Anytime for Anal

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking down the hallway of the hotel where they were staying in the Hidden Cloud Village, Naruto again rubbed at the area where his synthetic arm connected to his actual body. This one he had on now looked exactly like his own flesh, but it felt “off”, somehow. Maybe it was the fact he couldn’t mold any chakra with it. He had full range of other sensation through it, but not being able to use his regular range of jutsu’s was like having that arm figuratively tied behind his back!


As he continued down the hall, he came across the room he was looking for and knocked on the door softly. “It’s open!” called a woman’s voice from inside. Naruto tried the handle and it turned smoothly as he pushed the door open and went inside. The hotel room was unremarkable like his own, though he did appreciate the view waiting for him as Shizune stood naked but for a bathrobe she hadn’t bothered to close, allowing him a full view of her sexy figure. He gulped lightly as he felt a stirring beneath his belt.


“This a bad time?” he asked, trying to be polite.


“No, not at all, after all, I’m your comfort woman for this trip, isn’t that what it’s being called?” Shizune answered.


“The name is still being debated.” Naruto answered as he rubbed at the back of his head, “I’m still curious as to why you volunteered for the trial run?”


Shizune smiled back at him and walked over, never bothering to hide her naked body beneath the robe she had on. “Because of what Hinata and Sakura told me.” she answered.


“Huh…?” Naruto asked as Shizune pushed him up against the wall and reached a hand down to caress the bulge in his pants.


She only let out a quiet giggle as she stroked his dick slowly through his clothes. He was surprised at her boldness, nothing like the Shizune he’d come to know over the years. “Mmmmmmh, do you have any idea how many dry spells I had to go through traveling with Lady Tsunade?” she asked as she moved to slip her hand inside his pants. “Not that I minded as I was learning a lot with her, but sometimes a woman needs a big, fat, dick!” she said as she pulled his pants down with her other hand, freeing his cock and licking her lips excitedly


“Ooooohhh…” Naruto groaned as Shizune bent down and unceremoniously engulfed his cock in her warm, wet, mouth. He could feel her slippery tongue slurping and rubbing all over the underside of his cock. He leaned back against the wall and allowed himself to savor the feeling.


“Mmmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmmph, sluuuurp…” Shizune moaned, moving her head in long slow strokes, making sure to apply as much suction as she could every time she pulled her head back. “Shhhoooo phiiick, I wuv iiit….!!!” she slurred, making her throat vibrate around his cock.


Naruto looked down at Shizune as she stripped him out of his pants, deepthroating his cock every time she went down on it! “Oooooh, that feels good dattebayo…” he groaned, moving his hand to run his fingers through her soft dark hair.


Shizune looked back up at him, her dark colored eyes clouded over in lust as her lips dragged along his shaft slowly. It was such a lovely sight, her soft pink lips pulling along his cock as she let out lewd slurping noises.


“Mmmmmh, that’s it, keep going…” he told her.


“Yesh, Nawudo-shama…” she said, letting out another long moan. “Ahhhhaa,,, cawk, bhig caaawk in muh mouph… Sho guuud…” she moaned happily.


“You like sucking dick Shizune?” Naruto asked her with a grin.


“Yessssh…” she slurred back, “Wuv shucking bhig fat caaawks…” she confessed before she began bobbing her head back and forth even faster, “Agugh gugh gugh gugh gugh…” she gagged softly around his length, her throat visibly bulging every time his cock slid down it.


“Ooooooooh fuuuck…” Naruto groaned loudly, placing both hands on her head now as he let his weight rest against the wall.


“Gugh, gugh, gugh, gugh, gugh… MMMMMPH, GIMME YUR CUUUUMMMM!!!!” Shizune moaned around his cock, “I WANNNA TASHTE IIIIIT!!!”


Naruto groaned in pleasure as he watched Shizune’s head bob back and forth faster, “Wow, I didn’t know you could be this slutty Shizune-san…”


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Was the dark haired woman’s only reply as she continued bobbing her head back and forth.


Groaning again, Naruto gripped the sides of Shizune’s head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat. The dark haired woman let out a low gurgling moan as he came almost directly into her stomach! When he finally let her pull back, Shizune gasped for breath, long sticky ropes of saliva stretching from her lips to his cock.


“Ahhhaaa…” she gasped then slowly licked her lips. “Thank you very much.” she said once she’d caught her breath.


He nodded to her and took a few deep breaths. “Finish getting dressed, I have a few more things to take care of before we go home.” he told her.


Shizune nodded and got up, nonchalantly licking her lips still as she shed her robe and walked naked over to the simple hotel dresser. She pulled out a simple kimono like the ones she usually wore and slipped it on. Without any underwear Naruto didn’t fail to notice. She was giving this whole comfort woman idea her all.


The idea for it was a VIP client of Busteez could hire one or more girls to attend to him during a trip. The price for it was set ridiculously high, but it needed to be for any of the girls to agree to such a service. Personally, Naruto didn’t think the entire thing wouldn’t see much use. The private sessions at the club should have been more than enough for any guy. Now fully dressed, Shizune smiled at him as Naruto corrected his pants and the two of them exited the hotel room together.


“So, what all is left for you to do?” Shizune asked.


“Not a lot, I’ll be witnessing the final official transfers of power from A to Darui. I still don’t know why I was invited to this whole thing though.” Naruto explained.


“For someone who wants to be Hokage, you sure don’t know much about politics.” Shizune told him. “You’re the big hero of the 4th Shinobi war, you defeated Kaguya and pretty much saved the world. You just being here helps solidify the Raikage’s standing with the people.”


“It wasn’t just me…” said Naruto.


“True, but A and Sasuke have some… History, his being here might not be received as well.”


“Hmm, I suppose you have a point there.” Naruto agreed.


The two of them began walking towards the elevator together and Shizune pressed the call button. The doors slid open almost immediately and the two of them filed in. Outside, the night lights of the Hidden Cloud twinkled like an ocean of stars.


“Nice view.” commented Naruto.


“Mmmhmm,” Shizune agreed. She then placed her hand over the glass as the elevator began its slow descent. “Say, Naruto-san, ever done it in an elevator before?” she asked nonchalantly.


“Gheep!?” Naruto gulped, “Well that came outta nowhere.” he said back.


“Not really, well, have you?” she pressed.


“As a matter of fact… My first time was in an elevator…


“Really!?” Shizune asked, a smile spreading over her lips as she moved over to the control panel and jammed her finger into the emergency stop. The elevator came to a sudden halt, the floor jolting slightly beneath them.


“Shizu…mmmph!” Naruto began before the dark haired woman pressed herself up against him, covering his mouth with her own. He felt her tongue pushing at his lips and quickly parted them for her.


“Mmmmmh…” Shizune moaned happily as she raised one leg to wrap around his waist. Naruto moved his hand down to grip her thigh, enjoying the smoothness of it as he slipped his fingers under her kimono. He’d watched her dress earlier, so he already knew she didn’t have any panties on. Moving his hand to grab her plump yet firm ass, Naruto used his other hand to untie the sash around her waist.


Shizune pulled back long enough to shrug back out of the kimono she’d only just put on, “So,” she asked, “Are you feeling comfortable?”


“Very.” he answered as she began stripping him out of his clothes as quickly as she could. She kissed him again, their tongue wrestling one anothers as she pushed down his pants before wrapping a leg around him again. He felt the hot wet folds of her pussy grinding against his shaft as her big soft tits pressed against his chest.


“Fuck that’s so big!” Shizune moaned, her breaths coming is short pants now.


“You really are a slut, it’s surprising Shizune.” Naruto told her.


“Shut up and fuck me!” she told him.


“Not yet.” he told her, grinning as he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees, “Get it nice and wet, I’m gonna fuck that sexy ass of yours!” he said.


Shizune shuddered in arousal as she made a show of licking both his heavy looking balls, brushing her tongue all over each one of them before licking his ballsack between them and up the underside of his cock. She then swirled her tongue around the top, making sure to reach every little nook and cranny of the bulbous head. Naruto let out another groan at the feeling as she then opened wide and took his entire length down her throat again. He could see her neck bulging in the reflections of the glass that made up the walls of the elevator.


“Mmmmuugh, gugh, gugh, gugh guh guh guh guh!!!!” Shizune moaned and gagged around his dick, “Sho bhiiig, muh jhaw hurtsh sho guuud, I wuv dish….!” she moaned, making her throat vibrate with every word.


“Ohhh yeah… don’t talk with your mouth full dattebayo…” Naruto told her as he leaned his head back against the glass to let her work. Her mouth and throat felt so wet and tight. Her teeth barely touched him as she moved her head back and forth. He felt her chin against his balls every time she went down on him. “Mmmmmh, yeah, keep going, faster!” he told her.


“Yesh, Nawudo-shamaaahhh guh guh guh guh guh guh…!” Shizune moaned, gagging again as she sped up her motions. He then felt her hand gripping his nuts ever so gently, rolling them around with her fingers as she moaned over and over.


“Yeah, that’s the stuff…” Naruto said, looking down at the way her lips dragged across his cock whenever she pulled her face back. Ropes of saliva dripped off his length now as he pulled her head away from him completely. Shizune gasped deeply for air, her face flush with raw arousal as he pulled her back up. Reaching both hands down, he grabbed her fat sexy ass and lifted her up. She let out a happy yelp as her legs went around his hips.


“AHHHIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” she squealed like a pig as she reached back and guided his cock to her asshole. He slipped inside her easily and her entire body seemed to shudder in instant orgasm.


“Awww…yeahhhh….!!!” Naruto groaned in pleasure, her ass was far tighter than her pussy, he actually had to make effort to push in deeper as he began thrusting into her as she clung to him like a monkey.


“MY ASS!!! MY ASS!!! MY ASS FEELS SO GOOOD!!!! AHHHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!” Shizune howled in pleasure as she began rocking her hips in time with his motions. Naruto felt his balls smacking against her butt as he gripped it tight in both hands.


“HEEEEEEE!!!!” she hissed in pleasure, gritting her teeth tightly as Naruto began bouncing her up and down even faster.




Naruto blinked in surprise at her behavior, just how pent up could a woman get!? Then again, Hinata could get pretty crazy too. He knew for a fact it turned her on knowing he had been with other women thanks to a little surprise she sent him on his birthday once.


“AHH, AHHH, AHHHHIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Shizune howled in ecstasy as he felt her pussy praying his waist as she began cumming over and over again. Naruto sped up again as he felt a familiar pressure building in his groin as well.




“Crazy slut,” he chuckled.


“YESSSS, I’M A SLUT, AND SLUTS NEED TO BE FUCKED AND CUMMED INNNNN!!!!” Shizune howled in his ear. “AAAAHHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!” she shrieked again as Naruto rammed his entire cock inside her just as he came.


“YES, YESYESYESYESSSSS, I FEEL YOUR CUM SHOOTING DEEP INSIDE MEEEEE, I LOVE IT!!!!!!” she moaned as her eyes rolled back slowly and her entire body began going slack and he found himself suddenly with a hundred pounds of dead weight as she no longer held herself against him.


“Shi… Shizune, you alright?”


“Just… peachy…. Ahiii…” she panted quietly.


Naruto groaned as he tried to lower her down.




Both of them jumped to attention as a hand suddenly appeared between the doors to the elevator, pushing the panels apart. Another hand appeared above it and the two then began forcing the panels apart.


“Hey yo, what’s all the noise about!?” asked Killer Bee as he opened the doors. His sunglasses made it hard to gauge his expression at what he saw, “Daaaaymn Naruto, you know, we gots Elevators jus’ for dish shit!” he told him.


“Ahh heheh, yeah, sorry…”


“Yo whatever fool, just get dressed, people be waiting to use this thing ya know!?”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Great history! I really love this art!
And i have a question: Will we have in some future an image between Boruto and Hinata? I mean, with a story and all that, it really makes me very excited!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael

Perhaps, there is some plan for that… Keep reading! x)

2 years ago

It’s been awhile that since I comment a Naruto image. I like the expressions on Shizune’s face made as she takes a hard D-stick one up her ass. Great Job Rtenzo👍👍👍

The story was also great too Sailor, keep up the good work👍

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jimmy Johnson
2 years ago

As you probably already know Rtenzo everytime you release one of photos from the Elevator Anal set i cheer like it’s New Years Eve being my favorite set of yours of all time. Love this set so much in how you positioned the girls not to see thier face but 2 cutouts show thier expression. This one of the three currently though takes the top spot in the pose becsuse Shizune has the biggest ass of the 3 we’ve gotten so far ! Which makes it so rewarding considering she’s one of the less thicc of the girls And i freaking LOVE the clenched teeth facial teeth expression image !! So great.

Now to @SailorIO As for the story you reinvigorated me alot for Naruto/Boruto stories with this chapter which tbh I didn’t think was possible anymore but it is. Not just because i’ve been waiting for this pic or cause its NarutoxShizune content (one of my favorite pairings) but because were getting more and more stories of which made them great when they started which (for me) got lost alot recently until now. Even the title is top notch. Well done of this and the past 4 also. Keep up the great work

2 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy Johnson

Thanks, I’m trying. This one a little more difficult to make a story about. But after a week I managed to make one. I’m hoping to crank out a few more this week.

2 years ago

Slutty Shizune making it seem like Naruto was her comfort man and not the other way around. Funny end to the story too 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thanks, I hope I caught Bee’s bad rap speech well enough.

2 years ago

Great chapter! Shizune and anal is a damn fine combo, perfect for that fat, sexy ass of hers.

2 years ago

Elevator anal sex with Shizune, huh? Not to mention two blowjobs in one chapter. Damn, dude…! You’re really good!

Also, I liked how Bee pops up in the end too. Well said, bruv. XD

Seriously, well done. Hopefully we’ll have more of these coming up soon. 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, glad you liked it, I struggled a bit with this one.