As Big as the Rumors

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Kicking her feet through the Gotei 13’s recreational swimming pool water, Unohana sighed. It was nice, having some time to herself; she need some rest and relaxation, away from the general chaos and insanity that surrounded most of her friends and co-workers.


But now, she was feeling bored; there wasn’t even a single person around to admire her new outfit. So simple yet so sexy, Unohana was getting horny just sitting here. She was on the verge of getting up to look for someone, anyone—


“Unohana-sama? Wow…you look amazing, even sexier than usual!”


Blushing at the sudden compliment, Unohana looked over her shoulder. The sight of Yushiro, a light sweat on his body and a bulge in the front of his swimming trunks, made her smile. It seemed that she wouldn’t be bored anymore.


“Why thank you, Yushiro-san.” Unohana blinked as she remembered what her Vice-Captain had planned on doing today. “Is Isane-chan with you? She told me the two of you would be training together today.”


She could definitely see the family resemblance between Yushiro and his sister when he smirked like that; Unohana even got the same sensation of amused dread. “I think I may have wore Isane-chan out,” Yushiro told her cheerfully, eyes twinkling. “A little too much, too soon.”


She won’t be able to walk for awhile after receiving anal from me…‘ The Shihoin thought amusingly to himself.


“I see.” Unohana did her best to frown at him, even as she felt her lips twitching in amusement. From the way his smile widened, Yushiro wasn’t fooled either. Turning fully around, she got on her hands and knees and began crawling towards him; her bare ass waved in the air, and her tits almost dragged on the ground, on the verge of popping out of her sweater.


Yushiro watched her come, an excited blush forming on his face. ‘Am I about to get lucky again?!


“As Isane-chan’s captain, I think I should investigate exactly what you two have been up to,” Unohana told him, a hint of huskiness in her voice as she slowly reached towards the waistband of his shorts. “I’ve also heard a lot of rumors about you, and I want to see just how true-”




“…” Unohana stared, eyes slowly going wider and wider. Her mouth moved soundlessly as she tried to speak, but the words just wouldn’t form. She was utterly flabbergasted by Yushiro’s cock.


Crossing his arms over his chest, Yushiro looked down at her smugly. He never got tired of this reaction, and he was long past most of the initial embarrassment he had first felt. Now, it was so much fun!


“…oh my,” Unohana whispered at last, reaching out with a lightly trembling hand to caress his slowly swelling erection, which twitched under her touch. “I see that Isane-chan wasn’t exaggerating in the least; if anything, she downplayed just how…well endowed you are.”


Yushiro preened, his pride and his dick both expanding from the praise. He let out a low moan when Unohana began to give him a handjob, her skilled hands all over his shaft.


“It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen.” Unohana was getting more and more excited as Yushiro’s cock, impossible, grew to even greater dimensions under her hands. “It’s even bigger than Hitsugaya’s!”


If he hadn’t been bracing himself already, Yushiro would have fallen backwards when Unohana abruptly lunged forward, slobbering all over his cock as she kissed and licked it. “Ahhh, Unohana-sama! That’s great, keep it up!”


Unfortunately, Unohana didn’t think she would be able to do that; she was far too horny. Giving Yushiro a blowjob would make him feel good, but it wouldn’t do anything for the fire burning in her pussy. Pulling back and whipping her sweater off her body, she turned around again; spreading her legs and looking back over her shoulder, she panted, “Fuck me! Please, fuck my pussy right now!”


Only slightly disappointed, Yushiro grabbed onto her hips and, just to be a little mean, ever so slowly pushed his cock into her pussy.


“AHHHHH!” Even at the maddening gradual pace, Yushiro was still so big that Unohana was on the verge of cumming right away. “S-SO BIG! AMAZING! EVEN BETTER THAN HITSUGAYA OR ICHIGO OR ZARAKI!” She arched her back, boobs rubbing against the ground. “FASTER! PLEASE! FASTER AND HARDER!”


“Well, I can’t say no to a sexy begging lady, so here we go!” Yushiro laughed, taking a tighter grip on Unohana’s hips. He pulled all the way back and then slammed his hips forward, his balls swinging up against her toned stomach.


Unohana squealed, then squealed again when Yushiro repeated the action. Again and again, with more force and more speed each time, until his hips were a blur and she was letting out one continuous squeal.


Until she interrupted herself with a shriek of pleasure as she came. “OHHH GODDD!!”


“I’ve been wanting to play doctor with you!” Yushiro declared happily, spanking Unohana with one hand, her big butt quickly turning pink. “Are you satisfied with your care, Unohana-sama?”


“FUCK! SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!” she screamed for the world to hear, orgasm after orgasm racing through her body. Sweat was running down her skin in rivulets; she could feel the drops forming on her nipples before splashing onto the floor.




When Yushiro suddenly pulled out of her pussy, Unohana let out a confused, whining sound; what was going on? Then he seized her long braid and pulled on it, making her gasp as she arched her neck and her back even more.


And when his gargantuan dick was shoved into her ass, the sound Unohana made was only audible to canines and captain Komamura. “FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!


“LET’S SEE IF YOU LAST ANY LONGER THAN ISANE-CHAN!” Yushiro told her, yelling to make himself audible over her screams and moans. He was on the verge of cumming himself, but he was confident that he could outlast even Unohana.


Now, if it was Unohana and Isane at the same time? That would be a hell of a challenge, but not one he would shy away from.


Heh heh…maybe I should suggest that to them both, once they’re feeling better, of course. Oh man, I’m getting even more excited just thinking about it!




…but for right now, I had better focus on making sure Unohana-sama received the best fucking she’s ever had!

(Story by User: S22132)

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6 months ago

It must be Ichigo instead of Yushiro.

1 year ago

Wasn’t expecting a new Bleach story and picture already. Yushiro is at it yet again, and today it’s Unohana taking on his beast of a dick. Not to mention her really embracing her inner slut in full view. XD

I really like how it was set up as well as it picking up right where the last story, the last Yushiro and Isane tale, left off. Very nice move.

Not to mention the picture itself. Very nice work on that one. The smaller details like the petals were a nice touch too.

Overall, well done! Keep it up! 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, and credit to Rtenzo for the story idea and setting it right after the last one.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago

Bless your heart S22132 for continuing making more Yushiro content in the bleach content. Always been a fan of your writing and always will be with this chapter 2 as proof. I beg of you to keep this storyline going man !

again if hasn’t been stated Yushiro>>>Boruto 😂😂 no contest lmao

1 year ago

Thanks, though a lot of the credit goes to Rtenzo for coming up with the story idea. 🙂