A Sucky Day in Orgia

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The afternoon summer sun beat down on the street as Naruto walked alongside his best friend. The entire area seemed completely deserted, aside from a stray cat walking along one wall. Sasuke looked around and took a sip from a small flask that could be opened and closed with one hand.


“So, stores sold out in the first hour?” he asked.


“Yeah, I was stunned honestly,” Naruto told him, “I never thought the pervy sage’s Make Out Paradise books was THAT popular, to say nothing about the novel I wrote as a sequel to his series.”


“Well, it was Kakashi-sensei’s favorite novel. He doesn’t seem like the type to have bad taste.” Sasuke replied as they rounded a corner. Though a normal person wouldn’t have noticed, the experienced shinobi both saw the Anbu Black Op agent hiding in the shadows. He and Sasuke had just passed into the event area. Beyond this point, only those who’d bought the one million ryo tickets would be allowed entry. Anyone else would be barred and escorted away, forcefully if need be. Naruto had already heard about a couple reporters that needed subduing because they tried to force their way inside.


“So, the whole block?” Sasuke asked.


“The whole block, dattebayo.” Naruto nodded.


“Aaaand, this was Hinata’s idea?”


The blonde man nodded, “I was surprised by how enthused she was by the concept. She, Hanabi, and Sakura did most of the work, getting the shops to close for the week was the hardest part.” he explained as they rounded the next corner. Both of them smiled at the sight that was waiting for them. Nearly all of the Busteez girls milled about the street, completely naked save for some sandals, or in some cases a pair of high heels.


Naruto first spotted Samui, straddling Rock Lee’s lap as she rocked her hips back and forth on his dick. The Taijutsu master groaned in pleasure as he fondled the blonde womans fat tits, kneading them roughly as she moaned in pleasure.


Seated across from him was Guy, the brake on his wheelchair engaged as he buried his not overly long but uncommonly thick cock in Temari’s ass. The blonde woman grunted and moaned as she bucked her hips in his lap as the older man dug three fingers into her pussy with one hand while Temari sucked on the middle and index fingers of his other one.


Across the street he saw Kakashi standing in front of a newspaper stand, reading the latest release. The headline read: “Everywhere At Once, The 7th Hokage”. Naruto vaguely recalled the interview with the reporter, explaining how he used Shadow Clones to monitor the entire village. Not that it was any big secret, though he did explain how it was only possible for him because of Kurama’s chakra.


But what was more interesting was Tsunade, squatting down in front of him, his flaccid cock in her hands as she licked and stroked him, she let out a quiet whimper. Naruto can hear her muttering to herself how she’d tried everything from using her tits, licking his balls, even deepthroating his soft cock and nothing was working! Kakashi sighed, folding up the paper and pulling out a copy of Naruto’s book. The bookmark was more than halfway through the story. Kakashi read three pages with startling quickness, and Tsunade let out a happy gasp as his dick swelled in her face, moving to lick his balls before mashing the man’s huge dick between her massive tits!


Farther up the street was another outdoor cafe, Naruto smiled as he saw Choji, sitting back in a chair as his wife Karui and Moegi, the newest Busteez hire, making out with one another furiously. Their tongues wrestling one another’s as they groped and fondled each other’s bodies. As he watched, Choji slowly stroked his dick, which Naruto was surprised to see was fairly normal. Sakura had told him stories, but he guessed she was just trying to make him jealous. He then watched as Choji weaved a few hand signals and with a puff of smoke, Choji’s erection grew as long and thick as his arm! Karui smiled and Moegi gasped as they pulled away from each other and mashed the huge dick between their naked bodies.


Naruto could see Moegi was nervous, gulping several times as Karui took the top few inches in her mouth easily. At the edge of his hearing he heard the mocha skinned redhead say, “I’ll show you how to take it all, it’s easier than it looks. He’s taking it easy on you; this is barely even half as big as he can make it.”


“O… Okay…” Moegi replied meekly.


“So, this is a scene in your book?” Sasuke asked with an amused smile.


Naruto nodded, “The town of Orgia,” he said, “Where all the women aren’t allowed to wear any clothes and are to service any man for the asking. I found the notes for the place in the personal belongings Ero-Sennin left for me.”


“Welcome to Orgia travelers,” said a sweet voice. Naruto and Sasuke turned to see Hinata and Sakura walking up to them, both of them completely naked save for a pair of silver heels for Hinata, and deep red ‘Fuck Me’ pumps for Sakura. Their skin shone as if freshly bathed, legs and pussies smooth and clean shaven. Hinata smiled as she went over to Sasuke and linked arms with him, pulling his right arm between her huge tits. Meanwhile, Sakura came over to Naruto and did the same, guiding his left hand between her legs.


“If there’s anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable,” Sakura said, “Please, don’t hesitate to ask.” she told him as she leaned up to nibble on the edge of his ear, “Annnnything…” she whispered as her hand stroked his cock through his left pant leg. Her touch combined with the atmosphere here already had him half hard as he reached a hand up to grope one breast. He loved the way Sakura moaned, leaning into his touch as she stroked his cock more. He looked over to Sasuke, smiled as he already had Hinata on her knees, opening his pants and pulling his cock out. Naruto continued fondling Sakura’ fat tit as he watched his wife and best friend.


Hinata let out a low moan as she pressed her silver painted lips to his balls, leaving perfect lipstick marks behind as her hand stroked him to full erection. Hinata glanced over at Naruto, her opal eyes twinkling as she made a show of slowly licking the length of Sasuke’s cock. She ran her tongue straight along the underside of his shaft, her hands gently massaging his balls. When she reached the tip, she kissed it gently before opening wide and swallowing his dick all down with ease!


The blonde man smiled, he and Sasuke swapped wives all the time before their children were born. There was one week in particular where Sakura lived as Naruto’s wife and they fucked in every room of his house at the time. The only downside was Sakura still hadn’t learned to cook very well.


Still watching his wife sucking Sasuke’s cock, her lips dragging along the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva in their wake, Naruto reached his other hand down to grab Sakura’s sexy ass. The pink haired woman squeaked happily, giggling as Naruto pulled her into a deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth to mingle with her own. Sakura returned the kiss, her hands moving to quickly undo his belt and open his pants. She pulled his dick free, moaning into his mouth as its length rubbed against her naked stomach and up to her big tits.


“Mmmmh… Ahhaa…” Sakura gasped as Naruto broke the kiss, pulling a hand away from her tit and placing it on top of her head. He barely had to push her down as Sakura dropped to her knees, moaning lewdly as she kissed and licks his balls.


“Mmmmh, girls in this town sure are friendly.” Sasuke said, playing along with the fantasy.


“They sure are, dattebayo…” Naruto groaned as he watched Sakura slowly lick her way up his cock, drooling like a bitch in heat as, her saliva dripping off his length as she rubbed it all over her face.


“Mmmmmh,” Sakura moaned, “Men are treasured here, as women, it’s our sacred duty to satisfy you in every way.” she said, quoting the line straight from Naruto’s book. Naruto smiled at her, loving the way her ruby painted lips left kiss marks all over his cock as Sakura made her way to the tip and opened her mouth wide. “Agguuuummmmpph…” she moaned, downing his length in one go. His eyes would have been wide with shock if not for them closing reflexively as he groaned at the feel of her warm, wet, and tight throat. When did Sakura learn to take his length so easily? He decided he didn’t care as the pink haired woman began rocking her head back and forth, moaning in pleasure as she fingered herself at the same time.


“Oooh, ahhh… That’s it…” Sasuke groaned as Hinata moved her head up and down his length now, her throat bulging every time she took his cock deep. His wife’s huge tits jiggled and swayed with her motions as she moaned around his best friends cock. Naruto rested his hands on Sakura’s head, guiding her motions slightly as he watched his wife move her head faster and faster.


“Aguh, Guh, GUH, GUH!! GUH!!” Hinata gagged slightly, “Ahhaannnn, sho phiiiick…” she gagged around Sasuke’s cock. “Pweashe shir, phuck my mouph…” she begged.


Sasuke grinned, grabbing Hinata’s head and pushing his length all the way into her mouth before gripping her hair tight and slamming his cock in and out of her mouth hard! Hinata let out a gagging squeal as her pussy gushed on the dirt path beneath her. Her opal eyes rolled back in her head as Sasuke used her face like a sex toy.


In front of Naruto, Sakura squatted and moaned around his cock, slowly pulling her head back, until just the tip was in her mouth, then deepthroating his entire length again with ease. The feel of his dick sliding into her throat and nearly to her stomach drew his attention back to her as he let out another groan.


“Ahhaa, Sakura-chan…” he moaned, “That feels great…” he groaned as she slipped his cock in and out of her mouth again and again, her drool dripping off his length every time she pulled away.


“Guuuummmph…” Sakura moaned as she took his entire length down her throat again and moaned around it. He could feel her throat vibrating around his shaft as he moaned in pleasure with her. Next to him, Sasuke grunted and moaned as Hinata pulled her head off his dick and pressed it against her face, thick white cum spurted from the tip, soaking her dark hair and running down her face


Sakura then pulled her mouth off Naruto’s cock just as he began cumming straight into her stomach, he only had a few shots left by the time she’d pulled herself free, his dick hanging over her head like fire hose, his cum dripping down onto her ass as she licked his balls gently before rubbing her soft pink tongue up the length of his dick.


“Mmmmmh that was great, thank you for such a warm welcome girls.” said Naruto.


“Yes, quite the reception.” Sasuke added. “MY friend and I were looking for a place to have a meal and a bath, don’t suppose the two of you would like to be our guides?”


“Why, we’d love to!” Hinata and Sakura said in perfect harmony as they got up, cum still dripping off their faces as they smiled happily.


“This is gonna be a fun week.” said Sasuke.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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