A Noted Surprise?

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Meet me at the beach tomorrow at 2PM, by the old lifeguard station. I have a surprise for you.



The brief note’s message kept playing through Moe Shishigawara’s mind as he walked down the beach, looking for his friend. What the hell could Jackie be planning? And what kind of surprise did she have in mind for him?


Well, he would find out soon enough; it wasn’t like he had anything else planned today. And hey, there were plenty of cute and sexy girls to admire on the way. None of them were sexy or good-looking as Orihime, of course, but beggars couldn’t be choosers.


Then he came into view of the old lifeguard station; his steps faltered, and he could feel a blush across his face.


“Hi Shishigawara-kun! I’m glad you could come,” Orihime greeted him cheerfully, smiling and waving at him. Beside her, Jackie rolled her eyes affectionately. Oddly, their faces were both red and both were wearing coats; Jackie her usual short dark brown one with white slacks, while Orihime’s was long and dark blue.


“Y-yeah, sure, no problem. Glad to be here,” Moe replied, blushing harder at his slight stutter and wondering guiltily what they were wearing under their coats. From the knowing look in Jackie’s eyes, she knew exactly what he was thinking; great. “So, uh, why did you ask me to meet out here?”


Jackie’s faint smirk faded as she ran a hand through her short hair, glancing at Orihime as she did. The orangette gave her an encouraging nod, causing Jackie to sigh. “Well, Orihime here cornered me. We had a long talk, about how we were all lucky to be alive, and how we should all make the most of it.”


Moe couldn’t help nodding at that. Since fighting that bald Shinigami, he’d done some nosing around. Turned out, the baldy wasn’t the strongest Shinigami out there, not by a long shot; there were plenty of others out there who could have fought and would have killed him in a heartbeat, with about as much effort as stepping on a bug.


Maybe he was luckier than he thought.


“So,” Jackie’s voice broke into his thoughts and Moe refocused on the two ladies in front of him. “Long story short, I decided she was right; it’s time to have some fun and not worry about everything so much.”


Without warning, both of them opened their coats and spread them wide. Moe felt his jaw drop and his eyes bug out; all the blood in his body was split between his beet red face and his suddenly rock-hard cock.


“See, I told you he would like them,” Orihime giggled, the silver slingshot bikini bikini barely holding her incredible tits in place. It was more like silver paint than clothing, providing the bare minimum of decency while calling all attention to her curves.


Jackie gave her a sidelong look; the gold pasties on her nipples covered even less than Orihime’s swimsuit, and the bottom part looked equally skimpy from what was visible above her pants. “That wasn’t really what I was concerned about…” she muttered wryly, before turning a smile on Moe, who was still gaping. “Are you just going to stare at us?” she asked him seductively.


Managing at last to close his mouth, Moe blinked, and then a massive smile spread across his face. “Hell no!”




Moe never suspected that Jackie might be a good kisser, but he was finding out he was right. She wasn’t a good kisser: she was a great kisser! Her tongue slowly worked itself around his mouth, exploring every inch of it and occasionally entwining with his own.


Somehow, he managed to enjoy the kiss from Jackie, even fondling her body, while also fucking Orihime, pounding her with his cock as she lay back on the bed. It felt incredible, even more fantastic then he had dreamed, because this was real and actually happening.


Jackie suddenly let out a loud moan, almost high-pitched enough to be a squeal. He could hear Orihime faintly giggle; she hadn’t wanted Jackie to be left out of anything, so Jackie’s pussy was right above Orihime’s face, letting the younger woman enthusiastically lick it while she groped Jackie’s tight ass.


Feeling Jackie start to pant and Orihime do the same, Moe sped up his thrusting, feeling his own orgasm coming. They all came at roughly the same time, Moe and Jackie moaning and shouting even as they kept kissing, Orihime squealing into Jackie’s pussy, making her orgasm last even longer.


It was a triangle of sex, and Moe knew he was the luckiest damn bastard on the planet right now. If the rest of his life was nothing but bad luck, then it would still be worth it; he wouldn’t trade this day and night for anything.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

Love the story for this one. Would love an extended edition going in depth into how moe banged both of them, especially orihime