Ass Beater

“Did you have to cum on me?!” Sarada asked, annoyed, as she was getting showered in spunk. “Sorry… it’s just that your ass is so soft and great to cum on,” Boruto said as he rubbed his meat on her cheeks and kept cumming. She blushed and replied, “Just shut up and fuck me already.” Saying that, Sarada moaned loudly as her hole was fucked deeply by the blonde’s cock.


Hours before…


“So, this is the spot?” Boruto said as he entered the bathroom stall with Sarada. “This might not be a good place, but at least we can get some peace and quiet while we do it,” she replied back. Ever since they started dating a couple of weeks ago, Boruto really wanted to do it with Sarada, but any chance he got was either side tracked or had bad timing. Luckily, Sarada had heard about a special location which was the best place to get as dirty and nasty as they wanted. “My mom used to go here before, and I overheard her saying she enjoyed all the huge loads of meat she got,” Sarada said as she was stripping.


Boruto was getting hard when she exposed her tits and pulled his pants down to show off his cock. “So, how do you want to start?” “Um….titjob?” he replied to her. As Sarada got on her knees, she wrapped her big boobs around his cock and started to play with him for a bit. He moaned from her sucking and squeezing, but got even harder when he saw her ass moving. She felt his cock getting bigger and sucked harder while shoving it down her mouth. “FUCK! God, that feels so good now!” “Dou’t u dair cum okaw. I dun’t wana be fild yet,” she said, gagging.


He was having a hard time trying to hold back, but the more she sucked, the closer he was to cumming. Once his cock was out of her mouth, Sarada said to him, “Okay, so what next?” Boruto looked at her and without saying anything, he turned her over and started rubbing her cheeks with his cock. “Why do boys like big asses?” she said to him. “Maybe they’re like big boobs?” She got a bit annoyed at that comment and squeezed his dick to make him moan. He couldn’t resist her softness and moved faster. Sarada’s pussy was getting wet and juices started dripping onto the ground.


She moaned a bit as his cock got bigger and moved harder. She was begging for his meat to be shoved in her now. Boruto could feel his dick twitching and was gonna cum soon. As the hours passed to now, Boruto was giving her hole a great pounding. “Oh fuck! That cock of yours sure knows how to fuck a slut good!” Sarada said, moaning and still showered in his spunk. “Damn! Your hole is getting tight! It gonna make me cum!” he grunted while moving faster and deeper. “D-Don’t cum in my hole! I don’t think I can ha~ AH!” she said, feeling her hole getting pounded faster until Boruto gave her a huge filling. Sarada moaned loudly and rolled her eyes back as she was getting what felt like gallons of cum in her.


The young blonde rested for a bit. “Okay… I’m comple-!” He was cut off by her kicking him in his cock. “I told you not to cum in me….for that, this will be the only time we have sex for a while because you’re not getting it for three months.” She was satisfied and yet mad at him for going overboard. Hopefully she wasn’t dripping his cum because she was gonna have to explain how that had happened.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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