Always One Size Ahead


Renji was feeling pretty good about life right now. He had saved up enough money for another night at Busteez, in one of their fancy suites no less. He had even gotten in early enough to have his pick of who he wanted to service him. And best of all, he had gotten Rangiku, the one with the biggest tits of all, one-upping Ichigo!


…okay, that was very petty of him. But he and Ichigo been talking, and Busteez came up, as it usually did nowadays, and Renji had found himself getting jealous of Ichigo’s experiences compared to his.


Sure, his time with Rukia and Riruka had been incredible, mind blowing even, but…well, he was a guy after all, and he and Ichigo never stopped competing with each other, even over something like this.


Not exactly something he was proud of, but hey, now that he had gotten Rangiku, dressed amazing in a super slutty maid outfit, those jealous twinges were all gone. And as she came closer, a cute blush on her beautiful face, squeezing her massive tits together with her arms, Renji forgotten all about Ichigo.


Rangiku only barely kept herself from giggling as she lowered herself on Renji’s cock, his face buried in her huge tits. She knew exactly why Renji had hired her for tonight; she wasn’t upset in the least, but she was looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he found out about Ichigo’s night.




Ichigo whistled as Isane blushed, her truly enormous breasts quivering and jiggling with each motion she made. “Wow Isane-san, you really went all out for your enhancements! I’m really surprised; it doesn’t really seem like you. Not that I don’t like it,” he hastily added, not wanting to offend her.


Isane chuckled, glancing briefly at Ichigo’s huge erection. “I know what you mean, Ichigo-san, and it’s kind of a funny story. Urahara made a mistake and I ended up with these.” She jiggled her breasts lightly, the lacy band wrapped around her hand sized nipples swaying gently. “He was very apologetic, but…” she scratched her face with one hand sheepishly. “I kind of like them, and so does everyone else.”


“Well, I’m certainly not complaining.” Smirking, Ichigo leaned back in his chair. “Why don’t you put them to good use? I have a long hard pole that could use some polishing.”


Giggling, Isane curtsied, licking her lips. “As my master commands,” she replied, already wrapping her mountains of breasts around Ichigo’s cock. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she just managed to get it into her mouth so she could start sucking on it.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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