Altar of Heroes

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Standing in front of the altar, dressed in his Hero Costume in its Red Mode, Izuku Midoriya looked across to where Kyoka, Mina, Toru, and Tsuyu all stood wearing their bridesmaid dresses. Momo had promised gorgeous dresses, and she wasn’t kidding! All of them were wearing a deep crimson red gown that was trimmed in white. Behind Izuku, Kacchan clicked his tongue as he stood in the Best Man’s position. Izuku had asked him after his “bachelor party”, and to his surprise, he agreed. Standing behind Kacchan, all wearing matching red tuxedos were Iida, Kirishima, and Koda. Standing to Kacchan’s right was Kota, holding a small red velvet pillow with a pair of golden rings on top of it.


Standing behind the altar was the school’s guidance counselor, Hound Dog. As it turned out he was a fully ordained minister and able to perform weddings. Momo and Izuku jumped at the chance to have him perform the ceremony. He was dressed in dark blue and white minister robes, his usually scruffy hair was neatly combed and looked almost majestic. More like a noble animal than a wild one.


“I still think you’re being an idiot.” said Kacchan.


“It’s the right thing to do.” Izuku said back to him.


“Whatever.” Kacchan said, “Don’t think I’m gonna hold back at the reception!” he told him.


“I know.” Izuku said as he looked out over the gathered guests. Class’s A and B were both gathered on either side of the aisle. On his side, All Might sat with his mother smiling up at him.


“My baby’s getting married!!!” said his mother as she smiled at him, whenever she wasn’t crying so hard she threatened to flood the chapel! The right side of All Might’s blue suit was a dark blue now from the spray of tears. Next to them were Endeavor, Mitsuki, Mt. Lady, and Midnight. The next row back was Todoroki, Kendo, Tokoyami, Nejire, Amajiki, Togata, and Ochaco. Farther back Mineta and the rest of his class sat together with some of the faculty. The rest of the chapel was filled with men from Mr. Kuroko’s medical company. Many of them were in advertising and the PR departments. Taneo Tokuda was here as well, acting as the wedding Photographer. Izuku had requested him specifically as he had a quirk unique to the task, and he was someone Izuku trusted to take some good pictures!


He and Ochaco still hadn’t had a chance to really talk. A couple times over the last week they had begun to speak, but something always happened to draw them away from each other! If Izuku didn’t know better he would have thought there was a higher force at work! Still, he was glad she was here, even smiling at him and giving a small wave when their eyes met. He smiled back and looked to the next row back where he spotted Melissa and Mei sitting together. Melissa seemed to be fidgeting for some reason while Mei looked like she was ready to jump out of her seat with excitement!


On Momo’s side of the aisle he spotted her parents. Mr. Yaoyorozu looked at Izuku approvingly, he seemed like an imposing figure, but he was actually pretty nice when the two of them finally met. The older man was a no nonsense businessman, maybe a bit overly candid, but he seemed like a good man all in all. Momo’s mother looked like a supermodel! Well, not so much at this exact moment as she was crying so hard her make-up was running. Principal Nezu sat with them alongside Recovery Girl, Cementoss, and Aizawa-sensei. Behind them sat most of Class B and other faculty members. There were even a few students from Shiketsu High there as well. He spotted that Camie girl sitting with Inasa Yoarashi.


“Look alive loser,” Kacchan said as the music began to play and little Eri-chan began walking down the aisle, tossing flower petals all about. She looked so adorable in her little red dress which was almost a wedding gown in itself! Someone had polished the horn on top of her head to a glossy shine. Izuku heard from Recovery Girl that Eri’s horn strictly speaking was made of keratin, like her hair and fingernails, how it was linked to her quirk was still being investigated, but buffing it caused her no discomfort as he spread out the pink and red petals along the aisle as “Here Comes the Bride” began to play.


“You’re still an idiot,” said Kacchan, “But you have good taste.” he told him as Momo came into view. Izuku gasped softly, her ‘gown’ was in a word; stunning. She wore her Creati heroine costume, but she added a long skirt of a sheer red silk that allowed everyone to see her long smooth legs. In her hands she held a bouquet of deep red and white roses, with a single golden one in the center.


Momo’s face was lightly obscured by a red veil, but she looked beautiful nonetheless. She slowly made her way up the aisle, walking very slowly until she reached his side and the music stopped.


“Here we go,” Momo whispered.


“Second thoughts?” Izuku asked.


“I’d be lying if I said no, you?” she whispered.


“Same,” he said with a smile.


From his position behind the altar, Hound Dog cleared his throat and spoke more clearly than Izuku could ever remember. He could tell the man was trying to be as serious and respectful as possible.


“Dearly beloved, we have gathered here on this day, in this place, to witness the joining of two souls.” he said clearly. “These young heroes, have become a symbol of hope for many, and together, they will–”




Izuku turned to see the doors to the chapel blast inwards, spraying dust and debris everywhere!




A split second later, the west facing wall crashed inwards.




Followed by the east wall.




Lasting the skylight above the middle of the aisle came down as a hulking figure smashed through it. As the dust cleared, Izuku gasped at the sight of several figures that came into view.


“Nomu!” Izuku gasped. There was no mistaking them, the exposed brains, the massive bodies and unnaturally dark skin. The one that came through the ceiling was accompanied by a normal sized man wearing a hooded cloak that hid his face. Izuku sensed he had to be the one in charge.


“Hey boss!” said a voice that made Izuku’s blood run cold! He turned to the eastern wall where Muscular stood with a Nomu as big as he was! This one has a huge frame, with muscle tissue protruding from beneath the skin, just like Muscular’s quirk! Instantly Izuku knew it was no accident why Muscular and Moonfish were broken out of Tartarus Prison, this hooded man wasn’t after All for One at all! “You never said we were crashing a wedding, that’s poor taste even for me!” said Muscular. He then looked over in Izuku’s direction, and a cruel smile spread over his ruined face.


“Oooh, it’s you, and the kid too! Nevermind boss! I take it back!!!” said Muscular as even more muscles built over his body and he grew in size, “I owe you a beat down, this time, I will see your BLOOD!!!!” he howled.


“HEROES!!!! TO ARMS!!!!!” shouted Cementoss. Many of the teachers stood and took up defensive positions. Next to his Mother, All Might shifted to his muscle form and moved to keep the green haired woman shielded.


“I’ll keep her safe Young Midoriya.” he told him.


“Izuku, please be careful!” Inko cried.


“Protect the students!” shouted Principal Nezu.


“Kota!” Izuku shouted, “Take Eri and find somewhere to hide!” he said as he touched a control on his wrist, fully shifting his suit to it’s red mode! He felt it tighten around his body as he triggered One for All. He wasted no time and opened up his full power, his hair standing on end as arcs of green energy sparked over his body. “One for All, Full Cowling, 100%, RED MODE!!!!” he said as he dropped into a defensive position in front of Eri and Kota.


“DIIIIIIIE!!!!!!” shouted Kacchan as he launched himself in the air towards Muscular. “You guys gotta be the dumbest villains in history to attack a wedding full of heroes!!!!” he shouted.


“Where else are we gonna find the hottest women in the business!?” Muscular shot back as the Nomu next to him jumped in front of Kacchan’s path and opened its mouth wide. Kacchan moved his hands in front of himself to blast himself backwards just before the monster breathed out a noxious looking green vapor!


“Careful Kacchan, we don’t know the quirks of those Nomu!” Izuku shouted.


“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, DEKU!!!!” Kacchan shouted back at him.


“Get to work.” said the man in the hood. The Nomu next to him raised its left arm and pointed it towards the bridesmaids, a space on his forearm opened up to reveal a series of holes like a wasps nest. A handful of small darts with some kind of pink fluid in the center shot out with a FWIP FWIP FWIP sound.


“Watch out!” Momo called, creating a large steel shield and moved to defend Kyoka and Tsuyu. The darts pinged harmlessly off the metal and Mina used her Acid Man move to coat her entire body in a thick layer of highly corrosive acid! The darts never reached her, melting into so much char upon contact. Unfortunately, Mina’s dress wasn’t acid proof like her regular costume, causing it to melt off her body, leaving her clad only in a pair of purple thong panties and red pumps. The pink skinned girl paid it no mind though as she went on the offensive, flinging a blob of acid at the hooded man. Before it hit however, a piece of the marble floor at his feet floated up to fend off the attack.


“This is an old church, made with lots of stonework, ideal for me.” the man said calmly.


“Deku nii-chan…” Eri said softly. Izuku turned to see the girl clinging to Kota, she was trembling.


“It’s gonna be alright Eri, I promise!” Izuku said with a smile he didn’t feel inside.


“I’ll protect her, go beat them up!” Kota said.


“It’s gonna be different this time!” said Muscular as he made his way over towards them. Cementoss and Eraserhead tried to get in his way, but they were quickly pushed aside by the Nomu with him. This one wasn’t like the one with the hooded boss villain, it looked like a mass of dark colored muscles in the rough shape of a man. The top of its head was exposed brain matter with an open wound for a mouth filled with sharp pointy teeth! The creature flexed its fingers, and it’s nails extended out like switchblades, all about four centimeters long and dripping with some strange pink fluid not unlike what Izuku had seen in the darts a moment ago.


“I know you! You’re that murderer that escaped Tartarus!” said Cow Lady as she shifted into her animal form and charged at Muscular, “I’m sending you back where you belong scumbag!”


“Not today!” Muscular said as he caught Cow Lady easily by her horns and neck, lifting her up and forcing her back to her human form just as the Nomu stabbed her with its right hand in her hip. Cow Lady screamed as whatever drug was injected into her!


“AHHHAAAAA!!!” she screamed, but it wasn’t a pained sound! Izuku had heard that sound many times now, whenever he was with Momo, or Tsuyu, or any of the other girls he’d been with! It was the moan of a woman cumming hard!


“What the!?!” he heard Mt. Lady say as she dodged a stroke from the Nomu that had come in through the main doors. Izuku blinked as Cow Lady’s lips seemed to get thicker, fuller. Her already big tits burst out of her blouse, spraying milk as her hips widened enough to tear through the fabric of her jeans.


“Ahhhh, I’m like, so hooooornyyyyy!!!” she moaned, “My head’s all gooey and dizzzyyy, it feels soooo goood!! I wanna caaaawk!!!!” she moaned as Muscular dropped her and she began to masturbate there on the floor, sucking on her own milk as she dug her fingers into her now exposed and dripping pussy.


“Oh crap!!!” Izuku said, turning to Kota and Eri, only to find them both having their eyes covered by Tsuyu and Kyoka. Izuku went over and knelt down in front of the two.


“Kota,” he said to the boy as Tsuyu pulled her hands away, “I want you to take Eri and run, okay, don’t look back. Just find someplace to hide and stay there!” he told him.


“Deku nii-chan…” Eri said again


“It’s alright Eri, you’re gonna be fine, just stay with Kota, I gotta stop these bad guys, but I promise you’ll be okay.” Izuku said.


Eri sniffled, and he could see tears threatening to form in her red eyes, “Do… Do you need my powers?” she asked.


Izuku smiled at her genuinely, reaching his hand up to gently pat the top of her head, “You are so brave to offer. But my friends and I got this, I just want you to be safe, okay?” he said to her.


She sniffled again, “O… Okay!” she said.


“I’ll keep her safe Mr. Deku! I promise!!!” said Kota.


“I know you will Kota, I believe in you!” Izuku told him. He then watched as Kota took Eri’s hand and ran towards the back of the chapel. Hound Dog opened a door for them and ushered them through, giving Izuku a thumbs up sign as he followed after them.


Izuku turned and looked back at Muscular, now being given a pretty wide berth by the heroes as Cow Lady continued fingering herself on the floor.


CAWK CAWK CAAAWK, GIMME A CAWK RIGHT NOOOOW!!!!! SOMEONE FUCK MY COW PUSSY, MOOOOOOO!!!!” the blonde woman howled as she squeezed both her tits, making geysers of milk spray from her nipples!


“My Nomu will turn all the women here into willing cumdumpsters…” bragged the hooded man, “Before long, you’ll all be part of my harem!”


“The man’s a saint!!!” Izuku heard Mineta shout.


“Don’t be an idiot!” said Eraserhead, followed by the sound of Mineta choking.


Izuku ignored Mineta’s antics as he focused on the enemy nearest to him, which was the man in the hood and the dart shooting Nomu with him!



Nemuri Kayama, better known as Midnight, was amazed at how quickly things could go from serene to complete and utter chaos! One minute, she was watching one of her best students getting married to a man with by far the biggest dick she’d ever seen. The next things were insane as a bunch of villains and Nomu crashed the ceremony! Young Bakugo was dealing with the pair of enemies that broke through nearest where she sat, so Midnight turned to the pair that had burst through the doors to the chapel.


The Nomu monster looked like a gigantic black beach ball with arms and legs. His head was little more than a lower jaw with a big brain and eyes sticking out of it. Down the center of his body was what looked like some kind of scar, as if someone had tried to cut him in half with a sword. Next to him was a misshapen figure, his entire body looked like it was made of a thick green sludge. Midnight remembered there were less televised reports of events before the Tartarus break-in, and a certain sludge villain was broken out of a lower security prison. Midnight was actually surprised Bakugo wasn’t going after him instead of tangling with the toxic breath Nomu.


“What are you waiting for, let the twins loose and knock ‘em out already!” said Mt. Lady next to her with a nod towards her breasts.


“Can’t, I’d put down our own people as well in this confined space if I let that much out.” Midnight told her.


“Damn,” Mt. Lady cursed, “I can’t grow in here either, I’d bring the whole building down, and I’m already worried about the structural integrity, those two walls look load bearing.” she told her.


Midnight agreed, “I’m gonna go in close and try to knock out the big one!” she told her, already pulling at the sleeve of her costume. She could actively control how much of her scent she released by exposing just a small bit of skin.


“You sure that thing is male?” Mt. Lady asked.


“Um, duh!” Midnight said, pointing to the monster’s crotch.


Mt. Lady looked and an expression of pity came over her face, “Oh now that’s just sad.” she said at the sight of the tiny penis hanging there.


“You’ve been spoiled by the groom is all.” Midnight said before she jumped into action! Though it was true, that was a sad sight, but it meant her quirk could knock the monster out faster! As she ran towards the door, she spotted Himiko huddled behind one of the pews and a thought occurred to her!


“Hey Himiko! Got nuts!” she shouted at her little pet as she reached into one of the compartments on her belt and withdrew a small box cutter. She tossed it to the messy haired blonde who caught it easily.


“Really Mistress!!!!???” she asked excitedly.


“Yes, just on the Nomu though!” she told her.


“Yay!!! I was just thinking these ugly guys wouldn’t be so bad if they were a bit bloodier!!!!” said Himiko as she extended the box cutter blade all the way out and took off running towards the west wall.


If nothing else, she’ll keep them busy.’ Midnight thought as she jumped up into the air and tore open her left sleeve. A pink mist came off of her skin as she fell towards the Nomu. “Nighty night boys!” she said with a sadistic grin. The Nomu then looked up at her as its beach ball shaped torso split open along the huge scar going down its center.


“What the…?!” was all Midnight had time to say as she took in the sight of a mass of wet looking pink tissue with blue and red tendrils waving about. Several of those tendrils then shot out, grabbing the dark haired woman by her wrists and ankles before pulling her in! Midnight barely had time to cry out in surprise as she found her body pulled against the soft, squishy, and very wet insides of the monster. The sides then closed back around her, trapping her inside like some kind of twisted Venus Fly Trap!


The first thing to hit her was the smell! A rank putrid smell like sweat mixed with fish that had been left in the sun too long. She coughed hard as it quickly filled her every breath. The next she noticed was the sizzling sound as her costume began to dissolve as the slimy fluids inside began to eat away at the fabric. Her skin was completely unharmed though. She knew from Mina that there were types of acid that were completely harmless to living things, but anything inorganic dissolved near instantly. In seconds she was as naked as the day she was born as more tendrils emerged from the ‘walls’ of her prison.


She only had a moment to wonder how it was she could still see inside the Nomu before the wriggling tentacles began snaking around her body. They spread a different fluid as they touched her. It felt hot and disgusting as she struggled in vain.


“Let me go you disgusting guuuugh…!!!” Midnight screamed, then as if waiting for her to open her mouth, one tentacle shot down her throat, gagging her as it wriggled around inside. She felt more of the heat from its slime spreading through her body as yet more tentacles emerged from the fleshy walls. “HMMMMPH!!!” she screamed around the tentacle violating her mouth and throat as they moved to wrap around her heavy tits! One tentacle coiled around her left breast, squeezing and kneading it almost like a lover as the top of it opened to reveal a tiny mouth that then latched onto her nipple and bit down hard!


HMMMMMMPPPHHH!!!!” Midnight screamed, struggling anew as she finally understood just WHAT this Nomu was. She’d seen enough bad hentai games on her male students computers to recognize she was in a flesh prison!


AGUGH GUGH GUH GUGH GUH!!!” Midnight choked around the tentacle in her mouth as he began pumping itself in and out of her throat. “GUUUUGGHHHHPPPPH!!!!!!” she gagged and screamed as thick tentacle emerged from beneath her, there was no mistaking what this one was for from the penis-like shape of the tip. She tried to press her thighs shut, but the tendrils around her simply pulled them open with ease.


NHOOOOOOOGUUGH!!!!” Midnight screamed as the huge tentacle cock plunged into her pussy! “HMMMMPPPH!!!!” she cried as it spread her pussy wide, distending her abdomen as it moved into her depths. It should have hurt, being speared by something so thick, but Midnight felt no pain as her eyes rolled back and her head began to feel dizzy.


What’s happening to me…?‘ she thought as a fog began spreading over her mind, ‘Hard to think, it stinks so much in here, I can’t breathe, but it… It feels… Good…?’ she thought as her body began feeling hotter and hotter all over. ‘NO! I can’t be getting turned on! NO! NOOO!!!’ thought Midnight as her body bucked and thrashed against the tentacles molesting her. But she couldn’t move, couldn’t get free as her pussy began leaking, adding her own musky scent to the stench inside this perverted place.


A third tentacle then came up from beneath the one now pumping in and out of her womb. Midnight tried thrashing about again, but it was no use as it shot straight up her asshole!


HMMMMMPPPHHH!!!! BHIIIIG!!! TOOOOO BHIIIIIG!!!” she gagged around the tentacle in her throat. “AGUGH GUH GUGH GUH GUGH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!” she gagged as all the tentacle began moving together. ‘Please,’ she thought as the heat and pleasure began mounting inside her, ‘No, I don’t wanna cum from this, not from this…. No…. Nooooo…!!!’ Midnight moaned as her entire body shook in ecstasy.


AAAGUUUUGH, AY’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!!” she gagged around the tentacle pushing in and out of her mouth and throat. “NHOOOOO, DON’T WANNA CUUUUM, DON’T WANNNAAAAAA…” she moaned as her body came again, and again, and again, every time she felt herself orgasming faster each time. The mild pain she felt from the tentacle up her ass faded completely as her body bucked against the invading appendages. “NHOOO, SHO GUUD… PHEELS TOO GUUUD, CUMMING!!!!!” she moaned as another orgasm hit her.


Ahhhh… This feels so good, can’t think, gonna cuuuum!!!!’ Midnight moaned in her head as everything began getting foggier. She couldn’t feel anything but the tentacles writhing all over her and inside her! It felt so good!!! She was starting to like it, no she was loving this!!! Yes!!! She loved this!!! Thick, firm tentacles wriggling around her her ass and cunt, twisting up her insides!!!!


CUUUMMMMINGGG!!!!” she moaned around the tentacle in her mouth as she felt her gag reflex fade away entirely. She loved the revolting taste and feel of it as her throat undulated from it’s movements in her mouth!


MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMHMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Midnight moaned as she came with her mouth alone as her pussy sprayed nonstop. Her breasts bobbed and jiggled with the force of the tentacles thrusting into her and she let out another howl of ecstasy as the mouths on her nipples bit down harder.


CUUUUMMMMINGGGGG!!!!!” Midnight screamed around the tentacle in her throat. She then let out a plaintive wail as the tentacle pulled away, making her gasp for air she didn’t know her lungs needed!


NHOOOO!!!! MORE!!! MORE IN MY MOUTH PUSSY!!!! NEMURI IS A SLUTTY WOMAN, GIVE IT TO ME MOOOORE!!!!” she screamed as she felt the tentacles in her nether regions pushing even DEEPER! A coiling lump writhed on her abdomen as the tentacle in her cunt slithered around in her womb! At the same time, she could feel the other one in her ass going through her insides!


AHHHAAAAA, SO GOOOD!!! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!!!!! MY PUSSY, MY WOMB!!!! IT’S ALL GOING SO DEEP!!! MY ASSS!!! MY ASS FEELS SO FULL!!!! AHA AHA AHA AHHHAAAAA!!!” she panted and moaned as her entire body shook in pleasure now. “I… I FEEL IT… SO DEEEP…! I LOVE THIS… I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH!!!! AGGUUUUUGHHH…!!!” Her bright blue eyes went dull as she teetered on the edge of consciousness before they finally crossed, then closed as she passed out entirely!


“SHIT, MIDNIGHT!!!” called Endeavor as he watched his comrade be swallowed whole by the Nomu creature. He never really knew the woman all that well before she opened her own agency. But he’d shared more than a few drinks with her now, and came to think of her as a reliable ally at the least.


“Don’t worry, he won’t kill her.” said the hooded man in the center of everything. Both pro and student alike were keeping their distance. Endeavor figured he had geokinesis or something close, he was freely moving stone debris around to guard himself from ranged attacks. And no one wanted to risk getting close yet not with those weird darts from the Nomu defending him. Whatever kind of drug was in them, nobody, certainly the women in attendance, wanted to get doused.


Cow Lady still writhed on the floor, masturbating like some nymphomaniac as she cried out for sex! On the other end of the room, Another Nomu struggled with the ‘reformed’ villain Toga. The young blonde was insanely nimble as she jumped, ducked, dodged and weaved to avoid the monster’s attacks. Every time she would manage to get in a small or semi-deep cut on the creature.


“Awwww, this isn’t fun for me if you don’t bleed more Mr. Nomu!!!” Toga whined as she cut the creature’s beefy arm. The sheer amount of muscle on the beast managed to close his wounds as quickly as the girl could make them.


“Tooogaaah, traaaitor…” rasped another escaped inmate, Endeavor had read his file He went by the name Moonfish, a villain who could turn his teeth into blades that could extend out as far as he wanted them. He was convicted of multiple accounts of murder and cannibalism!


“Oh shut up Moonie, I never liked you!” Toga hissed back at him. “Mistress wants you taken down, so that’s what I’m gonna do!!!”


Gotta hand it to Midnight, she has the girl well reigned in.’ Endeavor thought to himself as he held out his hand and released a burst of flames at the Nomu that had burst in through the west wall with the villain Muscular. The thing was obviously made to keep the male heroes back, with whatever that toxic breath of his was. Cow Lady, the one that had tried to get close, was an example of what this man planned to do with the female attendees.


He then turned to the hooded boss villain, “Tell your Nomu to let my comrade go, and MAYBE I’ll let you off with just a mild sunburn!” he threatened.


“Oh you needn’t worry,” said the man, his voice dripped with smug arrogance. “She won’t suffocate or anything either, though the drugs being pumped into her will rewrite her DNA on the cellular level. By the time he’s done with her, her sense of touch should beee… About three thousand percent of normal. Just the slightest touch will send her into orgasm!” he said with a laugh.


“You scum!” Endeavor hissed and took a step forward. He stopped when the dart launching Nomu fired three of its projectiles at his feet.


“Careful, you have no idea what that stuff does to men, actually, I don’t either, never bothered to test it that way.” the hooded man said with a snicker.


“ENDEAVOR!!!!” shouted a young man in the crowd. He was using powerful gusts of wind to keep the sludge villain at bay. “HIT ME WITH YOUR HOTTEST FIRE!!!!” he shouted as he created a whirlwind between himself and the sludge villain while other heroes helped get more of the guests out of harm’s way. The veteran hero caught his plan quickly, remembering Shoto’s performance at his first provisional license exam.


“Good thinking kid.” Endeavor agreed, firing a stream of red hot flames at the youth. The young man easily enveloped them in his winds, turning his whirlwinds into a wall of hellfire to keep the villain’s at bay. He was even smart enough not to aim for the Nomu currently holding Midnight captive!


“AAHHHAAAA!!!!” cried a girls voice. Still keeping his flames going, Endeavor looked over to see Himiko Toga in the grips of the large Nomu with Moonfish. The hulking creature was as big as Endeavor himself, and the hero had no doubts he was just as strong, if not stronger. The Nomu looked more or less like a man, just with unnaturally black skin, bulging muscles that broke through it in places, and a noseless face with an open wound of a mouth filled with shark-like teeth. The mouth now opened wide and the teeth extended outwards, bending at seemingly random angles before stabbing into Toga in her arms, legs, and torso.


The young blonde girl cried out in pain, “HEY, I’M NOT THE ONE WHO’S SUPPOSED TO BE BLEEDING HERE YOU BIG BULLY!!!!” she hissed, then moaned as more of that pink substance traveled through the extended teeth and into her body at all the puncture points.


“AHHHH!!!” Toga moaned in ecstasy like Cow Lady before. Endeavor could only watch as the girls body changed, her breasts and hips expanding, thickening. Her lips became puffy as her tits burst out of her top.


AHHHMMMMMH!!! I’M LIKE, SOOOOO HORNYYYYY!!!!! AHHHH I FEELS GOOOD, MY BODY FEELS SO GOOOOD!!!!!” she moaned as the teeth retracted and the Nomu dropped Himiko like a sack of rice. The young blonde instantly ripped off what remained of her clothes, openly fondling herself and masturbating furiously as she laid back on the ground. “MOOOONIE!!! LIKE, GIMME YOUR COCK NOOOOOW, I WANNA SUCKY SUCK IIIIIT!!!


“Whooooore…” Moonfish said as he ignored the girl and moved farther into the building. “Haaave to wooork, graaab girls, haaarem…” he rasped as he moved forward.


“Not this time monster!!!” said Shoto as he jumped into his way. “Itsuka, get Himiko to safety!” he said as he created a shield of ice on his right hand, while his left arm was wreathed in flames!


“SHOTO, SHOW HIM WHO YOU ARE!!!!” Endeavor called out to his son proudly.


“Pay attention old man!” was his son’s only reply. Endeavor turned back to see his flames had diminished from his lack of focus. But thankfully the civilians were almost evacuated. From the edges of his vision, he saw All Might getting Mrs. Midoriya out through one of the service entrances, slamming the door shut behind them. It was a shame he was retired, they could use his help in this fight. The Yoarashi boy then turned his attention towards offensive measures, picking the ball-like Nomu and the sludge villain up in a small tornado, then threw the Nomu against one of the walls hard. The beast grunted and the opening in his torso opened again, spilling a naked Midnight out onto the floor of the now ruined chapel.


“Nemuri!!!!” Mt. Lady shouted, diving towards her and scooping the unconscious woman up in her arms before making a mad dash out the door!


“Okay, civilians are all out!!!” called Principal Nezu. Heroes and Students, Nomu are not classified as human, lethal force is thereby authorized!”


“NOW YOU TELL US!!!!????” the Bakugo boy shouted. “OKAY, THIS TIME, I MEAN IT!!!! DIIIIIIE!!!!!!”



“DIIIIIIE!!!!” Izuku heard Kacchan shouting as he launched himself into the air again and flew towards the Nomu with the noxious breath. The monster opened his mouth wide and let out another cloud of green fumes.


“NOT GONNA WORK THIS TIME YOU BASTARD!!! AP SHOT!!!!” shouted Kacchan as he aimed his palm at the Nomu’s mouth and released a small but concentrated blast! The Nomu’s head simply vanished, a smoking stump where it used to be as the body collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut!


Kacchan landed on top of the massive corpse and turned to look back at the boss villain who stood as if shocked.


“Guess you hadn’t heard,” Endeavor said, “We know the Nomu are all reanimated corpses, and since none of yours have spoken yet, it’s obvious there’s nothing of their original selves left.”


“SO THAT MEANS WE DON’T HOLD BACK!!!” came Mt. Lady’s voice as a massive hand reached inside the chapel and grabbed the beach ball Nomu. The giantess’ hand grabbed the creature easily and squeezed! “Oh groosssss, that was juicier than I thought it’d be!!!” Mt. Lady complained as the Nomu was popped like an even more grotesque zit! Blood and organs and other things dripped from her palm as she pulled her hand out. Izuku fought down a gag reflex as he looked back towards the boss villain.


“Surrender now, and you won’t be harmed!” he shouted at him.


“I gotta say, I didn’t foresee this, but I won’t be denied!!!” the man said as he pulled back his hood. Izuku didn’t really know what he was expecting, but this certainly wasn’t it. The man was plain, the kind of person you bumped into on the train and didn’t think twice about. He had close cut sandy colored hair and plain brown eyes.


“Fire again!” he shouted at the Nomu guarding him, “Full volley!”


Izuku gasped as the Nomu’s shoulders suddenly expanded like balloons, dozens of small holes like a honeycomb opening all over them as tiny needles emerged from them. More holes appeared on his arms and legs, literally hundreds of those darts were about to launch!


“Everybody down!!!!” Endeavor yelled as he shrouded his entire body in flames. All around the room, the remaining heroes began seeking cover. Out of the corner of his vision he saw Kacchan diving behind one of the still standing pews, Cow Lady was slung over his left shoulder as he knocked Ochaco back with him using his right arm!


“Get behind me!!!” shouted Momo as she made an even bigger shield. Izuku moved behind it as well, kneeling down next to Kyoka.


“Heck of a wedding huh?” she asked him with a smirk.


“Yeah,” Izuku agreed.




The sound of dozens of the darts all launching at once filled the air. Izuku heard them ricocheting off of the walls and surfaces. Most of them pinged loudly off of Momo’s shield and clattered harmlessly to the floor.


“Ow!!!” Kyoka hissed next to him.


“Are you alright!” Izuku asked as the girl pressed a hand to her right arm.


She pulled her hand away and looked, “Yeah, I’m fine, just a scratch, didn’t go in.” she reported.


“Good,” Izuku said as the volley ended and he stood up, “Someone needs to grab Toga and get her out of here.” he said. Shoto and Itsuka had tried to get to her, but Moonfish had kept both of them away with his bladed teeth. And every time Itsuka got close to Himiko, the Nomu would try to stab her with his own bladed teeth that were still dripping with whatever drug the others had been dosed with. To make it worse, Shoto was forced to make a wall of ice to fend off the blast of drugged darts from earlier, giving the two time to combine their assault, forcing the two on the defensive!


“On it!” said Tsuyu, “KERO!!!” she croaked as she lashed out with her tongue, grabbing the still masturbating girl and pulling her back over to them.


“OH DEKU!!!!” Himiko said as her eyes locked on him, “FUCK ME AGAIN, STUFF THAT BIG DICK IN MY TEENY WEENY LITTLE PUSSYYYYY!!!!” she begged. The blonde looked like a pincushion now, with several more darts jammed into her! Her face was a mask of raw needy lust as her fat lips drooled constantly.


“I’ll get her out of here,” Iida said.


“No,” said Kirishima, “I will, I can harden, the darts won’t affect me if he fires again, you guys focus on taking this loser down!” said the redhead as his entire body hardened, his skin taking on a jagged angular look before he picked her up and began running through the debris.


NHOOOO, CAAAAAWK!!!!” Himiko whined.


Izuku looked over Momo’s shield, the massive blast of darts seemed to have been mostly ineffective. Endeavor and Inasa had used their quirks to either melt or deflect the projectiles harmlessly.


“Ow,” said one girl, “This is totally not cool jerkface!!!” Izuku looked and gasped in horror as Camie pulled three darks out of her ass. The pink fluid had been completely injected into her! “Needles like, totally suck!” she said as she rubbed her now slightly bigger ass before moving her hands to heft her bigger tits as they threatened to burst out of her top. “Oh wow, these are pretty big, and they feel nice too! But you’re still a total jerkface hoodie guy! And didn’t anyone give you the memo? Hoodies are like, SOOOOO last season.”


“Yeah, you would be unaffected!” Kacchan said as he and Ochaco got out from behind the pew where they had taken cover.


“Katsuki, don’t be mean!” Ochaco said, smacking the back of his head. She then lifted Cow Lady up easily, likely having applied her quirk to her behind the pew. “Mt. Lady, injured coming out!!!” she shouted as she threw the still moaning woman through the gaping hole where the doors used to be. He saw Mt. Lady’s massive hand catch her easily before Ochaco released her quirk.


“Got her!!!” Mt. Lady called back.


“Muuust wooork, have to make bimbooos…” Moonfish rasped, “Toooga gone, need replaaaacement.”


“Replace THIS!” Kacchan shouted, aiming his palm at Moonfish, “DIIIIE!!!” he screamed as he hit the villain with a less lethal AP Shot, knocking him back and away from his Nomu partner. The ice dome around Itsuka and Shoto then shattered as the two put some distance between themselves and the Nomu.


“Everyone, get clear!!!” Ochaco shouted as she brought her fingers together, “Release!!!” she said as her breasts and ass expanded dramatically! She then grabbed one of the grenades from Kacchan’s belt. “You like biting huh ugly, well, BITE THIS!!!!” Ochaco said as she touched all of her fingers to the grenade and closed her eyes. The small explosive in her hand then turned blacker than black before she hurled it with all her strength at the monster. Izuku felt a pulling sensation coming from the object, then a rush of wind as the air itself seemed to be getting sucked in!


“GET DOWN DEKU!!!!!” Kacchan shouted and Izuku crouched down as the air turned to a furious inrush of wind as the grenade turned into a tiny pinprick of pure darkness that drifted towards the Nomu. The creature lashed out with it’s jaws, trying to slice the object apart.


“Yeah, that won’t work monster!” Ochaco called out, “You can’t slice up a thirty thousand gigaton Quasi-Black Hole!!!!”


“A WHAT!?” Izuku shouted, then watched with both fascination and a little horror as the Nomu was ripped apart as it was sucked into the event horizon of Ochaco’s attack! In the blink of an eye, the monster was gone without a trace! Then, seconds later, the black hole simply stopped! Vanishing with a soft ‘pop’.


“YEAH!!! THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!!!!” Kacchan cheered.


“You’re allies are fading fast,” Izuku said as he got up and looked at the leader again. He had avoided the pull of the black hole by raising a plinth of stone up from the floor and bracing himself against it. “Ready to give up?”


“Grrr…” the Hooded man growled, and Izuku watched as all the pieces of stone debris strewn about began lifting up. The pieces rotated quietly in the air, reshaping themselves into thousands of tiny cone shaped darts. All of them aimed at him.


“You bastards!!!!” he shouted and waved his hand at Izuku. The darts all flew at him at once.


Izuku felt himself smile. A natural smile as he knew exactly what to do as he clapped his hands together in front of him. “Kentucky, SMAAASH!!!!” He was still at 100%, and a simple clap had the force of a sonic boom! Shattering every window in the chapel and sending out a shockwave that stopped the attack in its tracks! The stone cones all clattered against the floor harmlessly as he looked back at the villain again.


“N… No way…” he said breathlessly.


“Well done lad,” Endeavor praised him, “That was a move worthy of All Might! You even kept them from hitting anyone else.”


Crap!’ Izuku thought, ‘I didn’t think of how they might deflect!’ But he continued to smile anyway.


“Shit…” the hooded man cursed. “This isn’t over!” he shouted as the floor beneath him seemed to turn to sand. “Hold them off.” he said to his Nomu before he sank into the floor and vanished!


“He’s moving underground!” Endeavor said before the Nomu began to move. The hulking monster charged straight at Izuku, more of its needle tips emerging from the holes all over its body. “He’s going to fire again!”


“Not if I can help it!” said Izuku as he rushed in, the world moving as if in flow motion around him as he closed the distance between himself and the final Nomu. “SMAAAAAAAAASH!!!!” he shouted as he let loose a fully charged high kick straight at the Nomu’s groin! The ironsoles of his boots protected him from the protruding needles as the monster went airborne! His kick sent it flying up and out through the hole it had made in the ceiling before.


The Nomu didn’t get very high however as a giant pair of hands holding two cars closed around the inhuman thing! There was a loud crash and crunching noise as it was sandwiched between the automobiles to avoid the needles.


“Is that the last of them?” he heard Mt. Lady’s voice call. “The police are almost here as well as a few ambulances!”


“Good, we’ll need them!” called Endeavor. “Their boss got away, someone get me the wedding photographer, I need pictures of that man, I want to know who he is!”


“Wait,” Izuku said, “Where’s Muscular!? I didn’t see anyone take him down!”



“Eri, this way!” cried Kota as he gripped Eri’s hand. The two of them were running through the halls of the church as fast as they could. Behind them a monster of a man laughed as he gave chase!


“You’re not getting away this time kid!!! THIS TIME, I WILL SEE YOUR BLOOD!!!” Muscular screamed as he began running faster.


“Kota… I’m scared!” said Eri as she struggled to keep up with him. Her legs were slightly shorter than his own, meaning she couldn’t match his stride entirely.


“I know, I am too!!! But we just gotta keep running!” he told her as he gripped her hand tighter. She’d been the only person close to his age at UA, the two of them had spent the last few weeks playing together every day. It was strange, he should be scared because of what this man had done to his parents, what he had tried to do to him last year, but that’s not what frightened him now. No, what scared him was what he might do to Eri if he caught them!


The two of them left the chapel behind as soon as they were able. Mr. Hound Dog said he would look after them while the others fought, and as they made their way through the church, one of the walls behind them broke down to reveal Muscular! He swatted Hound Dog aside like he was just a bug, Kota winced at the cracking sound the hero made against the stone wall as he hit it and slid down, he hoped the hero was just unconscious. Kota didn’t waste any time, grabbing Eri’s hand and running. The two of them moved through the church, but Muscular was always just one or two doors behind them. His massive body was too big to fit through them, forcing him to break them down as he went. It was the only advantage the two of them had.


Ahead of them was yet another door, and beside it was a window with daylight streaming in. Kota figured it had to lead outside, they could find help and get away from the monster that killed his parents.


“There!” he said, pointing to it. Eri nodded and the two went through the door, only to find themselves inside a large storage space, with no doors or windows leading out! The window by the door must have meant this space was just off to it’s side!


“Nowhere left to run, kid…” said Muscular as he broke through the door just before the one that led into the shed. Kota turned back to see Muscular walking towards them slowly, his body filling up the entire hallway as he made himself bigger and bigger. His fake eye was a glowing red sphere like a demons. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill your little girlfriend there, she’ll make a fun little bimbo after the boss is through with her!”


“No, stay away!!!” Eri cried, clinging to Kota’s back so hard he could feel her shaking, or maybe that was himself. Every fiber in his body was quaking with fear as he looked down the hall at the monster from his worst nightmares!


“I don’t wanna go with him, I don’t wanna hurt anymore!!!” Eri cried, sniffling as she began sobbing softly.


“Eri…” said Kota, looking back at her. He’d never seen her so frightened, to him, she was always smiling and happy. She had to be the nicest girl he’d ever known besides his aunt and her friends. ‘No!’ he thought as he turned to look back at Muscular, his expression hardening, “No!” he shouted, “No, I won’t let you hurt Eri!!!!!” he screamed as he brought his hands together in front of himself.


“What, gonna squirt me with water again?” Muscular asked, “That won’t help you this time you little punk.”


“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Kota screamed with all his fear, all his rage, all of every emotion he could call up. Tiger had been training him to enhance his own quirk. Those months of hard lessons, of pained hands and burning palms, he poured all of that into his arms as a massive torrent of water shot out with the force of a dozen fire hoses!


“What the…? OOOOOF!!!!” Muscular grunted as the force of the blast actually knocked him back! Kota was amazed it worked, but he couldn’t let himself enjoy it as he kept the flow going. “What the hell, how are you this strong kid!?” Muscular called back as he grew even more just to stand in one place against his spray. “Color me impressed, but it’s still not enough to STOP ME!!!” he yelled as he began advancing again, just more slowly as he pushed his hands back against the constant jet of water.


“No… STAY BACK YOU MONSTER!!!!” Kota screamed.


“HAH! AS IF ANYONE EVER ACTUALLY LISTENED WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THAT!!!” Muscular laughed. “NO, THIS TIME, I’M GONNA CRUSH YOU!!!!” he shouted as he came close enough that he filled the frame of the door to the storage room. The water didn’t even seem to affect him at all as he laughed like a demon.


Kota stopped his blast and wrapped his arms around Eri, hoping to shield her if only a little, “I’M SORRY ERI!!!!” he cried.


KANSAS, SMAAAAAAAASH!!!!!” screamed a voice as the wall to their right blasted inwards and Mr. Midoriya burst through in a flying kick! His booted foot solidly connected with the side of Muscular’s face, shattering his glowing red eye as it sent him flying through the other wall and outside.


“Kota!!! Eri!!!” Mr. Midoriya said as he landed in front of them, his entire body sparking with those green lightning bolts, his hand standing on end and his eyes aglow with energy! “Don’t worry! You’re safe now!” he told them as he looked over at them with a wide smile that made the dark haired boy feel instantly safe, “You wanna know why?” he asked, “Because I am here!!!” he shouted as he turned to look out at Muscular as the villain got up again.



Barely even breathing hard, Izuku let out a slow breath, ‘I made it, thank god, I made it!!’ he thought as he looked at Eri and Kota from out of the corner of his eye. They were safe, it was the only thing that mattered to him as he looked out the smashed wall at Muscular as he got up and shook himself like a dog shaking off water. After Izuku realized no one had taken the homicidal villain down in the chapel, Izuku went out the same way Eri and Kota had. He quickly found Hound Dog, badly hurt, but breathing. He pointed in the direction the two children had run and Izuku took off after them. Seeing the shattered doors was both good and bad, good because he knew which way to go. Bad because that meant Muscular was right on their tail!


He quickly caught up just as Kota began pushing Muscular back with the water. He knew he couldn’t attack from behind, that would only push him closer to them. So Izuku broke through the wall to outside the church and launched himself through the wall on the side of the small shed that was connected to the back end of the church, just in time to kick this scum right in his murderous face!


He watched as Muscular got up and wiped at his chin, “Damn, I’ll give you points for that one kid, that actually hurt!” he said as more and more, and even more muscle built all over his body, making him grow even larger. The dirt beneath him sank inward from all the weight of that raw muscle! “This won’t be like last time,” he told Izuku as the green haired youth stepped outside, silently waving for Kota and Eri to stay put, “This time, I’LL CRUSH YOU IN ONE BLOW!!!!!!” he shouted as he instantly closed the distance between them, his fist held high and now coming in fast!


Izuku caught it in his left hand. The ground caved in beneath him from the force of the blow, but he stood his ground! “You’re right Muscular,” he said calmly, “THIS WON’T BE LIKE LAST TIME!!!!” he shouted as he clenched his right fist, “OHIOOOO, SMAAAAAASH!!!!!!!” he shouted as he delivered a 100% uppercut to Muscular’s chin. His suit’s Red Mode negated and absorbed all of the backlash, allowing the full force of the blow to be delivered to Muscular’s jaw! Melissa had explained it to him, every time he used One for All at 100%, a large portion of it was lost because the backlash was shattering his bones, and weakening the force of the blow. That’s why when Eri was rewinding his injuries faster that he could sustain them, he was so much more powerful against Overhaul! With Melissa’s suit, the backlash was at least temporarily negated, allowing him to deliver the full force of his punches!


Muscular didn’t even have time to grunt as he was launched high into the sky! Triggering Nana’s ‘Float’ quirk, Izuku leapt after him. The Float power was similar to Ochaco’s Zero Gravity as far as its effects, though Izuku still didn’t understand exactly how it worked, but that didn’t matter. He shot upwards like a rocket! Easily passing where Muscular was just ascending. Once he was above him, Izuku flexed his entire body at 100%, stopping his upward momentum. He then turned in midair, aiming his right arm at Muscular before lashing out with ‘Black Whip’! The dark lines of energy shot out like black bolts of lightning, ensnaring Muscular.


“What the hell!?!?” he heard Muscular say before Izuku began rotating his body at full power! “WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Muscular cried as he was spun around Izuku at high speed.


“You’re a monster Muscular, you threaten my friends, you laugh at their pain, and you kill because it’s fun!!” Izuku said, “A monster like you is beyond redemption! And I won’t let you hurt anyone again, ever!!!!” he told him as he suddenly released his grip on him with the black whip, sending him hurtling back towards the ground at sonic speeds. Using the New Hampshire Smash, Izuku went after him with equal speed.


ALASKAAAAA SMAAAAAASH!!!!!” he shouted as both his booted feet connected with Muscular’s ugly face. He sent up two more New Hampshire Smashes, pushing their descent to Mach 2 before they hit the ground HARD! Izuku felt both his tibia snap like twigs from the raw force of his attack as the legs of his suit were shredded! The dirt and grass around them shot up like a bomb had gone off, the rained back down slowly.


“Uhhh…Ahhh…” was all Muscular could say as he lay on the ground unconscious. Izuku fell back on his ass, wincing at the pain in his legs as people began exiting out of the church and gathering around the now sizable crater in the church lawn.


“Deku onii-chan!” called Eri as she came running down the side of the crater and latching onto him with a flying tackle hug!


“It’s okay Eri, he’s out cold.” Izuku told her as he hugged her back gently


“Mr. Midoriya, you saved us, thank you!” said Kota as he came down next.


Izuku only continued to smile, then winced in pain as he moved his leg by mistake.


“You’re hurt!” Eri said as she reached out with her hand. Closing her eyes tight, the horn on her head began to glow a soft golden color as she placed her hand on him. The pain vanished instantly as Eri rewound his body back to the moment before he’d broken his legs. Her horn then stopped glowing and she opened her red eyes and smiled sweetly at him.


“All better!” she said happily.


“You’re quirk really is a blessing Eri-chan!” Izuku said as he patted her head gently.


“IZUKU, MY BABY!!!” Inko Midoriya sobbed as she came running down towards him as he stood up. He caught his mother in his arms and hugged her back.


“I’m okay mom, really, everything is fine now.” he told her as he looked up at All Might and the other guests now lining the outer edge of the crater.


“Your son is correct Mrs. Midoriya.” said Endeavor. “The Nomu have all been disposed of, and all the villain’s save their leader have been captured. Midnight, Cow Lady, Hound Dog, and the Toga girl are on their way to the hospital now. In all I think we got off light.”


“Camie, you should go too, you were hit with those darts!” said Inasa.


“Whatev’s Yoarashi’s. I told you, I feel like, totally five by five! Maybe I’m all immune ‘n stuff to whatev that stuff was.” said Camie with a dismissive wave.


The police came in a moment later, collecting Muscular from the crater I left him in and taking him back to Tartarus prison where he’d get medical treatment for the injuries I gave him. The church wasn’t all that badly damaged as it turned out. The smashed walls and doors weren’t load bearing, so all it needed was a few days worth of repair.


Midnight and the other women affected were taken to the hospital for observation. Hound Dog’s injuries were pretty bad, but not life threatening. The wedding was obviously canceled, but as it turned out…



WHAAAAAT!?” Izuku and Momo shouted together!


“Um, you two don’t need to get married or drop out of school anymore.” Melissa repeated, “At least, not if you really don’t want to, Mei-chan and I found a fix!”


They were back at UA in the Support Department. After things had settled down and everyone had gone back to the dorms, Melissa stopped by to see Momo and Izuku. She asked them both to come with her back to the lab she and Mei were working out of. Once there she dropped the bombshell that they didn’t need to get married anymore.


“A fix?” Izuku echoed. Momo shared his confusion as she looked over at the blonde. Melissa nodded and looked over to Mei.


“You wanna explain?” she offered.


“OH YEAH!!!” said Mei as she went over to a large mound on the floor that was covered by a tarp. The pink haired girl yanked the tarp away to reveal a machine that Momo recognized as an industrial 3D Printer, though it looked heavily modified. The space where whatever was being printed was now a small tank with a refrigeration unit attached to it. And the slot for the raw printing material was now a large tank with a thick gel-like substance inside. The dark haired girl recognized it instantly! After all, she had created it!


“Isn’t that the bi… Bio…. I forget what you called it.” said Momo.


“A Bio-Mimetic Gel.” said Melissa. “A compound that was only theoretical until you Yaomomo-san!” she told her with a smile.


“Yep! Thanks to Mel-chan’s and my genius, we have created the world’s first fully functioning Organic 3D Printer!!!” Mei said excitedly. “This ultra special baby can print out fully functional, fully transplantable human organs at the same rate you can Yaoyorozu-san!!!”


“Really?!” Momo asked excitedly as the implications of what this meant hit her. ‘Kyoka!’ she thought happily.


“We used biopsy samples from every organ you’ve made to date to build a database for the printer to work off of. The bio-mimetic gel, or BMG, is an organic base compound that this machine can program into any shape we need! Hearts, kidneys, livers, lungs, even bone marrow tissue, you name it!” Melissa said, “We’ve been testing it extensively the last few weeks in secret. All results have been positive so far. And just a couple days ago, we confirmed a successful heart transplant with one of our organs.”


“Yep, and now we’re in talks with several medical equipment companies that want to buy the design.” Mei said excitedly.


“Wait, let me get this straight…” Momo said as something clicked in Melissa and Mei’s explanation, “You two have been working on this for weeks now?”


“Yep, and it’s been rough too, this baby was veeeery finicky at the start!” Mei said. Then yelped as Momo grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her back and forth!


“Why didn’t you tell us!?” Momo yelled, her eyes wide. “Do you have any idea what Izuku and I have been through with this decision!? What the people we love have been through!?”


“Momo, calm down…” Izuku said, reaching a hand out to touch her shoulder gently. “I understand how you’re feeling, really I do.”


“We didn’t want to get your hopes up in case something didn’t work.” Melissa said.


“Still, you could have told us earlier,” Izuku said.


“Aww, but then I couldn’t have done my plan!” said Mei.


“What plan?” Momo and Izuku asked together.


“Oh, Mel-chan and I were waiting for Hound Dog to get to the ‘Should anyone have cause why these two should not wed,’ part, then we were gonna stand up and object!” Mei said excited, “Then those dumb villains had to crash the wedding literally! Ah, the waste!” Mei said whimsically.


WHAT!?” the two said in unison again.


“I’m sorry, but Mei insisted!” Melissa apologised with a bow.


Momo and Izuku both sighed heavily, and the dark haired girl turned to him, “Do you, still wanna get married?” she asked.


“Do you?” he asked back.


“Nope!” they said together, then laughed. Momo leaned down and kissed the top of Izuku’s head.


“I do care about you Izuku, a lot, but really, I’m not ready to get married, and I don’t think you are either.” she said to him.


Izuku nodded, “I feel the same,” he told her back, then turned to Melissa and Mei, “You two have given us our dreams back, thank you! Thank you so very much!” he told them, bowing low, then moving over to hug the blonde tightly.


“Deku…” Melissa said with a blush, “I…”


Momo smiled at them and bowed as well. As she stood up again, she felt an enormous feeling of relief washing over her, as if someone had lifted the weight of the world off of her shoulders! “Please excuse me everyone, I’m going to make a few calls. Mother will be disappointed, but she’ll get over it.”


“Oh yeah, I need to talk to my mother as well, and All Might, oh man we have a lot of unpleasant conversations ahead of us, don’t we?” he asked Momo.


“No, I don’t think they’ll be unpleasant at all.” Momo said with a smile.



Sitting in the dorm common area, Kyoka Jiro absently rubbed at the scratch on her arm where one of those weird darts had grazed her earlier. The medic that examined her after the fight at the chapel told her what she already knew, the cut was minor, they placed a sterile pad over the cut and wrapped it up. She didn’t even think it would leave a scar, but what bothered her now was that it wouldn’t stop ITCHING!


“Hey Jiro,” said a soft voice and Kyoka looked up to see Shoto Todoroki looking down at her. “With the reception canceled along with the wedding, Itsuka and I were heading to Busteez for dinner, do you want to come with us?” he offered her. “I heard that some of the food from the caterer would be there as well.”


Kyoka thought about it for only a moment, “Sure,” she said. Shoto offered a hand to help her off the couch and she accepted.


“Heck of a wedding, huh?” he asked.


“You know, I said the same thing to Izuku.” Kyoka said, “Where is he anyway, where’s Momo for that matter?”


“Don’t know, Melissa came by to talk to them a while ago, they went with her somewhere.” he told her.


“Right,” Kyoka said as she followed Shoto outside to where she saw Itsuka waiting by his car. It was a gift from his father after he got his driver’s license. The ginger haired girl waved to her and smiled.


“Hey Kyoka, how are you?” she asked, “I saw you with the medics after the fight.” she said, pointing to the bandage around her arm.


“I’m fine, just a scratch, didn’t get hit with whatever was in those darts. But it’s itching like crazy for some reason.” she told her.


“We’ll grab some cream at the agency and I’ll change the bandage for you.” Itsuka said before patting Shoto’s arm, “Let’s go, I’m hungry now.”


He smiled at her and Kyoka felt a pang of jealousy at how the two looked at each other. Momo would look at her like that often as well.


“Hee~y, wait!!!” called a familiar voice. Kyoka looked up to see Momo coming down towards them from the sky on a pair of white angelic wings!


“Show off,” she heard Itsuka say, but she smiled up at the dark haired girl as she touched down.


“Kyoka!!!” Momo called as she flew right at the dark haired girl! Wrapping her arms around her in a tight embrace as she landed and her wings shrank back into her body. Kyoka hugged her back, loving the scent of the other girl as she held onto her tight as well.


“The wedding’s off!” Momo announced immediately.


“Huh?!” Kyoka, Shoto, and Itsuka said together.


Momo explained it quickly, Melissa and Mei’s invention, how it worked, and that it DID work. “Izuku and I already made most of the calls, the rest can wait until tomorrow,” said Momo with a smile.


“That’s great Yaoyorozu! I know it sounds terrible to say it because your wedding has been called off, but still.” Shoto said, a genuine smile on his face.


“It’s fine, it’s actually a reli—Mmmmph!!!” Momo began to say, but was cut off as Kyoka grabbed her face and pulled it to her own. Their lips met, and her tongue easily slipped into the other girls mouth!


“Awww…” she heard Itsuka say as Kyoka kissed Momo with everything she had. She felt the other girls arms wrap around her again, embracing her tightly as she kissed her back with equal passion.


“Well,” Shoto said after they finally broke apart and stared into one anothers eyes for a long while, “I’ve heard worse reasons for a party, let’s go celebrate.”


The four of them piled into Shoto’s car and drove towards Busteez. Along the way, Shoto asked, “Has anyone heard word on Midnight?”


“She’s resting and stable,” Momo said, “I spoke to Recovery Girl on my way back to the dorms.”


“Well that’s good.” Shoto said, “Who’s in charge while she’s recovering? Nejire?”


“Yeah, she’s the one who told me that the food for the reception was moved to the Agency.” Itsuka confirmed.


“Ah, well I hope Midnight gets better soon.” he said as he turned a corner and left the UA campus.


They discussed various things on the way, but Kyoka was only half involved as she linked her hand with Momo’s, their fingers interlacing together. The dark haired girl turned and looked at Kyoka and smiled lovingly at her. Kyoka’s head felt light at that look in her dark colored eyes.


“Kyoka, I’m so sor—” Momo began, but Kyoka silenced her with another kiss.


“Don’t, I understand, and it’s fine now.” she told her before leaning her head against Momo’s, loving the feel of her warmth radiating against her. A pleasant tingling sensation spread from Kyoka’s forehead, to the back of her head and down her entire body. “Mmmmmh…” she cooed as she felt another familiar warmth between her legs.


“Why don’t we stay in one of the hotel rooms tonight?” Kyoka whispered softly, smiling as Momo began to blush and nodded, leaning her body against Kyoka’s. Their mouths connected again and Kyoka moved one hand up to cup her fingers around Momo’s big soft breast, squeezing it tenderly.


“Mmmmmh, Kyokaaah…” Momo moaned into her mouth as she began squeezing a little hard as they snuggled together in the back seat of the car.


“Momo…. Mmmmmh, Momoooh…” Kyoka breathed as the heat between her thighs became like a fire! She moaned again as her pussy instantly soaked through her jeans as arousal more intense than anything she’d ever felt in her life flooded through her entire body!!!


“Ahhhh!!!” Kyoka moaned as she broke away from Momo and leaned herself back in the seat, “Some… Something’s wrong…!” Kyoka said then moaned as her pussy gushed again! “Oh god, my pussy, my pussy’s so hot right now!!!” she moaned as she pulled open her pants and shoved a hand down under her panties beneath! She moaned as she slipped her fingers over the hot wet folds of her pussy, “Ahh, ahhhh… I… I can’t stop!!! I need to masturbate so bad!!!!”


“Kyoka, what’s wrong!?” Momo asked.


“I know you two were getting pretty heavy back here, but wow!” said Itsuka.


“It… It’s not that!!! Ahhh, my body, my body needs stimulation!!! Mmmmmmmh!!!” Kyoka moved, her fingers dipping in and out of her pussy deeper and deeper! Every time they pushed in she felt a small, but unsatisfying orgasm. “Ahhh, it’s not enough!!! I… I want to CUUUM!!!” she moaned.


“Hang on Kyoka!” Shoto called from the front of the car, “We’re almost there.”


“Shoto, head for the Love Hotel, we shouldn’t let anyone see her like this!” Momo said, and Kyoka silently thanked her. “We’ll get her into a room and call for an ambulance, this looks like the same thing that got Toga and Cow Lady!”


“Gotcha!” Shoto confirmed as he pulled into the parking lot outside the Busteez Love Hotel located right next to the agency. Kyoka barely remembered getting out of the car, but she remembered Itsuka carrying her into the hotel with her giant hands as she continued fingering herself madly. The ginger haired girl and Shoto took her into one of the unoccupied rooms on the first floor. Itsuka used her Busteez ID to open the lock while Momo stopped by the front desk to call for help.


The room they were in had a Valentine’s theme, everything was in red and pink, with heart patterns all over. Kyoka didn’t care however as she began tearing off her clothes! The fabric felt like sandpaper against her skin, she needed to get it off, all of it!!!


“Ahhh, I’m so horny I can’t thiiiink!!!” Kyoka screamed as she found herself on top of a bed with satin sheets that thankfully didn’t irritate her now overly sensitive skin! She ripped off her panties last, tossing them aside as she began groping and fondling herself all over with one hand while the other remained between her legs! It wasn’t enough though! Every time she came her body only got hotter and hornier!!! She needed something inside, something big, and hard, and throbbing!!!!


“Fu… Fuck me!!! Please, someone fuck me now, fuck me noooow!!!!” Kyoka whined, her voice full of need as she looked over at Shoto. “TODOROKI!!!! COCK!!! GIMME YOUR DICK NOW!!! PLEASE!!!!! I’M GONNA GO CRAZY IF I DON’T GET FUUUUCKED!!!” she begged as she got up on her knees, bucking her gushing pussy against her fingers while fondling her own naked tit. She pinched and pulled her own nipple, moaning as the pain and pleasure racked her body now!


“Jiro, I…” Shoto began to say.


“Just do it Shoto!!!” Itsuka said as she reached over and began pulling at the bottom of his shirt, “The girl is suffering! Worry about everything else after we save her sanity!!!” she told him.


“Itsuka, are you…?” he began to ask, but she cut him off.


“I watched you fuck Mina and that didn’t bother me, you think this will be any different!?” Itsuka said as she undid his belt and pulled it off with a single yank!


“Dick… Dick, dick, diCK, DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK!!!!” Kyoka panted as her breathing became labored, “KYOKA WANTS DIIIICK!!!!!” she said, barely able to think enough to speak now as she stared at Shoto’s crotch! Her pussy ached with raw unadulterated NEED!


“At least your body is honest!” Itsuka said as she got his pants down, unleashing a huge cock that made Kyoka shiver in desire. “Now get in there!” Itsuka told him, shoving his naked body onto the bed with her.


“Jiro, you know I respect you, riiiiii—-!!!” Shoto began before Kyoka pushed him onto his back and speared herself on his long thick cock! Her pussy was so hot and wet, she took his entire cock with ease!


AHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!” Kyoka moaned in absolute and utter bliss! “COOOOOCK, BIG COOOCK!!! SO BIIIIIIIG!!!!!” she screamed as she began bouncing herself up and down on his cock! She loved the feel of it inside, filling every inch of her pussy and pushing into her womb!


“Ji… Jiro…!!” Shoto groaned as she began rocking her hips as she bounced herself up and down.


AHHHHH! SO BIIIIG!!! MORE, MOREMORMORE!!!!” Kyoka moaned, moving her hips faster now. Another orgasm ripped through her, then another, and another!!! Kyoka screamed in pleasure as her pussy let out a constant spray of juices.


Shoto groaned beneath her as he reached his hands up to steady her hips, her wild motions beginning to throw her off balance on top of the bed. She loved this feeling, cumming so much, she didn’t ever want it to stop! Closing her eyes to savor this ecstasy, Kyoka moaned, “AHHHHH, KYOKA LOVES DIIIICK, DIIIIICK DI—!!!” she cut off suddenly as she felt a pair of lips press against her own. Her eyes opened wide to see Momo’s face looking back at her!


The other girl laid naked next to her and Shoto on the bed, her big breasts fully on display as she kept her mouth pressed to Kyoka’s as she spread her legs wide. Kyoka moaned into Momo’s mouth as her mind started to clear just a little.


“Momo… I… I can’t…. I can’t stooop…” she whimpered and moaned as she felt herself cumming again. Momo only kissed her again as lines of red energy streaked over her naked body, all of them converging on her crotch as a huge cock and balls grew out and obscured her pussy from sight! Kyoka felt her desire grow even more as she let out a shuddery moan into Momo’s mouth.


“Kyoka, I love you! And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna lose you to some damned bimbo drug!” Momo told her as her palms sparkled with her creation quirk before she rubbed them down the length of her new, gigantic cock! Her hands left a glistening wet trail in their wake as Momo got up and moved to press her naked body against Kyoka’s back. The dark haired girl could feel the other womans bare breasts against her naked back, they were so big and soft, with fat, stiff nipples that pressed against her skin, sending even more waves of arousal through her!


AHHAAAAA!!!! YESSSSSS, MY ASSS, FUCK MY ASSSSSSS!!!!!” Kyoka screamed as Momo shoved that huge throbbing cock up her asshole! There was no pain at all, Kyoka was so horny she doubted she could even really feel pain right now as she felt Momo’s hands grabbing her tits, squeezing them tightly as she began slamming her cock in and out of her ass.




“Ahhh, Kyoka, you’re squeezing me so tight…” Shoto groaned.


“Man up Shoto!!!” Itsuka yelled, “Don’t you dare stop until she’s sated!!!”


AHAHAHAHA, YES, MORE, I WANT MORE OF THIS!!! I LOVE THIS, SO GOOD, I LOVE BIG COCKS!!!!” Kyoka screamed as Momo leaned her head over her shoulder and turned her head to kiss her. Their tongues slipped and slid against one anothers. “MOHMOHHHH, MOHMOHHHH, YOUR DHIICK, I WUV IIIIIT…!” she slurred as Momo sucked on her tongue erotically.


“I know you do!” Momo said with a smile after breaking the kiss as she moved a hand up to gently grip her throat, “NOW CUM!!!!!!” she told her as she shoved her gigantic dick in deep!


OH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Kyoka screamed as her eyes began rolling listlessly in their sockets, her tongue lolling from her mouth as she drooled while panting for each breath.


“I know this is an emergency and all, but your face looks so erotic Kyoka!” Itsuka told her as she continued to watch from beside the bed.


The dark haired girl barely heard her as she felt another orgasm building from deep inside. “YES!!! DO… DON’T STOP!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! FUCK ME HARDER, CUM!! CUM INSIDE MEEEE!!! I WANT IT, I WANT YOUR CUUUUUM!!!!!”


“You heard her Shoto,” said Momo as she moaned in pleasure softly, “Time to go PLUS ULTRA!!!!


HUUURRAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shoto groaned as he and Momo both began pistoning their cock in and out of Kyoka in perfect synch!


AHHHHH, YES YES YES YES YES, IT’S CUMMING, I’M CUMMINGGGGG, I’M CUUUUMINGGG!!!!!” she screamed as Shoto and Momo both began cumming inside her hard!


Everything then suddenly went white, then black as Kyoka passed out from sheer pleasure!


When she opened her eyes again, Kyoka was still sandwiched between Momo and Shoto. “Uhnnn, my head…” she whimpered at what she could only imagine a hangover felt like tore through her brain. “What… What happened…?”


“Um, you don’t remember?” Momo asked with a worried tone.


Kyoka wiped the drool from her mouth, “I remember, just, what happened to me?”


“I think it’s what happened to Toga and Cow Lady, but since you didn’t get a proper dose, it affected you differently.” said Momo as she slowly got up, her cock pulling out of her ass slowly.


“Mmmmh!” Kyoka whimpered at the feel of Momo’s cock withdrawing from inside her. She felt the girls cum leaking out with ease from her stretched out asshole as she pulled herself up and off of Shoto. His still half hard dick slipped out of her easily as Kyoka moved over to a less soaked area of the double king sized bed and laid back.


“How do you feel?” Shoto asked as he got up.


“Sore. You two are so big.” Kyoka said with a smile as she tried to lighten the mood slightly. “But I feel better now, I can think again. Man, I feel bad for Himiko and Cow Lady if they’re dealing with that!”


“Well, there’s a bright side.” said Itsuka.


Everyone turned to her. Kyoka stifled a gasp when she saw the girls panties down around her knees and a trickle of juices running down her thighs. Was she masturbating to all this!? How kinky can a girl get!? But then Kyoka thought about Mina, and her shock faded instantly.


“Now we know how to treat it!” she said with a cheeky grin.


“I hate to say it, but, she’s right!” Momo agreed.


“We can tell the ambulance drivers, they can tell the hospital.” Shoto said as he began putting his clothes on. “Where is the ambulance anyway? They should have been here by now.”


“Oh, the phone in the lobby is down, I came to borrow Itsuka’s cell but…” Momo said with a drop of sweat hanging off her forehead.


“I’ll call them.” Shoto said as he pulled a phone from his pocket.


Kyoka sighed, “What’s wrong?” Momo asked her.


“Nothing, I was just looking forward to dinner is all.” she told them.


Everyone laughed.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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8 months ago

I almost didn’t notice Jirou was squirting like crazy on Todoroki’s dick, that’s a nice detail

1 year ago

Well that was some crazy turns of events in this chapter, there so many things I wanted to say, but since the people on the comments below already talked about the important parts including the twist. So I will just talk about the other parts.

I was surprised to the fact that the mysterious hooded villain’s intention was to turn all the female heroes plus Himiko into lust-filled bimbos to create his own personal harem. Which was kind of weird, I mean why go all the trouble of breaking into super highly secure prison, freeing a few deadly villains, and to crash a wedding ceremony, just to build a harem. Not that I don’t see anything wrong with that, I just hope the next chapters explain his reasoning for doing that. Anyway the next one is short rematch between Izuku and Muscular, and boy it was a heck of one. Izuku demonstrate his years of training, the new abilities he required, and the new suit from Melissa to allowing him to use 100% of one for all. Muscular didn’t stand even a chance against Izuku let alone strike back. Man that there would be canon in the actual series. Oh I forget to mention Kota’s bravery to protect Eri from mentioned muscle villain with all might was truly amazing and impressive.

Speaking of Izuku, I’m glad that he and Momo don’t have to leaving UA and give up their dreams of being heroes thank to Mel and Melissa’s invention to take care of organ transplants, though it’s ashamed that all hard decisions and development was for nothing. But hey I’m not complaining because the two of them can finally be with the people they loved.

Sailorlo your excellent writing is both creativity and well-written as all ways, keep up the good work. 😁👍👍

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Very good insight there. ^

1 year ago

Ah yes, 3D printer, the solution to every modern day problem … too bad it can’t print me peace of mind HA !!

Glad to see things worked out for Kyoka, hope things work out for my favorite threesome deku X asui X uraraka too.

1 year ago

The fight scene was amazing, but the aftermath with the new machine makes it feel like all the choices made recently were meaningless. I knew it was coming as soon as Mei and Melissa mentioned a “special baby” in a previous chapter, but it still makes it feel like a waste, especially after Deku talking about heroes not always being able to get what they want.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Would you have preferred Deku and Momo get married and leave UA, that’s the end of the series there.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

That honestly would have been a nice ending, but there could still be stuff afterward. You could have incidents of criminals trying to kidnap them to get organ transplants for their bosses, or stuff like that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Nope, I always planned to call off the marriage this way. Sorry. I hate to have to remind people this is a hentai series, not a drama. This ending actually doesn’t render anything meaningless. They made their choices, and were ready to go through with it. That’s character growth, showing they were willing to give up on their dreams for the greater good. Fate then steps in and says “No, you don’t have to do this.” I hate to get all biblical, but it’s the same as the story of Abraham and Issac, he was ready to go through with it, Sacrifice his son, then the Angel comes down and stops it at the last second.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

The Abraham story is a pretty good comparison, so I’m willing to accept that. I guess we’ll see if Ochako and Tsuya are willing to take Deku back or not.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Thank you!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Why would that have been the end of the series? There’s dozens other students to deal with…

1 year ago

Well that escalated quickly! Really quickly! I really needed this considering all the C-Virus chaos going on and fucking everything up in real life right now.

On that note, it’s time for a new entry of Hiryu’s Reaction and Review. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

First, that wedding. It all started off pretty good, well as well as a makeshift wedding could possibly be. Not to mention that nearly everyone was there. It went as expected until the hooded villain and his rag tag group of escapees and Nomu showed up and literally crashed it. This was where the real story began.

The fights were pretty impressive, as well as the use of those drugged darts that turned a couple of girls into horny bimbos, literally and figuratively! And don’t even get me started with what happened with Midnight. Monster tentacle action, anyone? O_O Also, Hound Dog also got fucked up, but nowhere near as bad as the others. Though I found it interesting that Camie wasn’t as affected as the others, especially not mentally. Hmm. At least the majority of the bad guys were beaten, but it’s too bad the boss got away. Let’s hope they track him down.

Next comes the immediate aftermath. Mei and Melissa finally revealing and explaining their ace in the hole invention, which was the 3D organic printer, that would save and improve lives without sacrificing someone’s life or livelihood. But I have to agree with Izuku and Momo here. If the two inventors had said something about their solution to them much earlier, everything that happened until now could’ve been avoided! Overall, that could have been handled much better on their part. Still, at least now Izuku and Momo can go back to their own normal lives. Well normal by Busteez standards. XD

Which now leads us to the finale. Kyoka really got affected by that bimbo drug, but not in the same way that some of the others were as it wasn’t directly in her skin and bloodstream. But leave it to Shoto, Momo and Itsuka to step in and save her! The sex and the picture itself really helped with it too. So the best way to deal with those that have the bimbofication problem is to literally fuck it out of them. Hopefully it’ll work out just as well for the others.

Overall, while it certainly has its issues, I really enjoyed this. Lots of twists and turns here, as well as unexpected moves! Looking forward to seeing how the next chapter goes.

Very nice work! 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thank you! I wanted to make a few scene’s bigger, but time was a factor. A major one, also, the C-virus is affecting my real life too, my job is sending a LOT of people home to work from there. I work in the mail room so I still gotta go in. But this is really scary stuff.

Kyoka’s being dosed was delayed because she only got what little got into her from that scratch. And I plan to detail out what was in those darts over the next chapter or two and how it works.

Midnight’s scene was inspired heavily by Taimanin Asagi season one, episode one, about 14 minutes in. I plan to have more fun with the aftermath of that later, hehehehe.

Melissa and Mei’s invention has bigger effects than they had planned, won’t say what, you’ll see very soon, but it’s BIG!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Shit… You have my sympathies… I work in the restaurant and food service business myself, mostly as an equipment handyman and server part-time, so I can relate to this problem. Really heavy shit. Though I do hope everything calms down sooner than later.

Anyway, that explains quite a lot, especially the Midnight scene. Can’t go wrong with the Taimanin series. XD

Well anyway, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next!

1 year ago

hello, a few quick things. I had read the whole series in one weekend, and am up to date per new chapters.
I will wait to do a full series review until after the end of season 2, to see the overall story.

However, let me say, I actually do mostly enjoy the series. it is hard to find a true long-term story of adult content for this series.
The few problems I have, I will address in full review (though might get a little hint from below)

I have a few questions/statements.
1. I have never before been so happy to see a wedding stopped. and did actually prefer the villain attack over the Mei/Melissa interruption possibility.
2. we are able to read the whole series, but it can be a little confusing at times. is there a possibility to get a timeline of events, or more of a chronologic readlist? Would prefer the timeline, with hopefully an indicator of days between events. if not, I was thinking of doing one myself, but acknowledge I might forget a few things, and have it come out looking bad for a few characters.
3. Enjoy Toga, but have to say have a premise that has not been used yet that would be good. “Twin” threesome. also, if decide to give Toga a hero/villain name, how about Catfish, or BiteNSwitch?
4. Extreme worry that will get a Deku and Ochako scene soon, and it will be breakup/goodbye sex. Lot’s of reasons, clues, and hints from series and response to reviews have given me this thought. I truly wish to be wrong, but will wait for season end to do the full review, which will include those reasons. (in previous review response, was mentioned to have blue ring on……I have the full emotional spectrum on for this).
5. Waiting until end of season so do not detract from your creativity process, I understand the difficulty of writing, as I do a little myself, though not as prolific.

Keep up the creativity and good work.

1 year ago

1. Glad you liked it. Yeah, I was trying to tap into Mei’s fun side. Had I gone that way, she would have turned the wedding into a commercial like she did with the Sports Fest.

2. I am INTENTIONALLY avoiding direct time mentions. Doing that in the Naruto/Boruto series led to some problems for me, so I’m keeping exact dates to an absolute bare minimum. The stories are posted in the order they are meant to be read, that will have to be enough as I want to avoid the “This happened there, but what about this here” mess. I don’t have a wall in my room with a massive complex story laid out on it for this series with detailed plot points and such like the guys who write complex mystery novels do. This is a hentai series, not a complex drama, I’m sorry.

3. Toga might still get a codename in Cannon, I’m waiting to see what that might be, so I avoid any codenames for her. But she was a lot of fun to play with. Being a Yandere, having Midnight “break” her in was a fun concept to play with. Something we might see more of next chapter.

4. Just wait, I’m getting back to them soon, as I stated before, the rest of “this” season is planned out! Just gotta actually write it.

5.The season is gonna get interesting over the final five chapters. BIG events coming, maybe not as emotionally dramatic, but big nonetheless.

1 year ago

We finally have the wedding and it immediately goes south hahaha. Some interesting nomu concepts here. Personally I don’t like bimbofication so those darts didn’t do much for me. The battle sections were strangely violent with Mt. Lady finally using her giant quirk but just to kill people, sadly not used for sexy time. Wasn’t expecting to see tentacle rape in the story either, I actually thought we’d see tentacles come into play with suneater or something hahaha.

The battle with Muscular was quick Haha, though I’m a little confused on what happened as it really sounded like Deku was intending to kill him rather than allow him the chance to hurt people which seemed a little out of character. I was kind of bummed that 1) Only 3 side characters got hit with darts and none of the actual main girls minus Kyoka. 2) The main villain was basically utterly whipped and now doesn’t feel threatening. I just wish he had either taken one of the girls with him, or basically anything as he left that battle with a total loss which makes him far less menacing.

I will say, I did not like the reveal with Melissa and Mei. My main issue is that it seems far too much like the cliche, “And everyone lived happily ever after.” It makes all of the drama we went through the entire season become rather pointless as their choice at the end of the day didn’t matter. It would have been like making them get married but still allowing them to be heroes, if there is no sacrifice or consequences than a decision has no weight so it felt like a way to return everything to the status quo without worrying about what even happened this season.

I also have to admit I thought the sex scene was rather unnecessary and even hurt the tone of the chapter. I understand that this is a porn story so if you don’t add fucking people will get mad, even if it feels out of place. But it’s just too odd of a shift for me. You have this heart felt reunion between Momo and Kyoka, where their nightmares are over and they can be together. Only for Kyoka to suddenly get horny from the drugs and fuck Shoto first, then get fucked by Momo, and then not really remember it. It’s just a sweet moment that could have been passionate joyful sex, turn into just a hot and heavy kind of passionless orgy fueled more by lust rather than love.

I know this review sounds really negative, but I don’t dislike this chapter. It’s well written both in battle and sex, but there’s just steps taken in it that I don’t really agree with. So it’s kind of a mixed bag for me personally, but I’m sure everyone else will enjoy it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Alright, I know you don’t wanna be negative, but it sounds to me like you’ve become a little too invested in the drama aspect of the series. I always planned to end the marriage the way I did from pretty much the start of the season. One thing different is I never planned for them to actually get to the altar. I don’t like melodrama. Their choices still mattered in the end, only they were given an out by friends. They were making a selfless choice to pretty much give up on their dreams for the greater good of others. That’s a very mature thing to do. The fact that they now don’t have to doesn’t lessen that they made that choice, just means that they no longer have to make it and as Deku said, they have their dreams back.

The reason only side and minor characters got darted was because Enzo doesn’t have any Bimbo pics I’m aware of, so I can’t really carry the story in that direction at all.

The hooded villain will be back, but he was counting on the Heroes being Non-Lethal with the Nomu, he didn’t know that they are allowed to kill them because they aren’t considered human anymore as most are reanimated corpses. One’s that speak have been given a slight pass, but none of those were here, just mindless drones that carry out orders. The hooded guy decided to cut and run once things no longer were going his way, but he’ll be back, and believe me, it’ll be BIG!

I didn’t have anyone taken as the rest of the season is already planned out in detail, and it doesn’t allow for that as it would have shifted focus away from everything I have planned quite heavily and into another rescue story arc like with Bakugo.

Anyway, I’m sounding like I’m arguing here, and I don’t mean to be.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

You’re upset that people have become too invested in the drama aspect of the series? Then why did you put drama in it to begin with? You said you don’t like melodrama and you’ve literally put enough in the last ten or so chapters to satisfy a sitcom’s seasonal quota. Porn with plot is a thing and it feels silly to be annoyed by people getting caught up in the actual plot. Ideally a well-plotted porn story should be able to have all the sex scenes taken out and still be an enjoyable read but you seem to be thinking it should be the opposite.

1 year ago

I am a huge fan of Yuri arts, this is the best! I can’t wait for more yuris!

1 year ago

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter, I put a lot of effort into it.  I only wish I had more time to flesh out a few bits more, but time is a factor on these.  Just about everything that happened in this one has long term implications, so look forward to it!