Angel of Anal

Konan had been working at the Konoha branch of Busteez for only a short time when she had gotten the opportunity to have Naruto as a client. This lead to a lot of good natured jealousy from the other girls; Naruto was widely regarded as one of the best clients in the Five Great Shinobi Countries.


Naruto asked her what kind of scenario she wanted, clearly intending to let her have an easy time. But Konan surprised him, and herself, with something decidedly kinky. It had taken her some convincing, and a fair amount of blushing on both their parts, but they had come to an agreement.


Hence their current situation.


“Here it comes, you slut!” Naruto roared, burying his monster sized cock into Konan’s ass, both of his hands grabbing and squeezing her ass. Her big breasts rubbed against his bare chest, while her arms were wrapped around his head, pulling him close.


Konan squealed in pain, pleasure, and embarrassment. She had thought that the stories the other women told her about Naruto were exaggerated, but if anything, they had downplayed his size and skill. She couldn’t believe someone as young as Naruto could be so well endowed; it was like getting fucked with a log.


“What does that tattoo on your fat ass say, whore?” Naruto sneered, giving her hard spank with one hand, smirking when she squealed again.


“Pain Angel, Master,” she replied meekly, face burning red, humiliation and arousal both causing the blood to rush to her face. Kami, she was so horny. Of course, the words on her ass weren’t actually tattooed there, but just having them written on her body was enough to make her squirm.


“That’s right.” Naruto spanked her again, harder this time, and Konan let out a sound that half yell, half moan. “You’re such a kinky slut that you get off on having your bubble butt fucked and spanked. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about those huge tits of yours; I have some special plans for them.”


“Yes Master,” the bluenette panted, her pussy dripping like a faucet. She knew exactly what was going to happen to her and started bouncing with Naruto’s thrusting, wanting to get to the next part.


She was definitely going to fuck Naruto again, no matter who she had to fight for his attention.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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