A Hot and Steamy First Time

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Steam wafted about the bathroom as Boruto doused himself with warm water from a small plastic bucket. He had been training all day with his grandfather and aunt and his body ached. He and Himawari were spending the next few weeks at his grandfather’s house while his idiot father took their mother on a second honeymoon. While he personally didn’t care about that, why did it have to be during summer break!


Sighing, Boruto refilled his bucket and doused himself again before reaching for the soap. Not that it was bad staying here, Hanabi nee-chan’s cooking was at least as good as his mothers, maybe a little better… Not that he’d admit it. He had just begun working up a good lather when he heard the door sliding open and closed.


“Oh, Himawari, I’m still in hereeaaaahh!!!!” he screamed as he turned to see his aunt standing completely naked and holding a small basket of soaps and shampoo. Her skin was a smooth pale color, not a blemish in sight; her breasts looked soft and heavy, with rose colored nipples already getting stiff in the humid air.


Hanabi smiled adoringly at him as he whirled around and moved his hands to cover his privates. He heard her giggle softly as she set down her basket and walked farther into the bath.


“Hanabi onee-chan… Wh.. What… I mean… I’m still…” he stammered over his words as the naked young woman moved to kneel next to him. His face was red as a cherry.


“You took quite a rough pounding from father this afternoon, so I thought I’d help you recover and apply some of this before you start bruising.” she said with a smile and help up a small ceramic jar with the Hyuga clan symbol on it. More of that special ointment that he’d seen his father use a few times. Mother always kept a few jars in the medicine cabinet at home.


“I… I mean, thanks, but…” Boruto stammered, trying and failing to not look at Hanabi’s bare breasts, water from the steam already collecting on the heavy mounds.


“What’s wrong?” Hanabi asked, “I used to bathe you all the time when you were little.” she said with a giggle, “You were so cute, and you would laugh when I would blow on your feet.”


“That’s not helping!” Boruto said.


Hanabi giggled again and moved out of his range of vision, “How about I just wash your back and help put some of this ointment on, will that be okay?” she asked, her voice sounding more than a little disappointed. “Onee-san will have my head if I return you to her with bruises all over.”


Boruto gulped audibly, “Ummm, okay… I guess…” he said, his hands still clasped tightly over his groin.


“Yay!” said Hanabi, clapping her hands together as she took the soap from him and began working it in her hands. The young blonde tried to relax, even with the uncomfortable tightness between his legs. He tensed when he felt her oh-so-soft hands on his back, spreading the lather around and gently massaging his skin.


“Oooo, so tense…” Hanabi teased, “Is this the first time you’ve been in the bath with a girl older than you?” She paused, “Well, that you can remember anyway.”


He nodded and heard her giggle again. He then let himself relax a bit when Hanabi grabbed a sponge and began scrubbing his back in earnest. Her touch was mildly soothing as he felt some of the ache leaving his muscles, but he was still horribly uncomfortable trying to hide his now painful erection with his hands.


“Onee-chan?” he asked.


“Hmm?” she replied.


“Um, is this the kind of stuff you do, you know, at the club?” he asked, his cheeks flushing pink.


Hanabi laughed softly, a pleasant sound as she began rubbing the sponge over his shoulders and massaging the muscles with her thumbs. “Sometimes,” she answered honestly, “Though this kind of thing is more regular at the Busteez Bathhouse. And I don’t work there often because it can get soooo boring some nights.”


“Oh… Okay.” he answered. He knew the side work his mother, aunt, and Sarada’s mother did, though he wasn’t allowed to go there until he was at least sixteen at minimum. And even then he couldn’t drink any alcohol, let alone get any “Special Services”. He then tensed again as Hanabi leaned in close, draping her arms around him as her breasts pressed against his back, they were so soft and warm, and he could feel her nipples poking at the skin of his back.


“Why the sudden interest?” she breathed into his ear softly.


Boruto couldn’t answer as he shook like a leaf in a summer breeze. Hanabi laughed and pulled back just a bit, “Well, there’s a spot where you and your dad are different,” she said with a giggle, “You’re so uptight when you get uncomfortable. Really Boruto-chan, you need to relax.” she told him as she pulled away and poured warm water down his back, rinsing away the soap. He then heard her pick up something from her baskets, he knew from the smell when she uncapped the jar it was the ointment. Hard to forget that herbal smell, it made his sinuses open wide and filled his nostrils. He braced himself again for her hands on his back, but when he didn’t feel anything after several moments he spoke up again.


“Onee-chaaaaan…!” Boruto squealed when he felt Hanabi’s breasts against his back again. Warmth spread through his back where ever her breasts touched as she began rubbing them up and down his back slowly.


“THIS is the kind of thing I do when I’m in the club’s bath.” she giggled, rubbing her breasts up and down, then slowly from side to side, spreading the ointment all over.


“O… O… Onee…” Boruto stammered, getting dizzy now from the hot warmth of Hanabi’s heavy tits pressing against his back as she wrapped her arms around his waist.


“Hmm hmm, you’re so cute when you’re nervous Boruto-chan.” she giggled as her chin rested on his shoulder. “Mmmmmh,” she then purred like a cat, “Like-father like-son…” she breathed, “I know that can’t possibly be comfortable, let your big sister take care of you.” she purred as her hand moved down between his legs, pushing his hands aside and wrapping her slender fingers around the thick length of his throbbing erection. Her touch was warm, almost hot, and slightly greasy; he realized a second later that her hands were still coated with ointment as she began stroking his cock up and down slowly. Boruto let out a slow breath, Hanabi’s hand felt soooo good as it glided up and down his length.


“Hmmhmmhmm…” Hanabi giggled, “That’s better, just let onee-chan make you feel allll better.” she said as her hand began moving a little faster as she moved to bite the outer edge of his ear. “Ohhh so biiiig! you’re quite impressive Boruto-chan!”


“Onee-channn…” Boruto groaned, his hips moving slightly in time with her hand. She began pressing her big tits against his back even more as she tugged on his ear with her teeth.


“Mmmmmh, Boruto-chan, don’t hold back, it’s not good for you…” she cooed, pumping her hand even faster now. The young blonde shuddered in pleasure as his thick cock throbbed between her fingers as a thick stream of hot cum shot out the tip. He then went slack under her as she lifted her hand up to make a show of licking his cum from her fingers.


“There, don’t you feel…?” she began to say, but then looked back down between his legs and grinned happily, “Oh my, seems Onee-chan still has a lot of work to do!” she told him when she saw his cock still rock hard. She gently pulled back from him, easing him back and helping him rest on his hands on the floor as she got up and moved to kneel in front of him. It was then he noticed a soap dispenser bottle tucked between her huge tits. He hadn’t even felt it when she was rubbing them against his back, though just from their sheer size, he wasn’t all that surprised. The young blonde then watched in awe as she set the bottle aside and moved to wrap her big breasts around his cock. Boruto made a soft sound at the pillowy softness and warmth of her breasts as she enveloped more than half his cock’s length, only the tip peeking out between the cream colored mounds with their rose colored nipples.


“Mmmmmmh, it’s been too long since I’ve felt something this big between my breasts…” she cooed, “You’re gonna have all the girls after you Boruto-chan! I promise you, once you start having sex, all the women are going to want a piece of your huge meat.” she said before opening her mouth wide and taking the tip of his cock into her mouth and moaning erotically.


“Ha… Hanabi onee-chan…” Boruto groaned as he felt in inside of her mouth with his cock as she slowly began bobbing her head up and down, her big tits squishing around his cock with that same hot greasy feel of the family ointment that was making him dizzy as he savored the warm and wet feel of her mouth and the soft smoothness of her breasts as she rubbed them up and down his length.


“Mmmph…mmmph…mmmph…?” was her only reply as she looked up at him with her pearl colored eyes, her lips slowly dragging along his length, making wet slurping noises as she kept her tits pressed tightly around its girth.


“D… don’t stop…” he gasped, letting more of his weight rest on his arms now. He faintly heard Hanabi giggle again as her head began moving faster. She moaned around his length as she let her heavy tits fall away and deepthroated his entire cock with a choking noise, followed by a low moan of bliss as she lifted her head back up. She looks so erotic, with her mouth around more than half of his cock and her eyes rolling back in her head as she moaned again. He couldn’t have stopped himself from cumming again even if he wanted to.


Hanabi’s eyes closed as she kept his cock in her mouth until he finally stopped cumming again. She then slowly pulled her head up and away, her mouth open wide to show her rolling his cum around in her mouth with her tongue before she closed her lips and gulped loudly. She then stuck her tongue out again showing her mouth to be empty.


Before he could speak, Hanabi began stroking his cock with her hand again, “My, my, my, you’re keeping onee-chan so busy you bad boy…” she said as she kissed her way up the length of his still fully erect dick, “Guess there’s no choice.” she said matter-o-factly as she gently pushed him off the stool and onto the tiled floor. She straddled his waist, her perfectly shaven pussy rubbing up and down his length. “As your big sister, I need to take responsibility for this.” she said before guiding his cock inside her. Boruto let out a long low groan as he felt her pussy sliding down his length with a slick wet sound.


“Ohh..ahhhaa…” Boruto groaned as he felt every inch of his cock sinking inside Hanabi’s tight pussy. She felt so warm and slippery inside,it was the best feeling he could have ever imagined as her pussy took in every inch of his cock until it vanish completely inside her.


“Mmmmmmmh, so biiiiiiig, ahhh! you’re enormous Boruto-chan! possibly the biggest Onee-chan ever had! Onee-chan feels so good right now because of you…” Hanabi moaned, rolling her hips in slow circles as she raised and lowered herself. Boruto could only groan as he felt the inside of Hanabi’s hot pussy, his cock felt like it would melt inside her as she began rocking her hips faster. She then grabbed his wrists and moved his hands to her massive tits, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh as he grabbed them tight.


“Onee-chaaaannn…” Boruto groaned as he kneaded and squeezed Hanabi’s tits, his hips moving on their own in synch with hers.


“Ohhhhhmmmmmmh, yes Boruto-chan, don’t stop, squeeze them harder!!! Ahhaaa… Onee-chan is cumming; I’m cumming on your big dick Borutooooo…” Hanabi moaned, bucking her hips up and down faster as she ran her fingers through her long brown hair.


“Nee-chan, nee-chan, nee-chaaaaaan…” Boruto groaned as he felt himself cumming again inside her.


“Mmmmmmmmmmh, yessss, Boruto-chan… So good, hah… Ahhaaaa, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cummingggggg…!!!” Hanabi moaned before she fell forward on top of him. Her heavy tits mashed in his face, making it hard to breathe as she panted for air. The two of them lay like that for several minutes until the steam began to dissipate. With a playful laugh, Hanabi climbed off him and helped him up and into the still hot water of the tub. He didn’t feel nervous anymore as she pulled him against her breasts and let him snuggle there.


“Mmmmmh, I really needed that, thank you Boruto-kun.” Hanabi said sweetly.


The two of them lounged in the bath for a while, basking in the afterglow. Boruto kept his head resting on his aunt’s big tits the entire time, not because he wanted, but because every time he tried to pull away she would shove his face back into her cleavage.


After a while, Boruto said, “I think we should get out now.”


“Awww…” Hanabi pouted.


“No, no, don’t get me wrong Hanabi onee-chan, but my hands are starting to get all pruned.” he said.


“I suppose,” said Hanabi, still pouting as she finally let him go. She then laughed again as he stood up out of the water with his cock still rock hard. “Bhaaaaad boy Boruto-kun, you should have told onee-chan you were still hard!” she said as she lifted herself out of the water a bit then bent over the edge of the tub, reaching a hand behind herself to pull at the lips of her pussy. “Use my pussy to take care of that, you can cum inside as much as you want!”


“It’s really okay nee-chan?” he asked.


“Yeah, now hurry, I’m still so horny right now, I just thought I might have worn you out!” Hanabi moaned, licking her lips as she stared at his erection.


Boruto moved over to the brunette and placed his hands on her hips as she grabbed his cock and guided it back inside. She moaned loudly as he pushed in deep. The warm wet feel was so wonderful; Boruto couldn’t help but moan as he began thrusting his hips back and forth, the water churning around them as Hanabi rocked herself in time with his motions. Her big tits hung just above the water, her nipples making tiny splashes as they teased the surface.


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah, right there Boruto-kuuuuun, don’t stop, make nee-chan cum some more, please!!!” she begged.


“Alright nee-chan, here I go!!!” Boruto groaned as she began working his hips back and forth. Hanabi’s eyes went wide as she panted and moaned, her tongue hanging from her lips as the baby fat of her ass jiggled and rippled with every thrust.


“Ahha, ah, ha, haahhha…. Yesssss, deeper, deeper Boruto-kuuuun, yes, right there, right….” she bit the bottom of her lip as her eyes rolled back again, her fingers gripping the edge of the tub so tight her knuckles turned white. “…aaahhhhhhhhhaaah!!!!” she moaned as her entire body seized up and her pussy clenched his cock so tight he thought it might break off even as he was cumming inside her again.


The two of them sank back into the luke warm bathwater together, panting hard. After several long moments, Hanabi shifted and turned around, moving to press her lips against Boruto’s. He gasped when he felt her tongue brush against them and the young woman took that opening to push her tongue into his mouth, sucking his own back into hers.


“Mmmmmmmmh….” she moaned into his mouth before breaking away. When he opened his mouth to speak she shushed him by touching her finger to his lips, “We’ll do this again sometime.” she promised with a wink before she climbed out of the tub. She then non-chalantly collected her things and left, leaving a still stunned Boruto sitting in the cooling bath tub.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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