A Soul to Sex Up

Rukia shook her head in amused fondness when Rangiku left. There was a definite spring in her busty friend’s step and a gleam in her eyes; she was clearly looking forward to her day. And admittedly, Rukia couldn’t blame her; almost everyone seemed much happier and more relaxed, no doubt helped by all the sex they were having. She had even seen her brother and Captain Hitsugaya smiling!


Although, she thought suddenly, eyes narrowing, there was at least one person whom she was fairly certain had been left out of all the fun. For certain, none of the other women had talked about having sex with him, and Rangiku definitely would have if she had landed him.


Was she really going to do this? Rukia asked herself, a blush stealing across her face. Was she really going to have sex with someone that she really only knew in a professional manner, just to make them feel better and have fun?


…yes, she was. Everyone deserved to have fun and enjoy themselves, and he was no exception.



Shuhei was enjoying the group vacation, even though he had yet to participate in the various… extracurricular activities that many of his peers were clearly enjoying. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to; he just hadn’t found the right time or place yet. But that was okay. The scenery here was beautiful, especially the sakura trees.


The small but powerful hand grabbing his arm and pulling him behind the trees caught him completely off guard, but Shuhei was quickly ready to fight… until he saw who it was that had ‘attacked’ him. “Kuchiki-san?” he asked in confusion, before registering what she was wearing.


Or rather, what she wasn’t wearing.


Face instantly turning beet red, Shuhei slammed his eyes shut and even turn around. “I-I’m so sorry, Kuchiki-san! I didn’t mean-“


“Relax, Shuhei-kun. I did that on purpose; I’m sorry for embarrassing you, but I wanted to make my intentions clear.” Her voice turned very dry. “And if you can’t figure it out from there, I’m going to lose a lot of respect for your intelligence.”


It took a moment for Shuhei to comprehend what Kuchiki-san was saying, and even longer to believe it. Slowly, he turned back around, cracking his eyes open as he did. Sure enough, there she was: Rukia Kuchiki, hands on her hips as she gave him a bemused look, not a single stitch of clothing on her. “Kuchiki-“


“Just call me Rukia.” Her lips quirked up in a wry smile. “All things considered, I think we can do away with formalities for a while.”


Shuhei found himself smiling back, relaxing a little. “Rukia then. I’m very flattered,” and very aroused, “but are you sure you want to do it with me? We don’t know each other very well.”


“True,” Rukia replied with a shrug, her face pinkening as her tits jiggled and Shuhei’s eyes snapped to them. “But what better time and place to change that? Everyone has been having fun, and that should include you. Though if you really want me to leave, I will.” It would be embarrassing and probably piss her off if he turned her down, but she would still do it.


It only took Shuhei a moment to decide, and he answered by stripping out of his clothes, leaving him just as naked as Rukia. He took some masculine pride in the way her eyes widened upon seeing his cock. Then she was stepping closer to him, pulling him down for a searing kiss. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, and his dick pushed against her stomach, harder then he could ever remember it being.


He was quickly forced to reassess his thinking when Rukia’s hand dropped down to give him a handjob. Once again, small but powerful, and Shuhei wondering, in a distant corner of his mind, where she had learned to do something like this.


The rest of him really didn’t care, and quickly wanted more. Breaking the kiss, he grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, making her gasp. Bending and grabbing her legs, Shuhei lifted her up, marveling at how light she was, before lowering her onto his rock-hard erection with a satisfied grunt.


“OOOooohhh!” Rukia squealed in delight, throwing hands back to help support herself by pushing against his chest. She hadn’t realized how horny she was until now; the explosion of pleasure as he began fucking her hot, wet pussy hit her like a train, numbing her mind in the best way possible.


Then he began pumping her up down, thrusting up into her at the same time. Rukia was soon squealing and moaning, her cries of pleasure mixing with Shuhei’s grunts and pants. Going into this, Rukia was confident she would be the one that would last the longest.


Now, as her mind fogged over with pleasure, she wasn’t so sure, but that was all right. She had wanted to help Shuhei have more fun on this vacation, and he was certainly doing that.


And Rukia definitely had no complaints. She was going to be bragging about this to the other ladies for the rest of the week. They had no idea what they had been missing, and now Rukia was the first one to experience just how talented Shuhei was.


Lucky her!

(Story by User: S22132)

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