this afternoon, so let’s put on a good show for the first arrival.”


“How good?” Temari asked.


“Blue balls good.” Sakura said with a grin.


Temari grinned back, “Looks like we have our first vic… Ahem, customer now.” she said as one of the cars began pulling into the parking area. It was the Tsunade 5G. Sakura had no idea what the 5G part meant, but the design did make her think of her master. Heavy looking in the front, where a very large motor was located, and VERY fast, good for running away from a debt or lost bet.


“What’s so funny?” Temari asked when Sakura snickered.


“Sorry, just had a dumb thought is all.” she said as she almost felt Tsunade’s hand smacking her atop her head.


Picking up their wash buckets, Sakura and Temari made their way over to where the car had parked. The car itself was a soft green color with a golden leather roof that could be removed if the driver wanted. The pink haired woman smiled when she saw Mr. Kaminarimon himself behind the steering wheel. Mistaking him for a customer, part of her felt bad that she couldn’t recall his first name. She knew he’d fought in the 4th Shinobi war, but if they crossed paths she didn’t remember. The most she knew about him personally was that his son Denki was acquainted with her daughter through Boruto.


“Hello there Kaminarimon-sama.” Sakura said as she walked up onto the driver’s side of the car, making sure to lean down in a way that showed off her big tits. The window slid down and Mr. Kaminarimon smiled leeringly at her.


“Ladies, I see you’re working hard.” he replied.


“Yep, but we wash those cars anymore and I fear the paint might rub off.” Temari said, “What do you say we give this beauty a good scrub now instead?”


Mr. Kaminarimon grinned, “You’ve read my mind.”


Sakura smiled as she reached a hand down into her wash bucket and swished it around while squeezing the yellow sponge. Suds began frothing up again and she then took a step back and brought the lathered up sponge to her breasts. Squeezing hard, she spilled the thick layer of soap all over her tits, then tugged on a string with her free hand. Her bikini top slipped away from her easily, though her nipples were still obscured by the suds as she held up her top for him and made a show of discarding the flimsy bit of string. The pink haired woman then repeated the process with her bikini bottoms, loving the way the man’s eyes were locked on her the whole time while Temari upended a fresh bucket of water over the car after he rolled the window back up. The blonde woman then copied Sakura in swapping her dental floss bikini for one made of soap suds!


Once the car was properly rinsed, Sakura applied even more soap to her soft breasts before pressing them up against the driver’s side window. She heard Mr. Kaminarimon gasp as she began rubbing herself against his car, her nipples now clearly visible for him alone.


“Mmmmmmmm…” she moaned for show as she brushed her tits up and down slowly. Across from her, Temari used her ass in the same way and winked over at Sakura. This wasn’t all that different then doing special services at the bathhouse, only instead of a man’s body it was his car. With that in mind Sakura took her time, moving her big tits all over the windows, using them in lieu of the sponge and masking sure to press them hard on the glass. Every time she looked inside she gave Mr. Kaminarimon her best ‘come fuck me’ face.


“Having fun?” Temari asked from across the car, now using her tits as well to thoroughly wash the windows.


“Oh loads.” Sakura admitted with a giggle. She could see their client inside, a tent fully raised in the hakama pants he wore. It was likely taking every ounce of his self-control to keep from whipping out that average dick and jerking it to the sight of two sets of gorgeous tits!


Once she and Temari finished with the side windows, the both moved to the rear of the car. Like its namesake, it had a rather curvy behind as Sakura and Temari climbed on top of the trunk. The two of them made sure to rub their naked soapy bodies together. “Mmmmm, I’m liking this more than I thought.” Temari said as she moved to rub her naked tits against Sakura’s bare back.


The pink haired woman giggled, “Me too, hey, think a peepshow might do well in the club?” She knew from Naruto that sometimes guys just enjoyed watching naked girls getting together in settings like a bath or sauna.


“Maybe.” Temari agreed as she reached around Sakura’s body and grabbed both her tits, squeezing them hard and laughing as how the heavy mounds slipped around in her grip from all the soap.


“Oooooohmmmmmm…” Sakura moaned a little loudly, making sure their customer would hear her as she rubbed her body back against Temari’s. She then gave a lower whisper, “Kiss me.”


“Gladly.” Temari giggled, leaning over Sakura’s shoulder and pressing her mouth to the other womans.


“Mmmmmmh…” they both moaned, swirling their tongues together lewdly as they leaned in close. Sakura made sure they were both in full view from the window and the rear viewing mirror.


“Mmmmaahh…” Sakura moaned as Temari sucked on her tongue a little more aggressively. The pink haired woman turned beneath her, the soap making it easy. Their mouths connected fully as the blonde began rubbing her breasts against Sakura’s.


“Mmmmmh, you’re a good kisser Sakura…” Temari moaned softly, “I’m actually getting a little turned on here.”


Giggling softly, Sakura began kissing back, wrapping her arms around Temari’s sexy body, moving to slide her thigh between the other womans legs. Picking up on the hint, Temari moaned into Sakura’s mouth as she began grinding her naked pussy against her leg! Meanwhile, Sakura squirmed beneath her, spreading around the soap covering their otherwise naked bodies.


“Ooooohh!!!” they heard Kaminarimon groan inside the car. Sakura smiled against Temari’s lips and began rubbing her body against the other womans even faster.


“Mmmmmmmmh… Yeah, rub right there…!” Temari moaned when Sakura snaked a hand between the cheeks of her ass and began playing with the lips of her pussy.


“Bad girl…” Sakura teased, slipped two fingers inside her and loving the way it made her moan on top of her. She loved the way Temari shivered in pleasure every time her fingers dipped just a little farther inside her. She began moving them faster, kissing the blonde more aggressively as she felt her shudder and moan on top of her.


“Mmmmmh, we can’t do this here…” Temari moaned.


“Mmm? Why not, this is fun!” Sakura said plaintively.


“We still have to get the hood, then a good rinse…” Temari said suggestively, “We need to give full service don’t we?”


Grinning, Sakura slipped her fingers as deep as they would go inside Temari, loving the way she let out a full low moan of pleasure before the two climbed off the back of the car. Applying more suds to their bodies, both women dragged their tits over the windows again as they made for the front of the car. They both then climbed onto the large hood, pressing their large naked asses against the front windshield, nearly covering it entirely as they began using their bodies as substitute sponges. Sakura smiled at Mr. Kaminarimon as she used her actual sponge to clean away a small bit of dirt from one corner.


The look on the man’s face was priceless, if he were any hotter there’d be steam shooting out his nostrils as he watched them.


Across from Sakura, Temari hefted her heavier tits and pinched and pulled on her nipples beneath the suds, occasionally wiping away the soap to give him a little peek at her pink nipples. She’d then cover herself again and look down at him with a convincing ‘I wanna FUCK’ face.


“Mmmmmh, think we’re ready to give a rinse?” Sakura asked.


Temari nodded and slipped off the hood to get a bucket of clean water. She returned a heartbeat later and pushed Sakura back down onto the hood before dousing them both. The soap washed away completely as their mouths connected again. The car horn honked once as Mr. Kaminarimon groaned inside.


Sakura and Temari giggled to one another before the blonde shifted positions on top of Sakura, pushing her sexy ass in the pink haired woman’s face. Sakura made sure to keep her head down just long enough to let their client get a good long look at the blondes pussy, the soft pink folds glistening with water and female juices. She even pried the lips open wide with her fingers before leaned up to cover the womanly slit with her mouth!


“Oooooh!!!!!” Temari moaned loudly, rocking her hips back against Sakura’s face. The car bounced lightly on its shocks, rocking up and down gently as Sakura slipped her tongue in and out of the other womans pussy. She was glad the soap washed away cleanly, otherwise this might not taste as nice as she began delving her tongue in deeper, wanting to taste more of the other woman.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Sakura moaned into Temari’s pussy, her arms wrapped around her thighs, hands gripping her ass tight! She then moaned again as she felt Temari’s mouth on her cunt! ‘Wait, where did she learn to do thaaaaat…?‘ Sakura thought, moaning again as Temari wriggled her tongue inside her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as she bucked slightly on reflex.


“Mmmmmm, yeah, keep doing that!” Sakura moaned, loving the feel of the other womans tongue inside her as she buried her face in Temari’s pussy. ‘I’ll need to ask her to teach me that one…‘ she thought as she heard Mr. Kaminarimon groaning again inside his car.


“Hmmmmmmh… Mmmmh… Ahhhh… AHHHH YESSSSS!” Sakura moaned, leaning her head back as Temari made her cum hard on top of the car. Her vision went white for a hot second and when it cleared she spied Mr. Kaminarimon unconscious inside the car, his eyes swirling around inside their sockets.


“Heh, think we overdid it?” she asked with a smirk.


“Nah.” Temari replied with a grin of her own.



That evening, inside Busteez…


RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!!” the crowd cheered as A walked up onto the stage, again dressed in only a pair of boxer shorts. This was it, after tonight he’ll have beaten that snide bitch’s challenge! And then… A grinned as he thought of how he’d punish the uppity woman for her smart mouth. He spotted her over by the bar; she didn’t look the least bit nervous. He had to give her credit for that at least, she had courage. He pointed over to her and made a thumbs down gesture, making the crowd go even wilder!


“I wonder where that final challenger is?” he muttered to himself. Hinata had picked her out the other night before he’d defeated Sakura. A woman originally from the Hidden Sand, but now married and living in Konoha. He couldn’t fully recall her name at the moment, Tem-something-or-other.


In the DJ Booth, that woman’s sister, Hanabi he believed her name was, spoke hurriedly with Ino who’d come running in suddenly. A put his arms down as a shocked look spread over Hanabi’s face before the color drained completely. A wondered what could have been wrong when Hanabi moved to the mic and spoke, “Well folks, it seems tonight’s Hotdog Challenge has been canceled. Tonight’s challenger cannot appear due to another engagement, so former Raikage A wins by default!” she said, though she didn’t sound very enthusiastic about it at all. “Due to the default, all bets are null and void. Players can recover their money by the bar. I’d like to conga…” Hanabi began.


“HELL NO!!!!” A roared! “THIS, is NOT a victory, I will not win by forfeit, there’s no honor in winning because there was no battle!” he turned to Hinata who was sitting by the bar, a shocked expression on her face. “YOU! Pick a new challenger for me to face. Anyone you want, I will win this fairly!”


“WOOOOO, RAIKAGE A REFUSES TO WIN BY DEFAULT!” Hanabi cheered, likely excited to see her sister get one last chance to avoid her fate, “HOLD OFF ON COLLECTING THOSE BETS FOLKS!!!”


A stepped down from the stage as Hanabi announced the next dancer, a woman named Fuu. He made his way over to Hinata and ran into Ino on the way.


“What happened?” he asked.


“Temari and the forehead girl got booked for the weekend with Kaminarimon-sama. They were doing this little event at one of his dealerships, and at the end of the day he got to pick one of them to be his date for the weekend. BUT! Kaminarimon-sama was so impressed he decided to book BOTH of them! Naruto himself set this up, he didn’t know about Temari’s challenge with you tonight.” Ino explained.


“I see,” said A, his ire fading. He was aware of the unpleasant mess the former shinobi had gotten hit with the previous night. It was only fair that he be compensated for such a humiliation.


The two of them reached Hinata, “Why?” she asked, “You overcame my challenge, why not take the victory?”


“Did you not hear me?! There is no victory in a default. We had an agreement, and my honor will not be satisfied unless I fulfill my end entirely.” he told her, “So enjoy this little reprieve. Pick another, and I will return tomorrow night to finish this.” he told her before turning and leaving. He said it was a matter of honor, but pride also played a part. A didn’t want anyone speaking of his bet with Hinata and saying he won the bet, but only because the last girl pulled out unexpectedly. No, he’d defeat all the women Hinata put forth, then he’d teach her a lesson she’d never forget!

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