A Hard Physical to Get Through

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Boruto hated hospitals; they were always cold, with glaring white walls, floors, and buzzing lights overhead. The place stunk of antiseptic cleaner as well, he knew it was to keep germs in check, but they could at least use the lemon scented stuff. He sat in the hall of the Physicians wing, stretching out to either side of him were doors to various doctors’ offices. He’d been sitting here for almost an hour now, and was thinking of just leaving. A short while ago, Sarada stopped by his house (thankfully while he and Hanabi were wearing clothes) and dropped off a note from her mother. It was a short reminder that it had been more than a year since his last full physical and that now would be the perfect time to take care of it.


“Go ahead and go, I’ll have a special dinner ready by the time you get back.” Hanabi told him with a smile and a wink.


He arrived after a long walk and short ride on the tram at the hospital. He signed in and then began this annoyingly long wait. He sighed in boredom and began wonder just what Hanabi meant by ‘special dinner’? Knowing her lately, it probably involved her being naked and sucking his dick. He smiled at the thought as he felt his pants getting just a little tighter.


“I could hear that sigh through the door,” said Sakura Uchiha’s voice as she walked out into the hall, “Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.” she said to him with a smile.


“Wah..!” Boruto yelped, his hands moving to his lap as he sat up straight.


Sakura giggled, “Sorry again, didn’t mean to startle you.” she said as she finished writing something on the digital pad she carried before she clicked off the screen and tucked the device under her arm. “It’s nice to see you again, Boruto-kun.”


Boruto had never really thought of it before, but Sarada’s mom was really pretty. Her cotton candy pink hair was cut short, just above her shoulders, the bangs parted around her wide forehead, making the diamond shaped seal there all the more visible. Her eyes were a soft shade of green almost like jade. She was dressed the part of a doctor, in a white coat that came down just passed her shapely hips. She wore a burgundy blouse that barely held in her impressive tits, the buttons just beginning to strain a bit. He’d seen her bare breasts once before during his stop at the Busteez dressing room with Hanabi. Though she quickly covered them when she saw that he was there.


“Oh, uh… Hi, Dr. Uchiha.” he said nervously, pushing the mental image of her in a tight dental floss thong out of his mind and willing his dick to relax as best he could.


“Sakura is fine,” she said, stepping aside, “Come on in.”


He nodded and got up, his half erection thankfully gone as he walked into the exam office, “I don’t see why I need a physical,” he grumbled, “They give us exams at school regularly.”


“Tsk tsk tsk,” Sakura said, waggling her finger, “I’m sure the school is doing fine as far your education goes, but as your doctor I prefer to keep my own proper records.” she told him as she turned her tablet computer back on and began tapping away at it. She then looked him up and down, “You’ve clearly gotten taller since the last time I had you here.” she said, still tapping at the screen of her tablet, “Now, take off your clothes and we’ll be done in no time.”


Boruto gulped, but did as told, stripping down to his boxers and standing uncomfortably as Sakura measured his height, weight, and took his vitals. He tried not to wince too much when she took a small blood sample, he wasn’t so much afraid of needles, but he still didn’t like them.


“There we go,” she said, pulling the syringe out of his left arm, “All done.” she told him before capping the sample vial and writing on it with a pen she removed from her coat pocket.


“Can I put my clothes on now?” he asked.


“Not juuust yet,” she said sweetly, putting the vial with a collection of others on the counter, “Just gotta do one more thing,” she said as she began pulling on a fresh glove, “If you’ll drop your shorts for me please?” she asked as she dropped to one knee in front of him. Boruto felt his face heating up as Sakura smiled at him, “Relax, I am a doctor, after all.” she said, snapping the glove in place. Her grin turned a little darker, “Besides, fair is fair, you already got a look at me before that day, right?


“I, huh… Uh, sorry about that dattebasa…” he said nervously.


Sakura waved a hand dismissively, “It’s fine, Hanabi told me she won’t do that again. It’s not that I minded, but you’re just a little young to be there.” she said as he pulled his boxers down. Sakura gulped audibly, her own cheeks turning almost as pink as her hair. Boruto shifted as she starred in what he guessed was mild shock. When she noticed him fidgeting she coughed into her ungloved hand, “Well, if you’ll just turn your head to the left for me…” she said as her hand moved to cup his balls, the flaccid length of his cock reaching well passed her wrist.


The young blonde turned his head, trying and failing not to look down her top at the impressive cleavage she was displaying. Sakura gulped again as his cock shifted slightly as he again remembered the way her thong bit tightly into the folds of her pussy. “Ahem, um, now please, cough for me…” she said softly. He did as she asked, and he felt her fingers gently squeezing his balls. Boruto closed his eyes and tried to think of something else, anything else, but his head went blank as he kept flashing back to how her breasts bounced as she walked into the dressing room. Which also made him think of Kaguya-mama, her ruby lips sucking his cock as she leaned back against Hanabi, his hand between her legs.


He heard Sakura gasping softly and opened his eyes and looked down. His blush deepened as he found his cock fully erect and throbbing in front of the pink haired womans face. “Sorry! I uh… That is…” he stammered, but stopped when he looked closer at the wide eyed expression on her face. Her jaw dropping slowly as her eyes stared at his length with clear longing. He’d seen that look more than once, in Hanabi, Kaguya, and Temari’s eyes. It almost wasn’t a surprise when Sakura leaned forward, the underside of his dick rubbing against her face as she licked it slowly from the base to the tip, letting out a low moan of desire as he groaned softly at the warm wet feel of her tongue.


“Ahhhmmmmppphh…” Sakura moaned as her tongue reached the tip of his cock before she opened wide and deepthroated his entire length in a single motion!


“Sa… Sakura-san…” Boruto groaned, watching as her soft pink lips touched the base of his shaft as Sakura moaned around its length. Her jade colored eyes rolled back in her head as she slowly pulled her head back, her lips forming a perfect seal around his dick, making the young blonde groan and shudder in pleasure.


“Mmmmmh…” Sakura moaned, pulling her mouth free and gasping for breath, her face in an expression of rapture for a moment before she blinked twice and looked back up at him, “Oh sorry, lost a little control there, wow..!”


“A little..?” Boruto echoed, groaning still as Sakura continued stroking his length with her ungloved hand.


“Mmmmmh, can you blame me?” she asked, rubbing her face against the underside of his cock again, kissing his balls, “If you show something this delicious looking to a girl, she won’t be able to resist no matter who she is.” she told him as she moved to lick and kiss the tip of his cock again.


Boruto moaned as Sakura gave his length another lick, her eyes shimmering with open lust as she stroked his length slowly. Her green eyes blinked again as something occurred to her. She reached one hand into her pocket and pulled out the tape measure she’d used earlier to take his height. She then ran the cold length of plastic along his cock, her eyes wide with shock now.


“Holy hell, that’s bigger than…!!!” she trailed off. She then cleared her throat and looked back up at him with a smile that seemed out of place with her mouth and chin coated in drool from sucking his cock.


“Well, I can’t complete your exam like this, as your doctor, I’ll help you deal with this so we can finish your physical.” she said completely nonchalant before getting up and beginning to shrug out of her clothes.


“I think I read that line in an ero-story once.” Boruto said in a dry tone.


“Hush you.” Sakura countered as she unhooked her bra, her huge tits bouncing free, her nipples already stiff with arousal. She then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Boruto wasn’t surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any panties, her ass was smooth and cream colored. She then turned around and gave him a full look at her naked body. Her nipples were a dusky pink color capping heavy looking tits with a perfect shape to them.


“Do you like?” she asked. Boruto nodded and Sakura giggled, “Good,” she said then moved to bend over the exam tale, presenting her ass to him, “I’m sure you already know the basics, just do whatever you like with me.”


Gulping, Boruto stared at Sakura’s bare ass as he reached out and grabbed the soft cheeks. His fingers sank in slightly as he rubbed his length between them. Sakura shuddered and moaned softly, “Mmmmmmh, don’t tease meeee…” she said in a cute voice, her fingers gripping the exam table, crumpling the tissue covering.


The young blonde flashed back to that hot afternoon with Temari, how she went crazy when he fucked her asshole, begging him for more. He only thought about it for a moment before he pried apart Sakura’s sexy ass and pushed his cock nearly halfway in with a single thrust!


“OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!” Sakura squealed, her eyes wide as his length got stuck in place. “FU-FUCK, MY ASS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IDIOT!?” she snapped, twisting around and bringing her fist down on top of his head. Boruto’s vision spun for several seconds as Sakura winced and pulled away from him.


“First off,” she said, moving to one of the cabinets and retrieving a jar with the Hyuga clan symbol on the label, “You gotta warn a girl before you do that.” she told him, her voice calmer now as she opened the jar and dipped her whole hand inside. “Second,” she continued, “And more importantly, you need proper lube for going anal. One moment’s deepthroating isn’t nearly enough.” she explained as she grabbed his length with her salve coated hand, stroking his cock up and down with it. The warmth from the salve hit him instantly, making his cock feel even harder as he shivered under her touch. Sakura seemed enjoy his reaction as she began stroking him faster.


“Sa… Sakura-san…” Boruto groaned, his hips moving in time with her hand.


“Hmmmhmmmhmmm,” Sakura giggled, “Mmmmmh, you like that? You know, it’s been forever since I gave anyone a handjob like this.” she whispered in his ear, “I’m glad I get to do it with such a big, hard, dick like yours…” she purred, biting the edge of his ear and making him shudder as he felt his cock began to throb.


The Sakura stopped and pulled her hand away completely, laughing at the dejected look that must have been all over his face. “Serves you right.” she said as she dipped her hand in the jar again, “You’re lucky I’m horny right now, or I might just have blue balled you for going in dry like that.”


“Sorry about that,” he said as he watched her apply more of the medicinal gel in and around her asshole. Sakura shrugged and continued applying the salve slowly, making a show of it as he watched. Dipping two fingers in and out of herself slowly, her digits making slick lewd noises as they moved back and forth.


“Mmmmmmh, this stuff is great…” she moaned, moving her ass in a slow figure eight motion.


“Yeah…” Boruto agreed, though he didn’t mean the salve.


“There,” said Sakura as she spanked her own ass, making it jiggle enticingly, “Take two?” she offered as she moved to bend over the exam table again. Boruto nodded and moved behind the pink haired woman again. She reached behind herself, pulling the cheeks of her ass part for him as he slipped his cock inside once more. It slipped in easily this time, sinking all the way inside with just a single motion. If Boruto didn’t know better, he’d have thought her ass was trying to suck him inside!


“Hmmmmmmmmh, sooooo thiiiiiick…” Sakura moaned, then gasped as she rolled her ass back against him, “Ahhhhyeaaaahhh… That’s it, so good…” she moaned as Boruto reached out to grab her hips, holding them for support as he began pumping his hips, groaning at the slippery wet feel of the older womans tight ass.


“Mmmmmmhh…” Boruto groaned, pumping his hips faster, “Sakura-san…” he said, already feeling like he was gonna cum as his balls smacked against the hot lips of her pussy.


“Nhoooo, just Sakuraaaaa… Oh fuuuck, my ass… MY ASSSSSSS!!! YOU’RE STRETCHING MY ASS SO WIIIIIDE, YESSS… YES YES YES, FUCK MY SLUTTY ASSHOOOOLE!!!” Sakura screamed, bucking herself back as she began panting like a bitch in heat, her tongue hanging from her mouth as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. He felt the now familiar warmth of her pussy gushing like a burst balloon over his balls as he began cumming inside her. The paper coating over the exam table rumpled loudly as Sakura’s hands clawed at it, her knees shaking beneath her as she fell forward.


Boruto grabbed hold of her hips, helping her stay up as she shuddered. He held her weight for several long moments before she recovered and pushed herself back up.


“Hah… Holy shit, it’s been a while since I’ve felt anything like that…” Sakura managed to say between breaths. She then blinked a couple times and turned as much as she could, “Jeez you’re STILL hard!?” she sighed, “Like father, like son…” she muttered. The pink haired woman then moved to stand up straight again, his cock sliding out of her ass slowly with a wet sound. Her asshole gapping wide as his dick popped out, his cum pouring down her thighs as she turned around.


“Hmmmm, we should really take care of that, but you make me cum like that again and someone is bound to hear…” she muttered, rubbing her thumb over her chin in thought. Her peridot colored eyes lit up as she snapped her fingers, “Hey, you can do Shadow Clones, right?” she asked.


Boruto blinked, “Not as many as my dad yet, about four is my current limit.” he answered.


Sakura looked down at his cock with that same lustful expression as earlier, licking her lips slowly. “Well then, I know the perfect way to alleviate that erection!”


Boruto’s jaw dropped as Sakura explained her idea in a completely casual tone. She wanted him to produce all four shadow clones and take her in every hole at once! When he suggested they’d need only two for that she simply answered, “I need to keep my hands busy.”


Boruto was beginning to think his father wasn’t tired all the time simply from doing boring paperwork all day as he formed the hand seal. Four plumes of smoke poofed around him as his shadow clones came into being. Like him they were also naked now, aside from some socks. Sakura squeezed her thighs together and made a squeaking sound as she lubed up the cocks of him and each clone before having one lie back on the exam table. She then quickly opened the corners of the lower end of the table and pulled out a pair of stir-ups, locking them into place before she climbed on top of the first clone. Guiding his cock back into her ass, she let out a low moan as she put her feet in the stir-ups, letting her weight rest on top of the clone as the original Boruto and a second clone climbed onto the table next.


Boruto groaned as he slipped his dick into Sakura’s pussy for the first time. She was so soft and warm inside, his length slipping into her with ease; he could feel the first clone through the thin barrier of flesh as the two of them began thrusting into her alternatingly. Sakura let out a louder moan, “OH FUUUUUCK, SO FULLLGGGH… MMMMMMPH…” she gagged as the second clone pushed his length into her mouth, her throat visibly swelling with his girth as she took it all the way to the base! He and his clones all groaned softly as the original reached up to grab her huge tits, pinching her nipples and tugging on them as the three of them found their rhythm.


The remaining clones each moved to one side of the exam bed, almost as if she had her own Byakugan, Sakura reached out to grab both of their cocks, her hands still glistening with the lubricating salve. All five Boruto’s groaned and grunted, Sakura making gagging moans between them as her hands pumped up and down the two clones lengths.


“Ahhh, this feels so good, dattebasa!!!” groaned the one fucking her mouth, “Sakura’s mouth is the best!!!!”


“Shang gou…” Sakura gagged and moaned around his cock, “GUH, GUH, GUH…”


“Her hands feel so good too, ahhh this is so great…” groaned the clone to his left.


“You’re all wrong, her pussy is the best!” argued the original as he began pumping his hips faster, loving the way Sakura kept tensing around his length as she shuddered between them all.


“MMMMMMMMMPH….!” Sakura gagged and moaned between them, her throat bulging again and again as the clone fucking her mouth began pumping his length faster. “AGUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH….” she gagged as her pussy clenched around the originals cock again and again. Sweat began beading over all of their bodies as the one beneath her groaned.


“Ahhhnnn, I can’t go much longer dattebasa!!!!”


“Me too!!!” groaned the two clones on either side of her.


“Ahhhhnn, I….” groaned the clone in Sakura’s mouth as he pushed his cock all the way down her throat. Boruto could almost hear the cum shooting into her stomach as his clone moaned in pleasure before vanishing in a puff of smoke.


“….UUUUUCK MY HOLES!!!!!” Sakura moaned, her mouth finally free to scream as her entire body bucked up and down between the four remaining Boruto’s. “OH GOD, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOLES HARDER, OH SHIT I’M CUM, I’M CUMMINGGGGG…!” she squealed, a look of pleasure on her face so intense Boruto thought she might be going insane!


The two clones at her sides both grunted and moaned as they came, painting Sakura’s breasts, stomach, and hands with their cum before they too vanished. The original groaned, his entire body feeling weak now as the pleasure his clones felt all hit him at once. His cock throbbing almost painfully inside Sakura’s pussy as he and the last clone both came inside her.


“YESSSSSSSS!!!!!” Sakura cried, hugging Boruto’s face into her sweat and cum covered tits as the last clone poofed out of existence as the two of them fell a few inches down onto the exam table. Boruto looked up again at Sakura’s panting face as she smiled happily at him before his eyes rolled back in his head and he promptly lost all consciousness.


The next thing Boruto knew was the most horrid stench he’d ever experienced! His blue eyes shot open and he gasped sharply as he sat up on the exam table. His vision was blurry, but cleared quickly when he blinked several times. He was still naked save for his socks. Sakura stood over him, naked but with her doctor’s coat on. In her hands she held a pair of small glass objects, smelling salts.


“Don’t be embarrassed, the same thing happens to your dad whenever he does that.” she told him as she tossed the ampule into the trash before grabbing some paper towels to wipe her cum soaked body down with. Once she was finished she walked over to him and smiled sweetly as she had him stand again. She again had him turn his head from side to side and cough as she held his balls. Her peridot eyes stared longing at his cock, but he was too exhausted to even think of getting it up again. When she was finished, she tapped notes onto her tablet and told him he could dress again.


“Okay, I’ll run the standard set of tests on your blood and such and contact you with the results. But I want to see you more regularly here,” she told him, then leaned in close, “And you can come see me at my house any time.” she whispered hotly into his ear before licking the edge. Boruto shivered and Sakura laughed, “Ok, you can go now, I still have my rounds to make.”


“Um, Dr…?” he began.


“Sa-ku-ra.” she corrected, “And what is it?”


“Um, I think you should put your clothes back on before you go outside.” he told her.


Sakura blinked once and looked down at herself. Aside from a pair of black pumps and her doctor’s lab coat, she was still completely naked! “Oh! Wow, thanks…” she said with a genuine blush of embarrassment.


The young blonde left the room, closing the door behind him as Sakura redressed. He still felt exhausted as he exited the hospital and made his way to the tram. The ride was quick and he yawned as he made his way back to his house. He saw the lights on he remembered Hanabi was there, he could practically smell her cooking as he walked up to the front door. He reached into his pocket for his key when the door suddenly opened inwards.


“Welcome Home Young Lord.” said Kaguya as she stood in the door frame. Boruto gulped, not because he was surprised to see the ivory skinned woman in his home, but because she was dressed in the sluttiest maid costume he’d ever seen! The top was cut so low that it left both her huge tits hanging free! The skirt, if it could be called that, was open in the front, letting him get a clear look at her hairless pussy. The frilly maids cap looked out of place between her horns as she bowed to him and stepped aside to let him inside.


“Dattebasaaaaaa…” he sighed as he walked inside.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Ah I always love when Sakura’s just a huge slut.

1 year ago
Reply to  BioYuGi

When is that ever NOT a good thing?

1 year ago

Boruto understands why his dad is so exhausted now. Though, with a doctor like Sakura providing the physicals, anybody would be worn out!

1 year ago

Hehehe, I have plans for more Boruto and Sakura later.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago

Really happy that your long overdue written stories are finally coming to fruition and released with a long overdue picture SailorOI. While I have no care for the protagonist you did a great job with the written and the sequel to this chapter is even 10× better than this one.

Also always really love how you have Kaguya reference Boruto as “Young Lord” or part of his harem. That’s real golden details i love in your stories with her.

1 year ago

SHHHHHHH! No spoilers!!!!!

1 year ago

Well done. This was a very detailed picture and a equally detailed story.

Having Boruto go through a doctor’s appointment with Sakura was a nice concept. I liked how it began as a normal checkup, until the erection came out. I also liked that Hanabi dropped him off.

As for the sex sequence itself, it was very well written, as well as the shadow clone gangbang. I like how this mostly focused on Sakura’s blowjob and hand job skills, including the ball sucking, which I don’t see enough of. But I found the false start with Boruto trying to plow her ass pretty funny, her immediate reaction included. Luckily she calmed down right after to use some lube and explained that to him too. Good thing she was horny and more patient than she used to be and also let him try it again after that. Next time, Boruto, go for her pussy first. XD

Anyway, that was impressive, as well as the end of it when Sakura was about to walk out naked, and Kaguya acting as a maid for the house. That was a silly but nice touch.

Well, that’s enough from me. Well done!

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Glad you liked it, I really did have fun with this one. I think this was another that had the story done before the image. Sakura makes for a great cockslut milf!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh definitely! 😀

1 year ago

Outta the frying pan and into the fire, Boruto gets no breaks. That ending cracked me up- and it seems Boruto might’ve realized what tires out his dad so much…and that man can make an army of himself at will. Loove the pic too- ballsucking is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

LOL, I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right! Pics permitting, I might do a story about what happened after he got home.