An Employees Bonus

“Finally.” Ggio sighed and he put his pen down on the table, it took him about 8 hours, but he finally got the reports his boss needed. He looked at the pile of paperwork hanging at this desk. Barragan-sama will be pleased. His task was completed, now Ggio could go down to the living room, turn on the TV and…


“Excuse me, Vega-san…” As soon he heard that sweet female voice, and a pair of huge breasts brushed against his face, Ggio remembered of the two maids he hired to clean his house. Orihime Inoue and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, those were their names. He glanced to the left, Orihime was cleaning the dust off the shelf above the table with a feather duster, seemingly unaware of her soft assets pressing against his face. He heard a loud sound entering the room, he looked above the shoulder, and there was Nelliel, Nel to those closer to her, on all fours vacuuming the corners and crannies. From his position, he could clearly see her round and curvy backside, that was highly accentuated by the thong she wore.


Their good looks was another reason he chose those two other than their skills. Dressing their maids in these suggestive outfits was probably a strategy of the cleaning company to easily get more clients. He has been enduring looking at them work in his house for months, he couldn’t take it anymore.


The young man then coughed to get the girls’ attention. “Orihime, Nel, there’s something I have to talk with you about.”


The two stopped their work and they stood side by side and looked at their employer. “What is it, Vega-san?” Orihime said.


“You see, you have been working for me for a long time…” He started, his back facing them. “And I must say, you are extremely skilled in your work…” He said in a casual tone.


That comment made the girls blush a little in embarrassment. “Vega-san, please… Now you are just making us feel embarrassed…” Orihime giggled.


“We are just doing our work, there is no need for you to compliment us like that…” Nel commented.


“So, I thought of a special task that you could do for me for an extra cash.” Ggio spun around in his chair. The girls looked down and they noticed the huge bulge forming in his pants. Orihime blushed brightly, and Nel whistled impressed. “And I won’t accept a negative answer.” He grinned.


“Vega-san…” Orihime opened her mouth to voice her opinion, but her boss interrupted her before she could continue.


“For this special…task I’m suggesting you, I’ll pay a quantity three times your usual salary. A few extra benefits can be negotiated later.” The black haired man said still wearing a confident grin in his face.


“Nel is in!” Nel was quick to comply, much to the surprise of Orihime, and even Vega. A few extra money wouldn’t hurt, plus, she was excited to have Ggio ravage her with his “polearm”. Despite her initial hesitance, Orihime eventually agreed to go on with that.


A few seconds later, the trio went to Ggio’s bedroom, the young man took his shirt off and then threw it aside, giving the girls a good view of his back muscles, he then turned, showing his chiseled chest and abs, and biceps. Orihime’s blush deepened, and Nelliel licked her lips. Ggio then removed his pants, that bulge looked painful. He then disposed of his boxer shorts.


“Goodness…” Orihime gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. Even Nel was surprised. The two women had slept with other men, before, none of them were as well endowed as Ggio Vega, though.


“Now, girls. Pleasure me with those lovely tits you have.” He laid down on the bed, with his hands behind his head.


“Yes, sir!” Nelliel wasted no time in undoing her bikini top, and then she removed Orihime’s top, much to the surprise, and embarrassment, of the orange-haired beauty.


Nel seductively laid on the bed, swaying her ass in a deliberately slow manner, and she winked to Ggio before she crawled up to his lower body and grabbed her boobs and used them to sandwich his cock. “Oh god…” Ggio groaned, Nel grinned and she pressed her soft flesh against his hilt.


“Come on, Orihime. You are the only one, left.” Nelliel said.


“Yeah, get in. No need to be afraid.” Ggio said, patting the side of the bed.


Orihime hesitantly climbed onto bed, she straddled Ggio’s waist with her back facing him, and she brought her heaving breasts down on Ggio’s dick.


“Gah!” Ggio started to breath heavily as the girls slid their tits up and down his pulsating spike, he felt like he was going to pass out from how amazing it felt. Nel and Orihime were also enjoying the combined feeling of Ggio’s huge member between their breasts and of the soft orbs being pressed against one another.


Ggio reached out and he grabbed Orihime’s ass, and he slowly squeezed and kneaded her buttocks, enjoying her supple skin and rear, the orange-haired girl widened her eyes slightly as the young man toyed with her ass. He moved one his hands down her ass, and used it to caress her lower hips, causing a low moan to leave Orihime’s lips, before he entered her pussy with two fingers. This caused Orihime, in a fit of lust, to put the entire head of his shaft inside her mouth; and she moved her head up and down as she rubbed her tits in his member along with Nel. Ggio moaned quietly as he started to move his arm forward and backward, rubbing her pussy.


Nel smirked at that scene, seeing the two young people giving themselves to their primal instincts. She used one of her hands to massage Ggio’s balls as she worked her boobs in his throbbing halberd.


Ggio’s dick was already hard and nice, Orihime licked across his length and the head of it. Nel noticed how her fellow girl was feeling, and she stepped aside, to let their boss have some quality time with Orihime.


The orange-haired bimbo turned around, Ggio held her by her waist, and lifted her before bringing her down on his branch, Orihime yelped as he entered her with that massive erection in one go. Orihime wasted no time, and she started to bounce on him, her large posterior and thick thighs smacking on his lap. She tensed her abdomen muscles as she felt his tower ramming her insides, Ggio started to move his hips against hers. Nel stood by the sidelines, and watched the scene unfolding, anxiously waiting for her turn.


Ggio was hypnotized at Orihime’s bouncing boobs. He got up and wrapped his arms around the orange-haired girl’s slender waist, and put his head between her cleavage. She moaned as Ggio kept fucking her nonstop and hugged him back.


The black-haired young man rolled and shifted, placing himself on top of Orihime. Ggio momentarily stopped to take his head off Orihime’s breasts, he reached out to grab one of her boobs and he started to squeeze and knead the soft flesh. He then grabbed her left thigh and raised her leg before fucking her again. Her moans got louder and louder as Orihime held on to Ggio’s back harder; digging her fingernails into his toned back causing Ggio to grunt.


“Vega-san…!” Orihime kept moaning as he pounded her, Ggio’s battering ram hammered her vagina in. Hitting her sensitive spot multiple times, she gasped louder and louder.


Ggio grunted and groaned with each movement. He chuckled at the formal way she talked to him. “Come on, Orihime. You can just call me Ggio.”


“G…Ggio-kun… !” Orihime let out a short scream and gasped, and her brain shut down in ecstasy. Ggio sent his lips against hers, while he took his dick out of Orihime’s pussy, he would be careful to not make any of them pregnant, and he released his sperm over her belly. Panting, he stepped a few centimeters away, to give the girl some air. “Excuse me, Ggio… I’ll need a few secs to rest…” Orihime rolled to her stomach, she put her head on a pillow to get her breath. Ggio looked at her huge and soft rear. Orihime opened her eyes slightly wide when she felt Ggio grabbing and squeezing her buttocks. He gave her a playful spank, which caused her to moan a little, she widened her eyes when she felt something being pushed between her buttocks. “G-Ggio-kun, wait! I don’t think this is a good idea…!” Ggio let out a moan as he entered her ass with his cock, Orihime hissed, clenching her teeth, her blush deepened, and she even drooled a little.


As horny as he was, Ggio was not a savage of any kind, he waited a few secs till Orihime was used to his size before he started to pound into her ass, his hands firmly holding her hips.


Nelliel covered her mouth with her hand as the intercourse session between Ggio and Orihime got more intense, and a light red started to color her cheeks.


With each thrust, Ggio would let out a grunt and a groan, her ass smacked against his pelvis, his fingers sank into her smooth hips. Orihime panted and moaned, the mix of pain and pleasure was sending tingling waves up her spine, driving her over the edge. She clutched the pillow and bit onto it to prevent herself from screaming.


Mercifully, for Orihime, it ended quickly and quietly. Ggio let out a sigh and he came inside her ass, and Orihime moaned in the pillow, but was still so loud that Ggio and Nel heard. She had her eyes closed tightly and her face was dark red like a cherry. “My god…” Orihime groaned.


Ggio took his still erect tree trunk from Orihime’s ass and he playfully pat her in the back. “Good job, there, Hime.” Orihime groaned, and muttered something about her body feeling numb.


Ggio was surprised when two long and slender arms wrapped around his neck. Nelliel pulled him closer to her, the back of his head was pressed to her chest. “You didn’t forget Nel, did you Ggio-kun?” Nel whispered to him with a sultry tone, and she nibbled at his ear, causing Ggio to moan. Nelliel then moved her hands across his pecs and abs.


She gave him a quick kiss to the lips before she separated from Ggio. Nel then laid down on her side, her back and ass facing Ggio. He approached the green-haired babe, his chest touching her back, and his cock pressed against her butt. The golden-eyed male humped her a few times, his hard rock dick moving between her buttocks. Nel bit her lower lip to hold a moan.


The black-haired lad grabbed her thick thigh and raised her leg up in the air. He moved his lower body a little, and he then entered her pussy. “Oh… I knew that the wait would be worth it…” She said happily. Ggio chuckled, and he started to ram her with his cock. Nel closed her eyes and she moaned in bliss. He wrapped his free arm around Nel, positioned under her tits, and pulled her closer to him.


The carnal sounds of moans and flesh smacking against flesh attracted Orihime’s attention. She looked to the side, and watched Nel and Ggio making love before she approached Ggio and hugged him from behind, pressing her breasts against his back. Nel contracted and tensed her stomach muscles, massaging the cock banging her.


Nel let out a sigh of satisfaction as Ggio released his seed into her. He removed his dick from inside Nel. “So… Ggio-kun…” Nel said between panting. “What about we add these… Extra services on a regular basis to our contract?” They would have to do these threesomes more often. That’s for sure.

(Short Story by User: Gabriel Perrella)

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3 years ago

You know, I had forgotten that I wrote this thing X3

3 years ago

Yep, you did a good job. Sorry it took so long.