Anko and Tsunade’s Slutty Redlight Display

“So, you finally reached this point, Tsunade. I figured you’d get there eventually, you’re lucky you hit rock bottom while your looks were still good. Well, excusing that pudge on your stomach at least. Too much sake and barbecue at the gambling dens?” Anko said with a smirk. The former leader of the Leaf Village blushed, pouting as she turned her gaze away from Anko.


“Don’t play around with me, Anko, you should show some respect,” the blonde said, trying to show off some confidence despite the fact she’d been reduced to this state. Anko didn’t back off though, stepping forward until her large, head-sized mounds pressed against Tsunade’s. Despite the fact that Tsunade’s tits were nearly twice as big as Anko’s, the dark-haired woman didn’t seem embarrassed to be dwarfed in size. In fact, she pressed them in harder, until the wobbly mounds of flesh slid into Tsunade’s cleavage. This gave Anko the perfect opportunity to reach forward, not to grope Tsunade’s succulent bosom, but to prod and tease the older woman for the chub she’d gained recently.


“You lost all respect the minute you decided to come down here. Everyone’s equal here, Tsunade. Sluts looking to put their hot, curvy bodies on display and get paid for it,” Anko said with a smirk, lifting up her bosom to push Tsunade’s melons into her face.


“You know I’m only here because-”


“Don’t bother making excuses, Tsunade,” Anko said, wrapping an arm around the woman’s waist and sidling up next to her. “No judgement here. Hell I’m not even low on funds this week. But, you’ll find out soon enough. After a while of putting your body out to stud, seeing what kind of fine specimens are willing to pay for a ride, you’ll get addicted.”


“Hmph, I think I have enough addictions, thank you very much,” the huge-titted blonde said in reply, adjusting her top which had been wrinkled thanks to Anko’s docking maneuver.


“You say that now,” Anko teased, rubbing her juicy thighs together. The barely-there thong she wore started to get moistened by her fluids as she slid it further up her crack. “But trust me, eventually you won’t be able to go too long without feeling the rush of getting bent over, pushed against a bed, pounded until you go dizzy. There’s something relieving about being treated like a piece of meat, Tsunade. Hell I say that and I’m a jonin, I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like for you.” Tsunade’s blush grew darker, but for a deeper reason this time. It’s true, she had gone far too long without any form of sex. Duties at work had kept her way too busy for her liking, and her hands just weren’t the same as a nice, big cock. Her tongue subtly slipped out from her lips, but Anko saw it.


“I knew there was a naughty slut lurking under there all along, why else would you have such massive knockers?” Anko asked. Before Tsunade could say anything, Anko kept going. “Hey, I’m a pervert too, and freely admit that. Why do you think I’ve always worn this fishnet? Not for protection, that’s for sure. No, it’s just exciting to think that at any moment my nips could poke through and give someone a good eyeful. Or mouthful. I’m sure you’ll get some requests for that tonight. Oh, hey, there’s a mark. Remember what I told you.”


Tsunade nodded and thought back to the advice Anko had given her earlier. Putting her best assets to good use, Tsunade lifted up her flimsy t-shirt and showed off the miraculously-round breasts for the man to examine. Despite gaining some weight, her breasts didn’t sag at all, still as large and perky as they’d ever been, now with the addition of sexy pasties to tempt men in even further. Anko was a bit more brazen, pulling back her favorite jacket like a flasher, showing off nearly all of her pussy, and a fishnet just waiting to get ripped off. The younger woman stuck out her tongue playfully.


“See anything you like?”

(Story by BioYugi)


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