Ass Pounding Fest

“Oh god! Why does this bitch have an a amazing ass?!” one man said while fucking Kaguya intensely on the bed. “I don’t know about her ass, but that pussy knows how to suck my cock good! And her tits in my face are great to suck on!” another said while he was fucking deeper in her pussy. Kaguya felt they were gonna cum in her holes and that’s exactly what happened after one more slam.


Yesterday, the club was having an event that night where the customers could get a naked lap dance and some extra services if they paid well for it. Kaguya thought it might be fun, so she decided to join as one of the girls. That night, as the doors opened, customers were already heading to the stage and some were getting drinks. “Alright gentlemen, let get the show on the road! Let bring out our first sexy dancer!” the host said.


Kaguya came out with a sexy bikini that made her look completely naked. The string showing off her pussy and her tits looked tightly pulled and about to pop. “Yeah! Take it off, sexy!” one guy cheered while another said, “Show us those tits, slut!”. Kaguya started dancing and looked at the men that were getting excited and hard from looking at her. After 30 minutes of dancing, she went backstage and another dancer said to her, “Looks like there are two guys wanting to have some time with you alone.”


She didn’t want to accept it, but she did want some action. As the two guys waited for her in the private VIP room with a bed, they started to drink and chat for a bit. “Oh man, I can’t wait to fuck that dancer good!” one man said while his friend replied, “Calm down, dude, We’ll get there.” Kaguya came in the room to sit with them. As all three drank and chatted, she saw how hard both men were and wanted to fuck them good. Kaguya pulled down one guy’s pants down and was surprised to see how big he was.


“Such a big toy for me to play with…I hope it can please me good,” she said. The other guy pulled his pants down and made her grab his cock as well. Kaguya began to give both of them good blowjobs and they started to get naked for her. She was already naked because of the bikini, but took it off to make sure she was comfortable. “Mhm… oh gud ur cok tase gud! I wan it su bad!” the busty beauty said, sucking and gagging on the cock good.


“I’m not waiting… I’m fucking your ass now!” one guy replied to her, taking his cock away from her mouth and positioning himself on her ass. “Fuk my ass gud! Giwe it a gud powding!” Kaguya shouted, still sucking on the others guy’s cock harder. Once his friend’s cock was in her ass, he couldn’t believe how soft it was and how tight her hole was. “Fuck! Your ass is amazing, whore,” he told her, beginning to fuck it good.


Kaguya moaned; ass was getting a great fucking while she was sucking harder and harder until the others guys cock came in her mouth. “MHPM!!!!!!” She tried to scream, but couldn’t. “Don’t spill a drop, slut! Drink and choke on my hard cock good!” he ordered, looking at her. As his friend started to fuck her ass faster, Kaguya was getting very wet. Her pussy was dripping juice down on the sheets of the bed.


“Man, this whore wants it in her pussy! I’m gonna fuck it next!” the man fucking her ass said,moving faster. “You’re gonna have to wait, cause I’m fucking her pussy now,” his friend replied. “My pussy can’t wait, please one of you fuck me with your big fat cock! Make me your toilet whore,” Kaguya begged while her ass was getting ready to be filled up. Once the guy’s cock was in her pussy, both men started to fuck her like crazy. She screamed and moaned loudly. “Ah! Yes! That’s the spot! Make me your bitch tonight! Fuck me like a whore!”


Both men went faster and faster; she was losing it so much and couldn’t help it.


Moments up to now…


Kaguya was exhausted as she rested on the bed. Her ass and pussy was still dripping with the men’s cum. “That was amazing…” she said. “Hopefully, we can do it again,” the first guy replied, getting ready to leave, while his friend said, “Yeah, and hopefully we can make it rain on those tits.” Turning around to look at them, she showed off her cum leaking pussy. “Hopefully you can make sure this pussy gets filled up, nonstop.”

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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