A Returning to Town with A Titfuck

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Grumbling angrily to himself, A, former Raikage to Kumogakure wandered through the streets of Konoha. He had only himself to blame, though he loathe to admit that aloud. There was a tight schedule to keep in the filming, and he was late. It was no surprise they made adjustments and gave his role to Iwabe. Still, he had been looking forward to making Kurotsuchi squeal like a pig bitch.


Letting out an angry sigh, he ducked into an alley in the shopping district. There was a small shop in this area Samui had told him about where he could find food native to his homeland. The powerful smell of some familiar spices led him right to it! Inside was an angry looking old woman who stood up straight upon his entry.


“Lord Raikage-sama! What an unexpected honor!” she said with a genuine smile and bowed deeply.


A only gave a terse nod as he looked around, there were plenty of little bits of home for sale inside, mostly in the way of spices like the one that had drawn him here. Though against the eastern facing wall he found what he was looking for, bars of spiced chocolate! A picked up a handful of them and brought them over to the counter.


“Oh, rough day?” asked the old woman.


“More disappointing than anything else.” he told her.


“Ahh, we have all been there,” said the old woman as she waved a hand when A pulled out his wallet, “Your money is no good here today, take them.” she told him, “My way of thanking you for your visit to my humble little shop.”


“Heh, never thought I’d see you kissing up to anyone old hag!” said a voice behind him.


“Only those truly worthy of admiration you cheap whore!” the old woman shot back.


“HEY!!! I RESENT THAT, I AM NOT CHEAP!!!!” replied the woman as A turned to see Temari Nara and Ino Yamanaka walking into the store.


The other blonde giggled, “Pot meet kettle…” she muttered under her breath.


“SHUT UP!!!” Temari and the old woman shouted at Ino.


Temari’s hardened expression turned softer as she gave a friendlier smile, “Had you gotten in more of that weird orange root?” she asked, “My son really liked it in the stew I made him before.”


“Yes, over there.” said the old woman as she pointed to the item in question. A knew it well, it was called hasperat, a very spicy root who’s plant was actually extremely poisonous. The leaves of the plant were used to poison kunai once upon a time. The roots however were harmless, and added a powerful kick to any dish they were placed in.


“I didn’t know you enjoyed foods from my village.” A said.


“Karui’s been showing me a few things. Konoha’s food is okay, but is really bland sometimes, and getting ingredients from the Sand is as my husband would say, “Such a pain.”” Temai told him as she purchased two bundles of the roots and paid for them.


“What brings you out here A-sama?” Ino asked.


“Taste of home.” said A as he tore open one bar of chocolate and bit off more than half in a single bite.


“Hey, weren’t you supposed to be doing a shoot today?” Temari asked while the old lady bagged her roots for her.


Growling, A stuffed the rest of the candy bar into his mouth and chewed quickly, “Scheduling conflict, they had the pup work instead.”


“Pup?” Ino echoed.


“You must mean Iwabe.” Temari said as she nodded her thanks to the old lady.


“Yes.” A answered tersely, “It’s more than a little annoying.”


Both women looked at each other and nodded as the three of them departed the shop together. “Weeeellll, we’re headed over to the BLH for our shifts.” said Ino.


“And I’ve been telling her about that fun little pill of yours.” added Temari as the two of them flanked his sides.


“Oh yes, I’m so very curious about it!” Ino said as she wrapped her arms around his right arm and hugged it between her tits.


“Hmmmph, I see…” A said a grin slowly spreading over his face, “I don’t know if you ladies can handle it.”


“THE HELL YOU SAY!” Temari snapped, “I’ve taken Boruto a few times, this would be nothing!”


“Temari, shhh!” Ino hushed her as several people turned to look at them at her outburst.


“Like anyone really cares Ino.” Temari said, then grabbed A by his artificial limb, “Come on, I’ll show you just how much I can handle!”



The three of them went across the village to the Busteez Love Hotel. Ino checked them in and even paid for the room. Only fitting since THEY asked HIM to come here. The room itself was basic, plain walls without any art on them, a single large bed, and a small TV mounted on one wall. At least there was a minibar, but A didn’t care for the cheap junk in the low cost rooms here.


He placed his remaining chocolate bars on a small table in one corner as he reached his hand into his pocket. He withdrew a tiny bottle that rattled slightly with the pills inside. Twisting the cap off, he tapped one out into the palm of his artificial hand.


“That’s it?” Ino asked, “It looks like a plain headache pill.”


“What were you expecting?” A asked her as she began to undress. Both women casually stripped out of their clothes, baring their creamy smooth skin in front of him without a moment’s hesitation. A let his eyes linger on their soft and smooth tits, enjoying the sight of them as they were released from the confines of their tops.


“Oh I don’t know, something more colorful maybe. Or bigger.”


“Trust me, you’ll have all the size you can handle soon enough!” Temari told her.


“Hmmhmm, confident, aren’t you?” A said as he popped the pill in his mouth and swallowed it dry. He then went to work stripping off his own clothes as he admired the creamy naked flesh of the two housewives. He idly wondered how their husbands would feel if they knew their sposes had come to him looking for something far bigger than they could provide? He smiled at the memory of how he broke the Hokage’s bitch of a wife for the final time. The look on her face at the end was priceless. He’d taken it from the video of that night and had it printed on a large frame and displayed in the living room of his home in Kumogakure.


The pill went to work quickly when he wasn’t working to hold off the affects, A grinned at the look of shock and awe that spread over Ino’s face as his cock swelled up larger and larger until it was as long as his muscular arm and twice as thick!


“Amazing!” Ino gasped, “So biiiig!!!” she said as she grabbed her own tits, her nipple already getting hard just at the sight of his dick. She squeezed them softly as she slowly licked her lips in anticipation. Just how long had it been since this slut had been given a decent fuck?


“Mmmmmh, both of you, gimme some tits to match, those are nice, but they’ll look like goosebumps against me.” A told them.


Ino and Temari looked over at one another and nodded, their hands moved in perfect synch, weaving the same sequence of hand seals, “BREAST EXPANSION NO JUTSU!!!” they said together. A grinned as he watched their tits grow, and grow, and grow! Expanding like four large balloons filling with air until their were as big as their entire bodies!


“That’s more like it!” he said as he moved to sit back on the edge of the bed. The two of them then went over to kneel in front of him, pressing their tits together around his gigantic rod. A let out a satisfied sigh, nothing felt as nice as big, soft, creamy tits rubbing against his massive cock! He never tired of the feel of sight as he looked down at both women. Ino and Temari pressed their massive cow udder tits around his cock, both of them moaning at the feel of it against their skin.


“Mmmmmmh! So big and hot! I can feel you throbbing against my tits A-sama!!!” Ino moaned.


“Mmmmh!! Me too!!! I can feel every inch of this big fat dick!!! And I love it!” Temari hissed between clenched teeth as she grinned at him, rubbing those smooth soft tits of her back and forth along his cock. A closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the feel of two pairs of massive tits rubbing against his cock. He could feel their giant nipples pressing against the sides of his cock as he began thrusting his hips slowly. He then opened his eyes and grinned at the two women.


“Mmmmmmh, that’s it ladies, but if you wanna get the full potential of my cock, gimme a good show to keep me aroused!” he told them.


Ino and Temari looked at one another again, then smiled as she leaned over towards one another and locked lips! The two blondes moaned into one another’s mouths, their tongues slurping lewdly at each others.


“Mmmmmh, Ino-shan… Your lipsh, sho sweet…” Temari moaned.


Ino only giggled back, kissing Temari harder as she reached over to pull the other woman closer, pressing their tits around A’s cock so tightly that it vanished between them! A groaned at the feeling, so soft and warm, and so very smooth. He thrusted his hips faster, making their tits jiggle and ripple slightly as the two women continued moaning into one another’s mouths!


“MMMMMMH, A-SHAMA, YESH, MOAR, PHUCK OUR BOOBIESH MOAR…!!” Ino moaned into Temari’s mouth.


“NMMMMMMH!!! SHO GUUD, THISH FEELSH SHO GUUD!!!” Temari moaned back.


“AHHHHAAA!!!” Ino moaned, breaking the kiss and panting hard as she struggled to keep herself pressed against Temari, “I can’t take this much longer, their so big, so sensitive right now…. I… I… I’m cuUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING WITH JUST MY TITS!!!!”


A chuckled, “Horny Konoslut!” he said as he watched Ino shudder in pleasure before she fell onto her back, her massive tits spilling to either side of her slender frame. He watched as she panted hard, her breathing slightly labored under the weight of those titanic tits.


“Don’t think I’m through with you yet!” A told her as he grabbed her ankle and lifted her up with one arm before tossing her onto the bed like a rag doll. Ino let out a short shriek of surprise as she bounced once on the bed as A grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs wide.


He licked his lips at the sight that greeted him, a dripping wet neatly shaved cunt, drooling in need! A lined up his massive rod of fuck meat against the quivering lips of Ino’s steaming hot hole.


“No, waaAAAIIITTT…!!!” she screamed as he pushed his cock inside! Spreading her pussy wider than he imagined it ever had before as her abdomen stretched considerably around his pole. Ino’s crystalline blue eyes went wide as she let out a silent scream.


“Heh, and she thought I was joking.” Temari said with a smirk.


“Hmmhmm…” chuckled A as he began thrusting his cock into Ino, loving the sight of her belly distending every time he thrusted in!


“Ahhhhh, so biiiiig, tooo biiiig!!!!” Ino panted, “My pussy… MY PUSSY IS GONNA BREAK!!!” she screamed, as she began drooling heavily when with labored breath.


“Oh, should I stop then?” A asked with false sympathy.


“NOOOO!!! DON’T STOP!!! IT FEELS GOOD!!!” begged Ino, “SO GOOD… I CAN’T… THINK OF… ANYTHING ELSE…” she moaned as A reached out to grab fistfuls of her giant tit-flesh, gripping her nipples tightly in both hands and twisting them in opposing directions! Ino howled in pleasure, her pussy spraying like a firehose every time he moved.


“AAAHHAAAAH… MY BREASTS, MY NIPPLES, AND MY PUSSY!!! EVERYTHING… FEELS GOOD!” Ino gasped, her tongue hanging off her lips now, she looked like some twisted bitch in heat. Not a shred of her kunoichi pride remained as the bed creaked in protest while he continued slamming his entire cock inside her.


“Oh fuck she looks so hot right now,” Temari said, “Feels good being fucked by a big Kumocock doesn’t it Ino?” she asked.


“YEEESSSSSS!!!!!” Ino answered shamelessly. “MY PUSSY!!!!! MY PUSSY LOVES THIIIIS!!!!!”


“Heh, so this is the true face of the Yamanaka women!” A shouted at her as she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep more of his dick inside her. There was something so very satisfying about seeing a woman fall into ecstasy driven madness, moreso when he didn’t need to rely on those Suzuka techniques!


“IT’S GOOD… GOOD… IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Ino screamed at the top of her lungs. “DON’T STOOOP, MY PUSSY… MY PUSSY IS HUNGRY FOR MORE!!!”


Groaning, A called on his stamina training with Samui in the mountains to keep himself from cumming at the sight of her face. “That’s it you Konoslut, take my cock, take it ALLL!!!” he roared, slamming his cock in balls deep! Ino howled again, her eyes turning completely white as they rolled all the way back.




Next to him, Temari moaned as she began masturbating with one hand while clinging to his right arm with the other.


“Fucking masochistic slut!!! You love this, don’t you?” Temari shouted at her.


Ino only responded with a low animal sounding moan, A grinned at the sound and began pounding into her faster, nearly lifting her off the bed with his dick alone!


“SO FUCKING DEEP, MY WOMB, YOUR FUCKING MY WOOOOMB!” Ino squealed as she pawed at her own gigantic knockers, pulling one to her mouth to suck and bite at her own nipple.


“HAHAHA, You horny WHOOOORE!!!” he shouted back at her, leaning down slightly to suck at her other tit, taking her nipple between his teeth and biting hard before pulling back, tugging her giant tit into an almost cone shape before releasing it to watch as it flopped and wobbled back into place.


“MORE! THRUST MY PUSSY MORE!!!! POUND IT, SLAM IT, MAKE ME YOUR COCK SLEEVE!!!!!” Ino screamed in near orgasmic insanity. Her head turned from side to side as she clawed at the sheets of the bed, her entire body covered with sweat now, “MORE, MOREMOREMOREMOOOOREE!!! DESTROY MY PUSSY WITH THAT GIANT DIIIICK!!!”


“RAAAAWWWWRRRRR!!!!!” A howled as he slammed his cock balls deep once more just as he came hard.




His cum made a rude noise as her womb quickly filled and it began gushing back out of her around his cock.




The room feel oddly quiet without Ino’s shrieking moans as A panted hard, out of breath now, beads of sweat running down his broad back. He slowly pulled his cock back, loving the loud, wet, sucking noise her pussy made as he withdrew. There was a soft wet ‘pop’ as he pulled out completely, his cock dropping with a mix of his cum and her juices.


“I hope you’re not done yet, ‘cause now it’s my turn! And that little pink bitch isn’t here to steal my turn away this time!” Temari said as she grabbed A’s cock and pulled it towards herself, leaning down to slowly lick the mix of fluids away.


“Hardly, I’ve had a frustrating day, and I’m not stopping until I’ve worked all of it out!” proclaimed A as he popped a second pill in his mouth.



Downstairs, Shizune answered the phone and listened as yet another couple complained of the noise in their room, this time coming from the floor beneath them! “Ye… Yes sir, right away, I’m so sorry for the trouble…” she said hurriedly. “AAHHHIIIII!!! NO! There’s no need to bother the Hokage with this, I’ll take care of it right away!” she said as she slammed the phone down and tried again to call the room Ino, Temari, and A had taken, but with all the screaming that even she could hear, the dark haired woman doubted they could even hear the phone ringing!!!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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11 months ago

When’s the next chapter

Myckle Hickman
Myckle Hickman
1 year ago

These two girls need more action. And they definitely need to be this size more often. Much more often.

1 year ago

After Samui x Tsunade blonde combo i think this blonde combo might be one of my favourites. I loved how both girls are so attractive and want to get fuck so much <3
After he destroy ino it would be hot to see how he wreck temari too but i think that phone call explains everything 😀
Cant wait to see your next story well done

1 year ago

How big the picture of Hinata’s face is in A’s living room? I wonder how many people have walked in and seen her ahegao face on the wall, I also wonder how Hinata and Naruto would feel if they knew about it. Lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

Not sure, I wrote that in as a bit of a callback and a gag, but maybe we’ll see it in a future pic someday? 🙂

1 year ago

Damn, I really liked the sex in this one, looks like the girls and the raikage were going wild. Seems like A really enjoys breaking women with the pill xD also that ending was funny, there was nothing poor Shizune could have done to make those 3 keep it down.

1 year ago
Reply to  xfuski

Hehehe, that poor girl can never catch a break.

1 year ago

About time we had some Ino action again. And with Temari at that. Nice picks.

As for the story itself, oh A and his conceited ass self. Can’t believe that he’s still mad about missing the Kurotsuchi shoot. Bro, schedule conflicts are a thing. XD Also, I liked how you handled the conversations he had with the ladies and the old lady at the start. I found the ending with Shizune especially fucking funny. Haha.

But of course, the sex itself was top notch, especially the titjob part.

All in all, I really like the work that you’ve done here. Keep up the good work!

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, the scene with the old lady was inspired by how bitchy she was in a Boruto Episode where the store was first introduced. The spiced chocolate is a semi-real thing I’ve heard about in passing, something you find in India. A mix of sweet and hot like some of those sweet heat candies they have now.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

News to me. Learn something new everyday.

1 year ago

I wait for a story with a secondary character

1 year ago
Reply to  Ravelez

I don’t understand…

1 year ago

A, the self-proclaimed fastest man alive after Minato died and before Naruto showed him up…was salty that he was late and it’s 100% his fault. I’m fucking dead. 🤣🤣🤣
The sex was great as well- I love paizuri stuff.

And…wait, didn’t he tell Iwabe to never take more than one pill in a 24 hour period?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

He told Iwabe yes, never said it would be dangerous for himself. 😛 Glad you liked the story though. 😀