Ambushing Anal

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It had been a while since Naruto had to “rough it” out in the woods. Not that he could really call this “roughing it”. He was on his way to meet with Darui, the new Raikage in Kumogakure after A officially abdicated the title to him. There were a few things that needed to be discussed that couldn’t be communicated over the long distance communications channels.


It still wasn’t official, but Naruto was Hokage in all but name now. It would be a few more years, but his inauguration was going to be a huge event. The last few Hokage had all been hastily placed in the title due to an unforeseen death or forced retirement. The incident with Danzo just before the last war didn’t help matters either.


Looking around, Naruto had some rather fond memories of this place. It was an almost hotel like building that Yamato had built with his jutsu on one of Team 7’s missions when he was younger. Left to the elements, it had fared rather well, with only a few weeds managing to poke their way inside. Naruto had helped his escourt clear them out before they began to make camp for the night.


Being in line to be the next Hokage, the elders insisted on Naruto taking a full escort with him to Kumogakure. Kakashi had managed to talk them down to allowing one person to go with him on the trip. Naruto could more than look after himself after all. He made a mental note to thank his mentor when he got back.


“So, how far along is she?” asked his escort.


“Seven months. According to the ultrasound it’s a girl.” Naruto answered Samui.


“And how old is the first one?” she asked.


“He just turned two, already quite a handful.” Naruto told her.


“I’ll bet, being your kid. Hey, how long before Hinata ended up in the maternity ward after your wedding?”


Naruto had to think about that one, “You know, I’m not exactly sure now that I think about it…”


Samui chuckled, “It’s not uncommon for a woman to go right from the honeymoon suite to the maternity ward.”


Naruto laughed. He couldn’t argue with that, though in Sakura’s case it was a honeymoon suite, to a battlefield that quickly became a maternity ward. She only came back to Konoha because Sasuke wouldn’t have his daughter raised in open combat zones.


“Haaah, seems like only yesterday that kinky little wife of yours was sending me to you as a birthday gift.” Samui said with a sigh.


“Heh, that was a fun afternoon.” Naruto agreed.


“Yeah it was.” Samui said as she set out her sleeping bag and broke open her camping gear. Naruto watched out of the corner of his eye as she went to the small fire pit in the room and began to build a fire. He smiled slightly as his angle gave him a very nice view of her cleavage and the way her tits swayed from side to side as she arranged the firewood. She then used a piece of flint against her sword to spark the kindling to start the fire.


“So, what’s for dinner?” Samui asked once she had the fire going.


“Well now, my wife packed us a nice selection of instant meals.” he said as he opened his own bag, “We got beef ramen, pork ramen, chicken ramen, shrimp ramen…”


“Please tell me you have more than that.” Samui said, obviously trying not to roll her eyes.


He chuckled, “Yeah, we also have some of those M.E.R. things that they’ve been using lately.”


“M.E.R.? Oh, M.R.E.’s, it means Meal, Ready to Eat. What do you have with those?” she asked.


Naruto withdrew several silvery pouches each slightly larger than a deck of cards, “Lemme see, I got, beef and potatoes, chicken casserole, sweet and sour chicken…”


“I’ll take that one.” said Samui. Naruto nodded and tossed her the pouch, she read the instructions printed on the side before tearing open the packet. Inside was a very unappetising chunk of gray, green, and red, something. Samui placed it inside a small bowl as she filled a teapot with water and set it over the fire.


“So, got any names picked out yet?” she asked him with a smile.


“A couple, but nothing solid yet.” Naruto asked as he picked out a shrimp ramen for himself and tore open the lid. When the water came to a boil inside the pot it began whistling loudly and Samui grabbed the handle and pulled it away from the flames. She poured a generous amount over her own meal before handing the pot to Naruto who likewise filled his ramen cup.


“Oh, wow.” he said as Samui’s nasty looking block of food began to swell and unfold from within itself. In moments the small house was filled with the smells of well made sweet and sour chicken, peas, and carrots.


“Modern technology never fails to amaze me.” Samui agreed. From what Naruto understood, the guys at the Ninja Tech research stumbled across a way to rapidly dehydrate cooked foods and compress them into blocks. Then, when someone added boiling water to them, the block sucked the moisture up like a sponge and viola, a fresh hot meal. It wasn’t all that different from the way they made instant ramen, but more complex meals could be done with this method.


His ramen cup was ready in another minute and Naruto added the packet of extra toppings to it before he and Samui sat down to eat together. “Thanks for the food.” they said together before digging in.


Samui refilled the tea kettle and set it back over the fire. Once the water was ready she poured it into a cup and reached inside her robe. She pulled back a folded bundle that she quickly opened to reveal several well prepared tea bags.


“Mmmmh, whatsh dat?” he asked around a mouthful of ramen.


“My own blend, I’m glad we’re headed back to my village, as these are my last few bundles, and they don’t sell the herb I use in Konoha.” Samui explained.


“Oh, I thought someone opened a little shop in Konoha that sells stuff from the Hidden Cloud?” Naruto asked.


“Yeah, but the woman there doesn’t have this particular herb since it spoils easily if not treated correctly.” Samui countered. “Wanna try some?” she offered Naruto.


“If it’s not any trouble.”


“None, I have enough for the rest of the trip back, I can spare a single packet.” Samui said as she prepared another cup for him. She placed the tea bag into the steaming water and almost instantly it turned a dark caramel color. A pleasant spicy aroma filled the air and Naruto took a few more bites from his cup ramen. A few moments later Samui handed the cup to him and he took a cautious sip.


The flavor was odd, but not bad. A mix of hot cinnamon with cool peppermint on the back end. He decided he liked it and made a mental note to ask Samui how to make this before he left Kumogakure. The two of them ate quietly, finishing their respective meals before Samui added a few more logs to the fire as the night chill began to creep in.


“Ahh, that wasn’t too bad actually.” Samui said as she sat back and began stripping out of her top casually.


“Gheep!” Naruto gulped audibly as her breasts spilled out of her top, nipples already stiff as she stretched.


“Mmmmmmh, much better…” she cooed, then smirked at him “Like what you see?” she asked, hefting her right tit in one hand.


Naruto only managed a weak nod, his eyes locked on her beautiful breasts. “I forgot to mention that tea has a bit of a stimulating effect…” she told him as her eyes angled down to his crotch. She then licked her lips slowly in the fire light.


“Now you tell me…” said Naruto as his pants now sported a sizable swell in them!


“Want me to help you with that?” Samui asked with a grin as she leaned forward and crawled over to him, her breasts swaying from side to side with her movements. She didn’t bother waiting for his reply as she closed the distance between them and leaned her face into his crotch! Naruto watched, amazed as she undid his pants with only her lips and teeth, allowing his cock to spring out of its confines.


“Mmmmmmh, time for desert!” she said before opening her mouth wide. “Ahhhmmmph!” she moaned around his cock, taking over half of his length between her lips with a single motion. Samui let out a low lewd moan around his cock as she instantly began moving her head up and down slowly.




Her lips made wet smacking noises as they glided up and down his length, she held a tight pressure around his cock every time she pulled her head back. Naruto groaned loudly at the feel as he surrendered to her advances, leaning his body back on his arms as he watched her. Samui’s luscious lips easily moved back and forth along his dick, and he could feel her tongue pressing tightly against the underside of his cock every time she pulled her head back.


“Ooooh yeah, that feels amazing dattebayo…” Naruto groaned, leaning his head back now and closing his eyes to savor the feel of the blondes mouth.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Samui moaned, bobbing her head up and down in a slow steady rhythm.


“Oh, that’s it, keep going…” Naruto told her, looking back down at her, loving the way her mouth dragged against his cock. He listened to the lewd wet sucking sounds her mouth made around his massive erection as she slowly pulled her head up, leaving just the tip between her lips. Samui flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick several times before lowering her head back down, her throat swelling as she took all of him into her mouth again.


“Faster.” he told her.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!” Samui moaned, moving her head up and down more quickly. Naruto groaned again, loving this feeling as he placed his good hand on top of her head, keeping her steady.


“FASTER!” he told her.


GUHMMMPH, MMMPH MMMPH MMMPH MMMPH!!!!” Samui gagged and moaned, bobbing her head up and down with greater speed!


“Yeeeeaaah, just, like, thaaaat!!!” Naruto groaned as he pushed her head down all the way before cumming straight down her throat. Samui’s throat bulged several times with the repeated spurs of cum flowing directly into her stomach!!!


Naruto held her head on his dick for several moments, making sure she couldn’t waste a single drop of his cum. When he finally released her, Samui slowly lifted her head free. Ropes of saliva stretched from her lips and connected to his dick for several seconds before snapping away one by one. She didn’t even cough as she slowly and erotically licked her lips for him.


“Mmmmmh, I hope that isn’t all you got.” she said with a smirk.


“Not even dattebayo!!!”



The following morning, Naruto was up just before the sunrise. He had stayed up nearly half the night while Samui slept. Then when she took watch he’d slept like a rock. The two of them got dressed and broke their camp.


So there I was, fifteen pound weights in my nipples as piercings, showing up Tsunade with a double ended dildo I just carved out of a bit of rock. I lost count of how many times I made Sakura cum her brains out!” Samui told him with a laugh. The two of them had been traveling all day, it was now well past noon, though the sun was still pretty high.


Naruto held his sides as he laughed, “I always wondered what went on there.” he said, wiping a laughter drawn tear out of his eyes, “Hinata was out for most of that day, and Granny Tsunade won’t talk about it.”


“Can you blame her? That must’ve hurt her pride, though that WAS my intention.” Samui said smugly.


“True, true, ahh, I needed a good laugh.” Naruto said then pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket to dab at the sweat on his face, “Man it’s humid today.”


“No kidding, but we should be near the end of the forest area soon, and the path to my village has a much dryer climate.” Samui told him.


“Good, though I wish I could take a bath soon, my clothes are soaked and feel gross now.”


Samui grinned, “It’s a bit of a detour, but I know a spot.”


“Hmm?” Naruto asked.


Samui looked around, “Lemme see, yeah, this way!” she said as she took his arm and pulled, only to hear a soft ‘pop’ as all his synthetic arm came off and she pulled it out of his sleeve.


GAH!” she gasped and dropped the limb.


“AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! The look on your face!!!!” Naruto cackled as he bent down to retrieve his arm, “Sorry, sorry, that happens a lot when I get too sweaty.” he said as he pulled up his sleeve, revealing the stub of his arm just slightly below the elbow. Using the same cloth from before, he wiped the limb clean before reattaching his prosthetic. “This is just my regular use one, the combat one has a better grip, but I can’t feel through it as well.”


“I understand, just wasn’t expecting that.”


Nodding, Naruto asked, “So, where are we headed?”


“There’s a small freshwater lake not too far from here. There’s a bunch of cherry trees around it too, this time of year should have them in full bloom as well.” Samui explained. “Might be a little early, but it’ll be a good spot to set up our last overnight campsite as well.”


“Will it delay our arrival any?” Naruto asked.


“Nah, maybe by an hour or so at the worst.” she assured him.


“Fine then, lead the way.” he told her, already looking forward to washing the sweat off himself. He really needed to travel by foot more often, taking air conditioned trains everywhere was going to make him soft. Samui took them through a less clear path, Naruto used his chakra to ward off the worst of the bugs until the trail opened wide into a huge clearing with a small pond in the center. Samui had called it a lake, but pond was a better term. It was being fed by a small stream that came in from the east and headed back out in a southerly direction. Like Samui had told him, there were cherry trees all around, their pink petals in full bloom and drifting about on the gentlest of breezes. A truly idyllic setting to be sure.


“Wow, I never knew this place was here!” he gasped.


“I stumbled across it by accident when I got lost on the way to your village. The path here is so rough I don’t think many know about it at all.” Samui told him as she slid her pack off her back.


Naruto did the same, “Say Samui, what are you planning to do when you get back?” he asked.


“Oh not a lot, I’ll work my shifts at the Kumogakure Busteez naturally, and maybe take a mission or two if the Raikage has anything he needs me for.”


Naruto nodded and set his pack next to her own. He made sure they had a good spot to make camp before breaking open his gear again. A smile crept over his face when he thought about last night and he silently wondered if he could get a repeat tonight.


“Oh Naruto, do you remember that fun little competition you had with A-sama?” Samui asked.


“Hmm, which one?” Naruto asked while he looked around for firewood to make another campfire with.


The fuckfest were you pounded my ass.” Samui said, “Think you’d mind doing that again?” she asked casually.


Naruto turned, and his eyes went wide when he found the blonde already stripped naked by the edge of the pond. She beckoned at him with one finger before wading backward into the water then letting herself fall backwards into the cool liquid.


“Awesome!” Naruto said as he put aside his camping gear and ran for the water, shedding his clothes as he moved. He ran on top of the water until he couldn’t see the bottom anymore then dived in after the blonde haired woman. She was swimming just before the surface and he quickly caught up to her. He suppressed a chuckle at the colorful tramp stamp he saw just above her ass!




Naruto had seen these before, easily removed tattoos that used an ink that only washed off when a certain mixture of soap was applied. These special kinds of tattoos allowed for a much more colorful variety than most regular tattoos that were only able to be done in varied shades of black and brown, and were far less painful to apply.


Samui turned to face him under the water and wrapped her body around him once he was close. He pushed his already throbbing erection between her thighs, feeling the heat of her pussy along his shaft as she humped herself against him. Her heavy tits smashed against his chest as his hands grabbed her plump sexy ass. Their mouths quickly connected as Naruto pulled her to the surface with him.


The two of them breached the surface and Samui broke the kiss, breathing heavily, “Shove that huge fucking cock up my ass, NOW!” she told him. Naruto grinned, bringing his good hand down on her ass hard and making her squeal in arousal.


“You planned this, didn’t you?” Naruto asked as he teased her ass and cunt by rubbing his cock length back and forth between the two.


She only grinned at him, “Make me cum and I’ll tell you.”


“Slut!” he said back, lifting her up and impaling her asshole with his dick!


Samui howled in pleasure, bucking her body against his as she hugged herself tight against him, “YESSSS, I’M A SLUUUUT, AND SLUT’S NEED IT UP THE ASSSSSSS!!!!” she screamed as Naruto began bouncing her up and down on his length, “AHHH FUUUUUUCK!!!!!! SO FUCKING BIIIIIG!


“Bigger than Raikage’s?” Naruto asked, though he already knew the answer.




The water churned around the two of them as Naruto slammed his cock into her again and again. He could feel the almost boiling heat of her pussy against his pelvis as she screamed in his ear again and again. The other blonde hugged his face close, her screams almost drowning out the loud and wet SLAP SLAP SLAP of his cock pistoning in and out of her asshole!


Naruto groaned, leaning her back and pushing her dick as deep as it would go, making her stomach tent up slightly from how deep inside he had reached. He wrapped his lips around one heavy tit, sucking her nipple roughly as she bucked and rolled her hips against him, stirring his cock inside herself.


MMMMMMMMH!!!! FUUUUUCK!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!! DO IT HARDER!!!! WRECK MY ASSS!!!!” Samui screamed.


Naruto grinned and moved to her other nipple, loving the feel of it in his mouth as he flicked his tongue against the stiff nub of flesh before gently biting it. Samui let out a low growling moan and began moving her hips in a circular motion, further churning the water around them.


MMMMMMMH, FUCK, FUCKFUCKFUCK NOW DOWN!!!!!” Samui screamed in orgasmic bliss as she grabbed his head and pulled him down under the water just as a massive shuriken whizzed by where his head had been less than a second ago!!!


Naruto cursed when the two of them came back up. He had felt the shuriken shave off a small bit of his hair, “HEY ASSHOLES, YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO GROW MY HAIR BACK LIKE THIS!?” he shouted at the assassins that had been following them since this morning. Still gripping Samui’s ass and holding her against him, Naruto leapt out of the water and landed in the grass a few feet from the pond. He shut his blue eyes tight and kept himself still as a statue. When they snapped back open, his iris’ were an orange and yellow color, the pupils now a horizontal oval shape as he filled his body with Nature Chakra. Over the years he’d mastered the ability to enter sage mode in just a few seconds, though this was the first time he’d done it with his cock buried up a woman’s ass!


“Hold on.” he told her.


“I got your back.” Samui said, weaving several hand seals and with a puff of smoke producing a long sword that she rose just in time to block the attack of a single male ninja all dressed in black. He came at them with a Kunai to which Samui easily parried before kicking him in the balls with her foot. Naruto grinned as he heard the man groan and go down.


He then whirled the two of them around, letting Samui deflect another incoming shuriken with her blade as he formed a hand seal of his own.


“Kage Bushin no Jutsu!” he shouted, producing two more naked clones of himself. The two clones quickly helped him produce his Rasen Shuriken before poofing out of existence. He held the massive collection of wind chakra to one side as two more assassin’s emerged from the tree line.


MMMMMMMH…” Samui moaned, “I’ve never fucked and fought before, I love it!!!” she said as he felt her cunt gushing against him.


“In other circumstances I might agree!” Naruto said as he took aim at the nearest assassin and throw his jutsu. It made a loud whirring sound as it sailed through the air and struck his target dead on! The man didn’t even have time to howl in pain before the attack finished him off.


“Whoa, I held back on that one, these guys are weak, is whoever sent them even serious?” Naruto asked.


“They fell for our little trap, so I’d say, no. Now let’s finish them off so you can fuck my ass more!” Samui said as she threw her sword at another would be assassin.


“I thought I already was!” Naruto joked as she bounced her on his cock. Samui let out another moan and hugged herself against him tighter.


“Yeah, but I wanna enjoy it more!” she moaned as she began bouncing herself up and down as the two of them turned their heads to look at the remaining attacker.


“Im… Impossible, how…? How can you fight in such a position?” he asked. His face was hidden behind a hood, and his head protector was a blank plate. Whoever had sent these fools didn’t want their identity known.


“We’re shinobi!” Samui answered as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. “You wanna finish this guy?” she asked Naruto.


“Nah, you can have him.”


“Such a gentleman.” Samui grinned, producing another smaller sword and tossing it at the still stunned assassing, downing him instantly. She then bucked her hips, purposely knocking Naruto off his balance and down onto his back.


“Now, where were we?” she asked with a grin.



“Ugh, and I just got my hair back the way I like it!” Naruto grumbled as he knelt by the waters edge while Samui expertly cut his hair to match the length of the section that had gotten shaved off by the initial attack. She only had a kunai to work with, but he was surprised by how well she was doing with it.


“Why did you cut it so short before?” Samui asked as she leaned in close, her naked tits pressing against his shoulders. The assassins were all dead, in all there were three, the first one had taken his own life with a suicide pill after Samui nailed him in the balls. He must have seen the way the rest of the battle went and took the pill to avoid being interrogated. The other two, well, Naruto still felt insulted. One went down instantly when he took a hit from Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken, honestly he hadn’t made it all that powerful. It only further showed how weak these guys were! The other died from an expertly thrown shortsword straight into his heart.


“Believe it or not, from a similar situation, the top of my head got shaved by a booby trap in one of Kaguya’s temples.


“Hmm, so that’s why you send Sasuke looking through them alone now?” Samui asked as she finished.


“Yeah, and my other responsibilities.” Naruto answered honestly. He looked over at the bodies they had lined up by the pond, “Any idea who they were?”


Samui shook her head, “Probably a minor village that thought you’d make an easy target with just one escourt. Bet they thought they could prove how tough they were if they took down the Hero of the 4th War.”


“I hate that title, everyone fought, the real hero’s were the ones that didn’t make it home.” Naruto said.


Samui only nodded, “So, what do you wanna do with them?”


“Leave them, I’ll contact Konoha when we get to Kumogakure and have them collected. Maybe we can learn something later.” Naruto said.


Samui chuckled, and Naruto asked what was so funny, “‘You’re not doing your job right unless someone is trying to kill you’ I believe is the saying.” she told him.


Naruto laughed, “I’m not Hokage yet!”


“True, but this just shows someone fears you, that’s a good thing.” she told him.

“Oh, by the way, you never answered my question from before.” Naruto said.




“You planned on fucking me this trip, right?”


“Yes and no, Hinata asked me to, she felt bad about not being able to satisfy you as much being so far along in the pregnancy.” Samui told him.


Naruto fell over onto his back, “Why does that not surprise me!?” he said in an exasperated voice.


“You have such a loving wife.” Samui said with a cheeky grin.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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5 months ago

WOW! O_O This was pretty good! Never thought I’d see this here.

To start with, it’s excellent seeing Samui get some attention once again. Not only that this was a very good chapter too. Not only with her guiding Naruto to the Kumogakure region, but also how they really spent their time in the outdoors, including the use of rations and MREs. Pretty impressive. Not to mention how it ties in to previous chapters.

Which brings us to the two sex sequences. They were both very well done. The blowjob and the rough anal filling. Those were fun to follow, including the fight they had with their would-be attackers while they were fucking. It reminded me of this one scene from the movie Shoot Em Up, scenario and all. XD

Though this confirms two things for me, Samui is pretty crafty and underrated and Hinata is a huge freak. LOL.

Either way, I hope we see more Samui later on. Nice work! 😀

5 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Never saw Shoot ’em up, but now I think I should. Glad you enjoyed the story man. I always look forward to seeing your feedback.

5 months ago

good content, I love that they follow a continuity in all their stories, she asked me if they have more stories planned with her

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

Quite a nice artwork. While the template isn’t anything spectacular, it never ceases to amaze me how well the reflection of those cherry trees look in the water. The tattoo above her ass is really sexy and the colors of it are overall rather good. The cum in this template isn’t really to my liking either. But maybe other people like it more… Who knows?

An… interesting chapter to say the least. It has a rather slow and long build-up which ends in not just one but two incredible sex scenes. The slow start is something I’m not quite sure how to feel about. Don’t get me wrong the ending is incredible and the sex awesome but the scene before where they just talk about Naruto’s children and eat have no real conclusion. I mean it is realistic for them to talk about such things since they are news in this world but in my mind this part should have been a little shorter. And while the dinner scene has a good payoff I think you overdone it a bit by describing how they eat/prepare their foot, what they eat,… It’s nice to see that certain food in this world has the same effect as the one in BSU chapter 23 but overall I think you could have described that part a little bit better with the arousal building up and what not. The two sex scenes are incredible and especially the second one starting with them both under water and ending with Naruto and Samui beating three “Assassins” while also having sex was amazingly kinky and funny. The details you give by describing the locations (like the size of the lake, from which direction the water comes from, etc. ) is as good as always. Even if you overdid it a little bit with the campfire scene in my eyes.

Okayish? artwork with a nice chapter.

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Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, I was on a roll as I did this one, sorry if it dragged a bit. I like to give decent lead in to the sex. Build the world around it. But different strokes for different folks. Still glad you enjoyed the bits you did like. 🙂

5 months ago

Wait, this never got released? Huh, I thought this one came out a while ago.

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Reply to  Sailor_Io

Dude, this story is amazing ! Overall I prefer the stories and pics with Naruto fucking the ladies, this is something else my favorite part is the battle sex scene, that is creative and fun to read, really outstanding job !

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Yeah, that was fun to write, got the idea from i forget where, but it was a couple fighting and fucking at the same time. I think it was a Chinese porno.