Anal Rendezvous

“DAMN! Shizune, you’re so tight!” Naruto grunted, his hands holding onto the dark haired woman’s big ass as he pumped her up and down. Her comparatively modest breasts rubbed against his chest, making him even hornier. “Your ass is crushing my dick!”


Indeed, it was only through iron control and his experience that Naruto hadn’t blown his load already. He wanted this to last though, so he kept it up; he had a reputation to maintain after all, and he wanted to be sure to give Shizune what she needed as well.


“Ooooohhhh…that’s because…mmmmm…you have such a huge cock, Naruto-sama! AHHH!!”


Shizune was finding it hard to concentrate on speaking, or really on anything other than the enormous pole plowing into her ass and stretching her further than she would have believed possible. Not to mention making her feel pleasure like she had never known before.


She had to admit, Naruto’s compliment meant a lot to her. She didn’t have the outrageous figures most of the other girls did, especially when it came to her tits, but she took pride in being a great fuck. It wasn’t everyone who got the ‘S-Ranked Whore’ tattoo, after all.


Suddenly feeling her orgasm coming, Shizune threw her arms around Naruto’s head and pulled him close, her legs tightening around his torso. Her breathing got harder and faster, her face redder, as the pleasure built and built…


“OH FUUUUCK!” she screamed, the explosive orgasm slamming into her. She clawed frantically at Naruto’s back, the scratches healing as fast as she made them. Naruto roared and an instant later, his hot seed poured into her ass; the feeling of it gave her another orgasm, right on top of the first one, and she was sure she was about to pass out.


And as she did, she would have the biggest grin of her life on her face.

(Short Story by User: S22132)