A Pill to Pound Harder

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The Konoha Mountain Villa, Iwabe Yuino had passed by the place several times, but he’d never really been inside before. Looking around the lobby, he could see WHY this place was so expensive. Everything in the place looked like it was worth more than he made in a month of C-Class Missions!


Looking down at the slip of papers Sarada had given him earlier, Iwabe looked around for the directions leading to the suites.


Earlier, he’d stopped by the school just as they’d finished filming, “Hey guys, how are things?” he had asked when he walked into the nurses office just as Denki finished taking down his cameras.


“Good, just a little sore.” said Sarada, she sat on the nurses office bed, a bag of ice on her crotch. “You just missed Boruto, Tsunade-sama, and the Raikage. They asked me to give you this.” she told him as she handed him a slip of paper with “1-15” written on it.


“Raikage-sama wants to see you tonight when you have the time.” Sarada told him.


“Um, what happened?” Iwabe asked.


“Oh, nothing, just took a few more takes that I thought it might.” Sarada said with a sheepish chuckle, “I’m glad that medicine works so well, but Kaguya wasn’t kidding about the soreness lasting. Anyway, you go on ahead, we got things here.”


On his way out, Iwabe bumped into Wasabi, the brown haired girl carrying several bottles of water from the school vending machine with her. “Oh hey, how ya doing Iwabe-kun?” she asked cheerfully, “You missed quite the show earlier.”


“Oh, that fu-whatever thing works?” he asked her.


“Futanari-no-Jutsu, and yeah, when we were finally allowed into to watch a couple takes, I mean wow! It was awesome, I can’t wait to do my scenes with Sakura-sama!!!!” she said excitedly.


“I didn’t know you had any scenes with her.” Iwabe said, narrowing his eyebrows.


“Well you never know, there could be revisions, new scenes added, they did it for Boruto’s mom you know.” Wasabi said with a light pouting expression. “Oh, the Raikage wanted to see you.”


“I know, I’m on my way there now.” Iwabe said holding up the slip of paper Sarada had given him.”


“Well get going then!” Wasabi said, pushing him towards the exit, “You’ve held us up enough for one movie!”


So now here he was, wondering what the former Raikage wanted with him.


“Can I help you young man?” asked the man behind the check-in desk as he walked past. He was a man of average height, with oily looking slicked back hair and a pencil thin mustache. Like the kind of uptight snob one might expect to see in a hotel of this caliber.


“Oh, um, sorry, I’m just here to see someone, he asked me to come see him here tonight.” Iwabe said as he rubbed the back of his head.


“Hmm, I see. Who is the guest you’ll be calling on then, I will announce your arrival.” said the clerk, clearly not believing him. For some reason, that annoyed Iwabe, making him stand up straighter as he turned to fully face Mr. Too Much Hair Gel.


“Sure, I’m here to see the Lord Raikage; I just hope he doesn’t get annoyed that you’re delaying me.” Iwabe said.


“Really…” said the man and Iwabe saw his name on a golden tag attaching to the pocket of the fancy looking jacket he wore. It read; Rufus, even the guy’s name sounded snobbish! “I’ll call that bluff!” he said as he picked up a phone from behind the counter. Iwabe saw him dial a few numbers while looking down at him.


“Sorry to be a bother sir, but I have a young man here who says he is here to see you, are you…” he began to say, but then yanked the phone away from his ear.




“Ye… Yes sir, my apologies!” Rufus said into the receiver.


“APOLOGIZE TO MY GUEST YOU IDIOT!” Iwabe heard A said before the phone sparked and smoked as it shorted out. Iwabe suppressed a chuckle, knowing A had likely sent a jolt through the phone line back at the snobby clerk.


“WAH!!!” Rufus yelped dropping the phone and rubbing his hand, “Pl… Please sir, go on ahead, and my apologies for delaying you.”


“Thank you.” Iwabe said, not bothering to hide how smug he felt as he walked towards the hallway. The space between rooms was fairly big; meaning the rooms themselves must have been spacious. The hallway itself was painted a glaringly white color, dotted with expensive looking landscape artworks along the way, accented by the occasional potted plant or two. Room 1-15 itself was in the middle of the hallway. The door was a thick panel of wood with smaller squares carved into its surface. The door knob was one of those handle designs with a keycard slot. Iwabe had learned to break past these quietly at the academy, but he had no doubt that might trigger an alarm or two if he tried.


He knocked on the door gently and waited, wondering what the former Raikage wanted to see him about. Given recent events, it was likely to yell at him about chickening out of working on the film. He’d lost his virginity to Hanabi a short while back, but that hadn’t really helped, not after seeing what Boruto was packing at the pre-filming party.


He heard the sound of the lock on the door being undone an instant before the door slowly sank into the room as it was opened and a naked woman filled the entryway!!!!


“Gheep!!!” Iwabe gulped as Tsunade’s gorgeous naked body filled his vision. Her giant naked tits hung in front of him, dusty pink nipples both still and glistening slightly. In fact, Tsunade’s entire body was covered in sweat! Her pussy was slightly agape, the pink folds of her labia still dripping lightly as she looked him up and down. Her long blonde hair, usually hanging in low twin tails, was now completely loose and cascading down her back.


“Didn’t think you were gonna come by.” Tsunade said plainly, “Okay A-sama, I owe you anal again!” she called behind her as she stepped aside for him.


“I told you he would come Princess.” said A’s voice. “Get in here young man.” he said in a commanding tone.


Tsunade led him deeper into the suite. Too call the room a mess would have redefined the word understatement. Clothes were strewn about all over the room, some of them looking as if they had been torn off! Most of the furniture was lying on its side or in pieces.


These two did all this from just having sex?!‘ the young man thought as he looked at all the damages around him.


Iwabe felt a mild trickle of fear creeping down his spine as he ventured deeper inside behind Tsunade, his eyes glancing discreetly at her naked curvy ass. It was a creamy smooth color, with just the right amount of jiggle to it as she moved, swaying her hips with every step.


In the main area of the room, he discovered A sitting on a large couch. He was dressed in a dull yellow robe over his obviously naked body. On the coffee table in front of him was a small zip seal baggie with several tiny pills inside. Tsunade moved over to an overturned single seater chair and set it back upright again before patting the cushion for him.


“Have a seat.” she said with a sweet smile on her soft pink lips. She then walked around the table and sat down next to A, leaning back on the soft cushions.


“We heard from Boruto today you’ve been having some ‘performance’ issues.” A said flatly.


Iwabe looked down at his hands as he clasped them in his lap, “Yeah, sorry about that…”


“Don’t apologize. Make’s you seem weak.” A told him in a stern voice. His head then jerked to the side suddenly as Tsunade smacked the side of it.


“Oh shut up! don’t try the whole intimidation thing, it’ll just make things worse you big oaf!” she chided him.


“A and I were concerned, as former Kage, we both know when something is bothering a shinobi of any rank.” Tsunade said to him in an almost motherly tone. Though it was hard to see her as that when she was sitting naked and covered in sweat and cum. Iwabe gulped again, trying not to look directly at the blonde haired woman as she moved to lean against A slightly.


“I spoke with my people back in Kumogakure,” A told him, “And I got authorization to give you this, but only enough for the filming.” he said, giving the table a light kick and causing the baggie of pills to scoot forward towards him.


“You should recognize them.” he told Iwabe, “Normally I would go to this much trouble, but I’m investing a chunk of my time and effort into this project, and I won’t have it held up by anything or anyone.”


“What A is trying to say in his own rude way is he wants to help you.” Tsunade said, then giggled, “You know it’s okay to look, I don’t mind in the slightest, if I did I would be doing club work let alone this movie.”


“Sorry!” Iwabe said stiffly.


“Don’t apologize.” the two of them said together.


“Enjoying the sight of a beautiful naked woman just means you’re healthy; don’t ever feel shame for that.” A told him.


“Awww, you think I’m beautiful?” Tsunade asked in a teasing tone.


“I thought that went without saying princess.” A replied, though his voice was entirely serious.


“You suck at flirting, anyone ever tell you that?” Tsunade asked.


“No.” A said back, “But I’d rather have you sucking something else while I tell him how these work.”


“Sure.” Tsunade said with a lewd grin before looking over to Iwabe as she reached a hand inside A’s robe and pulled his still half erect cock out and leaned down to wrap her lips around the tip. Iwabe’s eye’s went wide as he watched the blonde woman take half of A’s rehardening cock into her mouth, her throat bulging slightly around its girth.


A showed almost no reaction to this other than a nearly imperceptible twitching of his eyes and mouth. Tsunade’s pink lips made a loud slurping noise around A’s cock as she began moving her head up and down slowly.


“Mmmmmph…” she moaned loudly around his cock.


“THIS is what it means to be making a movie like this young Yuino, you can’t let yourself feel even the least bit self-conscious about doing these things in front of others.” A told him, “You were plenty confident at the pre-filming party, but apparently that evaporated when things got going. According to the script, you have four other scenes to be done in the film. So I’m providing you with five pills. Once for each sequence and one to test out so you can see how it affects you.”


“Mmmmph, ahhh…” Tsunade gasped as she lifted her head free of A’s now fully erect cock. Though he wasn’t as big as when he used the pills at the party before, not even half as big, though it was still as long and thick as Tsunade’s arm from her elbow to her wrist. “Speaking of, I put in a call to Shizune; she should be waiting in the lobby by now. You can run your trial with her. She’s well trained in medical jutsu in case you should need it.”


“Hang on, what…?” Iwabe asked as he reached over to pick up the baggie of pills.


“I did say the testing phase of these isn’t finished yet didn’t I?” A told him as he pushed Tsunade’s face back onto his cock. The blonde haired woman let out a lewd moan as she took his length back down into her mouth, deepthroating his entire length with practiced ease. It was such an erotic sight Iwabe shifted in his seat to hide his own growing erection.


“Ye… Yeah, I remember you mentioning that.” he admitted.


“I’ll be straight, giving you these does go against by better judgment, but I want this project to be completed before I leave the village. So I’m gonna take a mild risk and let you have these.” A told him before explaining how taking one pill would grant a heavy enhancement for usually one to two hours, then return to normal after that. The downside being that they did drain a heavy amount of stamina, to say nothing about a few other health risks. He also warned never to take more than one within a twenty-four hour period. “That’s all I can tell you, now, do not disappoint me.”


“I, I won’t, thank you Raikage-sama.” Iwabe said as he picked up the baggie and slipped it inside his pocket.


“Hmmph, now go, as my idiot of a brother would say, ‘You have your own ho to go bang.'” A said.


Standing up, Iwabe bowed to them both, “Thank you very much Raikage-sama, Tsunade-sama, please enjoy your evening!” before quickly exiting the room.


Once the door closed behind him, Iwabe reached into his pocket again and took out the baggie, looking at the five small pills inside. He grinned, this was awesome! Now he’d easily be able to compete with Boruto on set! Tsunade said something about setting him up on a “date” with Shizune. She was a pretty woman, in a teacher or secretary kind of way. Iwabe felt himself getting excited at the idea of testing how this stuff worked with her.


He made his way back to the hotel lobby and quickly spotted Shizune sitting by a table near where they made and sold expensive coffee that had way too much milk in it. She spotted him almost immediately and stood up before bowing respectfully to him. She was dressed in a plain blue kimono-like outfit with golden trim to match the gold eye shadow and lipstick she had on.


“Yuino-san, Tsunade-sama has paid for us to go on a little date together. But she didn’t tell me much more than to meet you here. Does this have anything to do with the movie?” she asked as he approached.


“Yeah, but can we talk someplace a little more private?” Iwabe asked.


“Sure. I know a good private place.” Shizune said with a smile.



Shizune wasn’t kidding about a good private spot, but the Hokage’s own personal park!?


“Are you sure it’s okay for us to be here?” Iwabe asked as he looked around nervously.


“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Shizune said, waving her hand dismissively. “Naruto-sama already went home for the day, so no one will bother us here.”


“Alright,” Iwabe said as he took out one of the pills A had given him. It was small, and inside one of those green gelcap things, they kind that dissolve quickly in the stomach. He popped it in his mouth and washed it down with some water from a nearby fountain. “While we wait for that to kick in, I’ll explain…”


“Ahh, I see…” Shizune said after he finished telling her everything that had happened thus far, everything ranging from his performance anxiety with another woman to his penis envy of the other male performers.


“Yeah, pretty pathetic huh?” Iwabe said, feeling lower than a snakes balls, having been all talk like this when things finally went his way in the ladies department. Even losing his virginity to one of the prettiest shinobi in the whole village!


“Nah!” Shizune told him, “If I had a Ryo for every time I’ve heard a story like this, I could retire and spend the rest of my life buying the most expensive shoes I could and still not spend it all!”


Iwabe blinked in confusion, “Wha…?” he said, and watched as Shizune got down on her knees in front of him. Pulling her top open, she bared her big heavy tits for him, two heavy looking mounds of soft creamy flesh. Each one easily three times the size of her head and capped with a large dull pink nipple, already stiff in the cool late afternoon breeze. Iwabe gulped at the sight, feeling a low surge in his loins as she knelt closer.


“Believe it or not, a LOT of my first time customers have told me similar tales. None were making a movie, but many had confidence troubles like you. It’s honestly surprising what men and some women will tell a sex worker. A therapist would be WAY cheaper!”


“But not as sexy.” Iwabe told her.


Shizune’s cheeks blushed lightly, “Just for that, I’m gonna take my time sucking your dick and show you just how good you really are!” she told him as she leaned in even closer, her hands moving to begin undoing his pants as she looked up at him with a seductive look in her eyes as she licked her golden painted lips.


“Urk…!” Iwabe grunted as the surge he felt just a moment ago became almost painful.




“AHIIIIII!!!!” Shizune shrieked, her dark eyes wide with shock as Iwabe’s cock ripped straight through the khaki colored cargo shorts he had on like they were made of so much tissue paper! The crotch of his shorts was reduced to a tattered hole as his dick stood huge and proud in front of her face.


“Big…” she said in a small voice, “Really big… So big… This, this is bigger than Naruto-sama…” THAT made Iwabe smile, he liked the look of shock and awe on the older womans face as she moved to gently kiss and lick her way up his shaft from the base to tip. His cock seemed a bit darker than before, and his pubic hairs were now a lighter color as well. As he thought about it, A’s hair did seem a few shades lighter than he remembered from photos of him in school. At first, he just attributed it to him dying his hair to hide that it might be going gray, but it might have been a side effect of these pills! As he felt Shizune’s pillowy soft lips leaving perfect lipstick marks along his cock though, Iwabe quickly decided that didn’t matter, slightly darkened skin and lighter hair was a tiny price to pay for benefits like this!


“Mmmmmmh, I love big cocks like this…” Shizune purred, moving to wrap her warm and soft tits around the base of his cock. Even with them thrice the size of her head, Iwabe’s dick still stuck out from between them as she pressed them together with her forearms. “Huh, are you still getting bigger!?” she gasped as she watched his length twitch and throb between her heavy knockers as she tried to rub them up and down slowly. Her skin felt silky smooth, Iwabe loved the feel of them as he leaned back on the bench where he sat, looking down at Shizune with a grin.


Shizune’s eyebrows twitched nervously as she kissed the side of his cock again, seemingly less confidant now. Iwabe had to admit, he liked being the one that wasn’t nervous for a change! Shizune looked so cute, all nervous and such as she slowly ran her tongue along the side of his dick, leaving a glistening trail of her saliva.


“Suck it!” he told her.


Shizune gasped at the command, but nodded, opening and closing her mouth several times, warming up her jaw muscles. The mocha skinned youth let out a low groan as he felt her warm and wet mouth take in the tip of his cock. Her tongue brushing against the underside of the wide head as she let out a soft squeaking moan. Shizune’s lips slurped and smacked against the surface of his dick as she worked to take more of his length into her mouth. She continued pressing her funbags around the lower half of his now gigantic cock, rubbing them up and down slowly.


“Too slow!” he grunted, reached a hand out and pushing her head down.


“AHIIIIIIIGH!!!!” Shizune gagged, her eyes rolling back in her head as drool shot out the side of her mouth as her throat swelled with the thickness of his fuckstick! “GUUUUMMMPHH…” she gagged and moaned as he pushed more than half his cock into her mouth, the sensation was incredible as he leaned his head back and savored the feeling.


“Ahhh, fuuuck this feels good…” Iwabe groaned.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, guugh…” Shizune moaned and gagged again, the sound less struggling this time as he pulled his hand away from her head. He watched as she looked up at him, her cheeks still flushed as she worked to try and take more of him into her mouth and throat.


“Dish ish moar Shakura’sh ding…” she slurred.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Iwabe told her; reaching his hands down to grip the sides of her face and lift her face up. Shizune coughed and gasped when her mouth pulled free, and Iwabe let her take a second to catch her breath.


“Sakura’s the blowjob queen, not me…” she gasped.


“So I’ve seen.” Iwabe agreed.


“But,” Shizune said with a smile as she resumed rubbing her tits up and down slowly, his cock sliding between them a lot easier now thanks to her drool working as a lube. “I’d love to have this thing stuffing my cunt!” she told him, “It’s been too long since I had anything that REALLY filled me up!” she confessed, licking the side of his cock again before she moved to a standing position and shrugged out of her kimono. Her naked body filled his vision and Iwabe groaned as his dick throbbed again. Her crotch and legs were devoid of hair, seeming almost polished as she smiled down at him. The lips of her cunt were puffy and pink, glistening in the now slowly dying light as afternoon faded into evening.


“AHIIIIIIII!!!!” Shizune squealed again when he leapt out of his seat, knocking her to the ground and pinning her by the wrists with his hands. “AHHH… AHIIIIIIIII!!!! SO BIIIIIIIG!!!” Shizune screamed as Iwabe speared his cock into her waiting pussy. Hot wet heat wrapped around his cock as he buried himself inside her.


“Ahhhh, Shizune-nee, your pussy feels great!!!” Iwabe groaned, loving the wet tightness of her pussy. He didn’t know why he had suddenly jumped her like this, and he didn’t care, he just knew he NEEDED to be inside her as he began thrusting his hips, loving the wet squishing sounds his cock made as it pushed all the way inside her neatly shaven pussy.


“AHH… AHH… AHHHH… AHIIIIIII!!!!!! BIG, SO BIIIIG, TOOO BIIIIIG, AHIIIIIIIII!!!!!!” Shizune screamed, her hips bucking against his thrusts as she moaned and screamed in pleasure. Iwabe wasn’t the least concerned by her words, she may have been saying too big, but her face BEGGED him not to stop! Her eyes were crossed and rolled back in their sockets, her mouth hung up like a panting dogs as her tongue lolled from her lips. Every time he pushed his cock balls deep he felt a surge of liquid warmth as her pussy gushed like a burst water balloon. She then wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging him deeper inside as she panted louder.




“Hurr, huurrr, hurrr… You, slutty… WHORE!!!” Iwabe grunted, loving the way her voice sounded when she begged.


“WHOOOOORE!!!! I’M A WHOOOOOORE, AHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!” Shizune agreed, her pussy spraying almost non-stop now as Iwabe slammed into her mercilessly. Her cunt felt amazing, and so tight and warm around him as he didn’t let up for a second. He didn’t understand or care why, but all of his nervousness from before was gone! Now he just wanted to make this Konoslut squeal like a pig as he pounded into her, loving the way it made those giant flesh balloons of her wiggle and wobble like pudding molds!


“OH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Iwabe groaned, feeling a surge from deep within as he came inside her. He could actually HEAR his cum filling her pussy as it gushed back out around his cock with a lewd squirting sound. Unlike his first time though, his cock didn’t even BEGIN to go soft, if anything he felt even harder than before as he continued piston fucking Shizune’s cunt, loving the way she went ‘AHIII’ over and over.



“Haahhh… Ahhh… Hahh…” Shizune panted when Iwabe final stopped thrusting his hips, pulling his cock from her with a loud wet sucking noise. He lost track of how long they’d been going at it, but it was now night time, stars dotted the sky overhead and a half moon hung on the horizon.


“Hah… Hah… Hah…” Iwabe panted with her as he sat back on the groan, leaned his back against the seat of the bench. “I’m sorry…” he gasped, “I don’t know what came…” he began to say, but Shizune cut him off as she rolled over onto all fours and reached behind herself to spread the cheeks of her wide sexy ass, giving him a clear view of her gaping pussy and all the cum still leaking out of her.


“My ass!” she said.


“Huh!?” Iwabe gasped.


“SHOVE THAT BIG COCK IN MY HOLE AND POUND MY FAT ASS!!!!!” she told him, waving her butt from side to side.


Iwabe laughed and shook his head as he got back up, his cock was STILL rock hard and nearly as long as his arm as he lined the tip up with Shizune’s tight little asshole. Grabbing her hips, he gripped her tight as he shoved his cock up her ass! He slipped inside her easily, their mixed fluids providing the perfect lubricant as he felt his balls smack against her pussy.


“AHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Shizune squealed, her entire body seizing as her ass clenched around his dick like a vice!


“OH FUUUUUCK…!!!” Iwabe groaned, he’d never done anal before, but he never imagined it would feel so TIGHT! Biting his lower lip, the youth groaned loudly as he began swinging his hips, his balls smacking wetly against Shizune’s cunt as the dark haired woman rocked her body back against him.




“You sluuuut!!!!” Iwabe groaned, loving the feel and tightness of Shizune’s ass as he brought his hand down on her ass hard.


“AHIIIIIIII!!!!! YES, SPANK ME, I’M A DIRTY FUCKING WHORE, PUNISH MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Shizune moaned, panting hard now and openly drooling onto the grass beneath her.


Iwabe groaned again, bringing his hand down on Shizune’s ass repeatedly until her left cheek was a bright red. He then reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her up into a kneeling position as he pushed her entire cock up her ass, making her stomach visibly stretch around it. Grunting in sheer pleasure, the dark skinned youth felt himself cumming again as Shizune let out a along howling “AHIIIIIIIIIIIIII…!” Her face was a mask of mind blowing pleasure as he let go and she fell forward onto her face. Her body slipping off his ass with another wet sucking ‘pop’!


“Hah, hah, ahhh…” Iwabe panted, feeling suddenly exhausted. A had warned him about that as his cock began shrinking like a balloon with the air being let out, “Fuuuuuck…” he groaned, his whole body feeling bone tired, but in a good way. He then chuckled, followed by a laugh, “Okay, I got this!” he said with a grin.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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