Ass-Clapping Challenge

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Wow, this has really gotten crazy.‘ Thought Ino as she waited behind the curtain that led out onto the Busteez main dance stage. The club was packed to the gills tonight as the former Raikage stood in front of the stage, shirtless with his arms held high. Men and women alike in the crowd cheered for him as Hanabi’s voice came over the speakers.


“Wow, what a crowd tonight! As I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time for tonight Busteez Hotdog Challenge!!!!”


Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!!” the crowd roared. A raised his arms again and the roar actually overpowered the music for a moment.


“Tonight, the reigning champion, A, Former Raikage of the Hidden Cloud, is taking on the lovely mega milf Ino!!!” Hanabi called into the mic.


“MILF!? That little…” Ino growled, yes, she was a mother, but being called a MILF… Something about that didn’t sit well with her; she still looked far too young to be someone’s mother after all.


Forcing a sexy smile onto her face, Ino took her cue and walked stark naked out onto the stage, arms out to her sides as she jiggled her tits for the crowd. She did enjoy the hoots and hollers from both the men AND women. Not even Sakura could get both sexes pinning after her, something she took great pride in!


A turned to look at Ino with his usual scowling expression. Seriously, would it kill the man to crack a smile once in a while? She turned her own smile on him, “You’re on a really nice streak Raikage-sama.” she told him, using his title respectfully.


“Indeed, I mean no offense as I have great respect for the Yamanaka clan, but I must defeat you as well tonight. A certain Hokage’s wife needs to be taught a lesson in manners.” he told her.


She nodded, “I’ve heard, but don’t think I’ll make it easy for you.” she said, her smile turning to a smirk as she turned around and spanked her creamy pale ass, “Think you got what it takes to resist this fat ninja ass!?” she asked.


“Bring it!” A replied.


“WOOOOO, OUR COMPETITORS ARE RARING TO GO FOLKS!” Hanabi cheered. “Don’t forget to place your bets at the bar; tonight’s odds are 70-30 in the former Raikage’s favor!”


“HEY!” Ino shouted at Hanabi who gave her an apologetic smile as if to say: ‘I didn’t set the odds!


“Tch,” Ino clicked her tongue, ‘I’ll just have to have a chat with whoever calculated the odds tonight.‘ she thought to herself. A climbed up onto the stage and dropped the loose fitting shorts he had on. Ino licked her lips at the sight of his huge dick springing up.


“A man that rises on demand, impressive!” Ino said as she dropped into a splits with ease and leaned forward on her big heavy tits. The soft mounds squishing against the cool surface of the dance stage while A mounted her back, sandwiching his throbbing cock between the buns of her ass. “Hmmmmmm, your cock feels like it’s on fire!” she moaned as she clenched the muscles in her ass, pressing her cheeks tight around his cock.


“Hmm!” A grunted in surprise, “So this ass isn’t just for show I see!” he said, “I think I might actually enjoy our little bout!”


Grinning, Ino raised a hand and snapped her fingers. Taking the cue, Hanabi tapped a control on her DJ console and new music began blaring through the speakers. Ino then braced herself against the cold stage as A began pumping his hot cock between the soft cheeks of her ass, gripping the buns so tight his fingers sank deep into her creamy flesh.


“Heh, like my song?” she asked as she rocked her hips to the beat while he did the same. The beat was fast straight away, a song she’d heard in a regular dance club Sai had taken her to recently.


“I don’t understand music these days, but don’t think a fast beat will help you defeat me!” A told her as he matched her motions beat for beat. She could feel his cock rubbing against her pussy and chewed her lower lip at the feeling.


“Hmmmmm, god that dick feels good!” she moaned, moving her hips even faster now, “But I won’t be beaten, I’m gonna bring you down tonight A-sama!!!” Ino told him.


“Like hell you will girlie, you Konoha Bitches cum too easy!” he told her, slapping his hand on her ass, making the baby fat wobble and jiggle.


“Mmmmmmmh!!!” Ino moaned, loving the feeling of being spanked, “Oh yeah, take this!!!” she moaned back, she’d listened to this song a dozen time, and knew exactly when the pace picked up even faster. She matched her motions, the top of her ass slapping against A’s pelvis.


“Huuurrrr…” he groaned and she could feel his cock throbbing against her.




“NO WAAAAY!!!!” A shouted back, gripping Ino’s ass in both hands and pressing it even harder around his cock as he matched the pace. Ino let out a long moan at the feel of both her ass and pussy being grinded against the underside of his dick. “I’M GONNA TEACH THAT HYUUGA SLUT WHAT IT MEANS TO INSULT ME IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!” he roared, slamming his cock between her ass cheeks with a loud slap slap slap sound.


“HAAAAAHHHH YEAH, DO IT HARDER!!!” Ino moaned, her pussy gushing against his cock making her ass all the more slippery now. All around them, the crowd roared and cheered.


“HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!!” the crowd yelled.




“DON’T HOLD BACK INO, YOU CAN BEAT HIM!!!” cheered Anko’s voice. Ino remembered she’d been the first victory in A’s streak, maybe she wanted to see him lose now? Ino didn’t really care as she let herself enjoy the feel of that big thick cock between her ass cheeks. She’d have been even happier if something that big could go into her pussy as well! Naruto wasn’t as big a visitor lately and Ino was getting tired of all these average cocks.


“Hear that?” she asked with a smirk.


“All I hear is the sound of your defeat, your song seems to be slowing down!” he replied.


“Maybe,” Ino admitted, grinning as the music picked up again, four times as fast, “MAYBE NOT!!! TAKE THIS, YAMANAKA SECRET ART, BUTT POUND NO JUTSU!!!!” she yelled as she lifted her ass up high and rocked it back and forth quickly as she kept her cheeks clenched tightly around his shaft!


“AHHHH, THAT’S NOT A JUTSU!!!” A groaned. And Ino could feel his dick twitching and throbbing between her ass cheeks; it would be any second now!


“Say’s you!!!” Ino said with a giggle as she continued slapping her ass back and forth, loving the feel of his cock throbbing against her skin, “It’s okay, you were just out classed!” she told him.


“ARRRRGH, I… WON’T… LOSE… TO A BLONDE BIMBO!!!!!” A roared as he grit his teeth. Ino could feel his cock getting even more rigid against her ass as he clenched his fists in the air.


“DON’T CALL ME A BIMBO!!! THAT’S SAKURA’S SHTICK!!!” Ino shouted, moaning in pleasure at the same time.


“I HEARD THAT INO-PIG!!!!!” she heard Sakura’s voice said somewhere in the crowd. Ino aimed her gaze in the general direction of Sakura’s voice and pulled down one eyelid while sticking her tongue out.


“RRAAAARRRGH, TAKE THIIIIIIS!!!!!!” A roared like a beast as he grabbed her ass again, letting his weight pin her to the stage as he began outpacing the beat of the music! Ino moaned in pleasure as she felt herself cumming hard now, her fingers clawing at the smooth surface of the stage as her music came to a sudden and complete halt as the track ended. She then felt the hot liquid warmth of his cum squirting all over her ass as he finally released. ‘Damn, so close to!!!!‘ she thought, ‘Sorry Hinata, I just wasn’t sexy enough.




All around them the crowd roared and cheered as money seemed to fill the air around them like a sudden snow storm.




As A got off her, Ino moved her legs into a more comfortable position and lay there panting softly. The former Raikage held his arms up high, egging the crowd on as he stepped down off the stage. Hanabi then explained that those that bet and won could collect their winnings at the bar.


The blonde then pushed herself up on her arms, and looked up when someone offered a bandaged hand to her. It was A, “Not bad little girl, only Hinata has done better.”


Ino took the offered hand and got up, “Thanks, but just wait, it only gets rougher from here.” she told him, “I’ll deny it if you tell her, but Sakura’s even better at this than I am.”


“Thanks for the warning, but I won’t be stopped so easily. Not until I’ve had my revenge!”

(Story by User: SailorIo)