An Erotically Charged Challenge

(Note: This story is part of an short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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“So, what did you bring me here for?” Saitama asked, his face fixed in his usual dull expression. Usually, seeing it drove Fubuki nuts, but not this time; she had a plan in mind, and if it worked out like it should, then she would finally get a win against Saitama. Maybe she could even convince him to finally join her group!


“I’ve finally come up with a contest that I can beat you at,” she triumphantly informed him, watching his reaction closely. She knew how bored he often was, and she was counting on him being willing to do almost anything to alleviate that feeling.


Sure enough, Saitama’s eyes briefly sparked with interest, before he gave her a suspicious look. “It’s not video games, is it? Because if it is, I’m out of here.”


Wondering why video games of all things would be a deal breaker, Fubuki shook her head, short dark green hair swishing around her face. “No, not video games. It’s something a lot more fun, and I bet you’ve never done it before.”


The spark was back, very faint, but present. “All right; so, what is it?”


Using her psychic powers to remove both of their clothes without tearing them wasn’t easy, but she had been practicing. Yes, ripping them off would be much faster, but her clothes didn’t come cheap. And while Saitama’s certainly looked like thrift store clothes, she didn’t want to risk angering him by destroying them, no matter how tacky the jumpsuit looked.


In a matter of seconds, they were both naked, though Fubuki decided to leave Saitama’s gloves on; they added a little something to the fun. Annoyingly, Saitama’s expression was largely unchanged, save for his eyes widening slightly. She also noted, with pride, that he would occasionally steal glances at her boobs.


“You were right: whatever kind of contest this is, I’ve never done anything like it.” Even Saitama’s voice wasn’t as flat as usual; she was definitely getting his attention. “So, what are we supposed to be doing?”


“It’s simple,” Fubuki answered, trying not to get too distracted by Saitama’s body. Good lord, the man was utterly ripped… those abs …that cock… ahem! “We’re going to take turns pleasuring each other; the one that makes the other person cum the fastest wins. Winner gets to name the terms,” she added with a smirk, confident in her victory. “And I’ll go first.”


Not giving Saitama time to respond, she lunged forward, kissing him square on the mouth as her hands hungrily roamed his body, exploring every inch of his chiseled physique. He was like a perfect marble statue, brought to life. To her satisfaction, she could feel him begin to respond, his lips and tongue moving against hers.


Breaking off from that kiss, Fubuki smirked briefly at him before working her way down his body, her lipstick leaving perfect marks all over his equally perfect body. By the time she got to his dick, it was fully erect and ready to go.


“See? I told you would like it,” she whispered to him, before falling back onto the bed, pulling him with her. It took a moment of wriggling to get them positioned the way she wanted: Saitama sitting on her stomach, his cock nestled between her tits. Fubuki could feel herself blushing as she looked at it, feeling how hot and hard it was against her sensitive breasts.


Then Saitama grabbed her chest with both hands and Fubuki had to bite her lower lip hard to keep herself from moaning. She could feel the power in his hands; it was incredible, and arousing, to know that all that power was right on top of her, touching her, yet wouldn’t hurt her.


What would it be like when he was fucking her?


But before they got to that, she was going to finish what she had started. With both arms squeezing her tits around Saitama’s cock, Fubuki began moving them back and forth, rubbing them against his rock-hard pole. Her nipples were already hard under his hands, and they got even harder when he started pulling on them. “Oh yes, just like that!” she gasped, toes curling with pleasure. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time.


Lifting her head, she kissed and licked the tip of his cock, smirking to herself when she heard his soft intake of air. Fubuki could see the life coming into his eyes, an intensity as he focused on her, on making her feel good, on making himself feel good. It was almost intimidating, but she was too horny to care.


When it got to the point where she judged he was on the verge of cumming, Fubuki’s head darted forward again, this time taking as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. With a loud groan of pleasure, Saitama came, his seed flowing into her mouth. It filled her cheeks, forcing her to swallow as quickly as possible. It was a flood that seemed like it would never end, but eventually it did. To her astonishment, he was still hard and ready to go. Maybe she had gotten in over her head?


Pushing that thought aside, Fubuki gave him a smug grin. “That was pretty fast; think you can beat my time?”


The look Saitama gave her back made her shiver, partially in lust, and partially from nervousness. His eyes were no longer blank; no, they burned with determination. It seemed she had finally found something to get his full attention.


As Saitama wordlessly moved down her body, positioning his cock right in front of her pussy, Fubuki wondered if she would regret this.


Then his hips slammed forward, and she screamed with pleasure, arching her back and pushing her tits hard against his hands.


Nope, no regret! None at all!

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