A Hot Date to Celebrate

Erza had never thought much about sex.


Oh, she knew what it was and even how to use her own sex appeal to manipulate people, but she had never experienced it for herself. There was always her guild to look after and fight for, one crisis after another, and the time had never been right.




Now, they had won the greatest battle in the history of their guild, maybe in the history of the world. Now was a time to celebrate and finally be with the people they loved.


Of course, it had taken some time to get everything in order; there was a lot to clean up and arrange, but finally, she and Jellal could go on a proper date. Both of them also admitted to each other that they wanted to go much further than that.


One thing that last battle had taught them: you never know what day might be your last. So why wait?


Erza had dolled herself up in a gold colored dress, with make-up to match, while Jellal opted for a very spiffy tuxedo. Although they had eaten at a very good restaurant, neither of them could recall much of the dinner; they were too busy staring at each other and thinking about what was coming next.


And then they were finally alone, the room secure with the best locks and magic they could manage. They fell into each other’s arms, kissing frantically and pulling off eachothers clothing. Falling onto the bed, Jellal grabbed Erza’s breasts, marveling at the size and feel of them. He squeezed hard, smiling when his lover blushed and moaned.


Erza couldn’t believe how hot she was, especially between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet, ready for Jellal to pound her without mercy. Eyes falling on his erect cock, she licked her lips, even as her mouth went dry.


Then he thrust forward and all of Erza’s thoughts flew out of her head. The pleasure slammed into her; her mouth dropped open, tongue hanging out, while her brown eyes widened and rolled back. A loud moan of pure enjoyment emerged from both of their mouths.


So this was sex? No wonder people were so obsessed with it! Then Jellal started thrusting and Erza was truly lost; all she could do was try to hang on and enjoy every second of it. Her arms came up and wrapped around Jellal’s back as she started clawing at his back. “YES! YES! FUCK ME! HARDER! MORE!”


She couldn’t get enough of his cock and Jellal was happy to give it to her.


The room ended up being expensive to pay for after they basically destroyed it in an all-night sexual marathon, but Erza and Jellal were in complete agreement:


Worth it.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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